The 2-man Rock Show


After years of touring the local Philly club scene (Rick Toure from “Pladd” and Mike Carlin from “The Deckheds” and “Spankin’ Stanley”), the two singer/songwriters met and formed “Rick & MC”, a power-duo with a sound that’s surprisingly … well … BIG!
Specializing in crisp harmonies, an eclectic mix of covers and originals, and an engaging onstage presence, Rick & MC have taken their ‘Two-Man Rock Show’ to venues all over PA, NJ and NY, performing together since 2006.
The band’s debut record ‘Clear and Open Sky‘ was released in November 2010, and their latest offering ‘Beautiful Isle’ hit the streets in December 2012. Both records capture the unique Rick & MC ‘Acoustic/Eclectic’ sound, and their careful attention to songwriting, clever arrangements, vocal harmonies and fun!


Hanauma Bay

Written By: rick&MC

Just pack your bags under the light of day
And I will take you on a Holiday
Far from here
To Hanauma Bay

The water’s crystal the ocean vast
The moment comes and then it has to pass
It’s free
In antiquity

And you’re strong beyond belief
And you weep with such relief
And I love you
Just as much as I’m able

You make me feel like no other can
And you put the bird of happiness in my hand
And I want you
Just as much as I’m able

The fish in many colors swim
Obey no rule but the one of whim
And it’s so nice
You can close your eyes

The sun it sets upon a mountain green
So many wonders to be touched and seen
And the best one of all
Is you my Love


Clear and Open sky (2010)
Beautiful Isle (2012)