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Cody & Lil Missie

Written By: Rick Pickren

Cody & Lil Missie (1901)

1. It was early in the mornin’ October 29
As the Wild West show rolled down the ine
Headin on down to old Danville
W/ Annie Oakley and Buffalo Bill

Another long season was coming to a close
They’d played nearly a thousand shows
One more show around the bend
Then thankfully it comes to an end

They were all tired and sleepin’
At three in the morning
When the southbound 75 crashed
Into them without warning

2. There was a mighty crash inside the train
Then smoke and steam and cries of pain
Those unhurt did what they could
They dug through the rubble and piles of wood

Beneath it all Lil Annie did lay
The Colonel searched and he called her name
He found Missie in the early light
Her leg was broke (and) her hair was white

Annie was buried alive
She thought she’d die that day
It was such a horror
Her hair turned brown to gray

3. On that day nobody died
But they say the Colonel sobbed and cried
When he had to put down with a gun
His horse Old Pap the buckskin dun

Then Bill set after that freight train crew
They knew if he caught them what he would do
So they high tailed it on up the hill
And didn’t stop runnin til they reached Danville.

110 of his horses
Died there that morning
When the southbound 75 crashed
Into them without warning

4. They say the switchman was to blame
For the wreck of Annie and Cody’s train
He didn’t read his telegraph
And put two trains on a one-way path

Annie went home to convalesce
She then retired from the old Wild West
Back to Nebraska Bill did go
To rest and build him a brand new show

Without Lil Missie
The show was not the same
But until the end Bill was on the road
A prisoner to his fame

Words & Music C/06 Rick Pickren
PickrenSongs, Ascap