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Joseph R Patin

 Nashville, Tennessee, USA

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I'll See Ya Later

Written By: Joseph Rickey Patin

Time is such a funny thing
when your young it goes by slow
You live so fast and never think
You’ll miss the chance to grow old
Pre CH
I’m just like a rolling stone
never staying in one place
For more than a year two
then I got-to get a way
I’ll see ya later
there’s somewhere else I need to be
Born and raised in Louisiana
but the world was calling me
I’ll see ya later
on the back side of New Orleans
And if you see all of my old friends
tell them Hi for me
And that I’ll see them later

That little town of New Roads
seems so far away
I haven’t been back to Baton Rouge
since we saw that LSU game
Pre CH
I remember that time in 89
and Sammy’s faded firebird
We sang “Oh by dee, life goes on
then laughed until it hurt

I’ll see ya later
There’s all these places I need to see
Wanna check out the Red Wood Forest
or head on down to Miami beach
I’ll see ya later
I gotta go to Taj ma Hall
Maybe take a train to the Grand
or drive a car to Niagra Falls
I’ll see ya later
I Wanna Camp in the Rocky
Maybe Sail a boat thru the Panama
I’ll see ya later
I’ll see ya later....I gotta go, I gotta
go…….I’ll see ya later
I’ll see ya later……..