Rick Royale and the Collection

Rick Royale and the Collection


Bittersweet, pop songs reminiscent of the dichotic beauty of a smog soaked sunset or the glitter stained asphalt of Hollywood Blvd. Rick Royale combines California cool with New York City swagger.


RICK ROYALE combines the trash and jangle, Americana of the Replacements with the California cool of Tom Petty or The Byrds and the Rock ‘n’ Roll heart of Lou Reed’s Velvet Underground. Constantly pushing towards the future while never failing to recall the past...

RICK ROYALE's emotive lyrics rise above a sound that echoes the classic pop of the late 60’s and early 70s while taking time to stroll the same musical side streets as today’s artists like David Gray, Ryan Adams, Edwin Mc Cain, Elliot Smith or Pete Yorn.

RICK ROYALE, described by Vodka Magazine as an "artist and visionary" has been on the cutting edge of the independent music scene since he moved from Canada to Los Angeles with his rockabilly band The Rattled Roosters in the early 90's. After 3 full length records, numerous singles and compilations, and due to the regional success of later projects like POPism and The Royales, as well as his spirited solo shows, Rick has earned his reputation as a prolific and talented songwriter and a peerless live performer.

RICK ROYALE's new record "AT THE END OF SUNSET" delivers simple, catchy, melodies and evocative lyrical imagery bathed in ringing Rickenbackers and waves of symphonic feedback, comfortably faded by the California sun.

RICK ROYALE has settled back in California after spending the last few years relentlessly touring the Nation and the UK as well as holding a critically acclaimed residency in New York City. The weekly night he started, called WhiskeyBreath, was described by Block Magazine as “avant-garde” and The Village Broadsheet claims that it was the "stomping grounds for just about everybody who's anybody on the East Village music scene today". He is currently recording a new record to be release in the spring of 2007.


Everything is Gone

Written By: Rick Royale

You said “everything is dead.
Everything is wrong
And we can't go on.”

Now, everything is gone.

I said “do you remember
When it all began?
Can we try again?”

Like the Winter wind that rips the leaves from the trees.
I have heard your icy words, they drove me to my knees.
Now, everything is gone.

Pandora's Books

Written By: Rick Royale

She’s got books she writes all her demons in to hide them away from this world.
Bound in pages of prose and poetry with lines of a little girl.
If you don’t want to see just how ugly it all looks
Don’t you go opening Pandora’s books.

She’s got a knack for writing tragedy that makes you fall apart.
She takes you down the back trails with her and is sure to break your heart.
Tortured tales of queens who’ve been taken by pawns and rooks,
Don’t you go opening Pandora’s books.

She’s got books she writes all her demons into hide them away from this world.
Bound in pages of prose and poetry with lines of a little girl
Horrid histories haunt the minds of all who looks,
Don’t you go opening Pandora’s books

Wasting Time

Written By: Rick Royale

It’s raining and Paige would say “It’s a picture perfect Dorian day”
It’s raining and sky’s are grey it’s a picture perfect Dorian day

Wasting time never felt so good
As it does today.

TV movies and popcorn & red wine I don’t care as long as you’re mine
TV movies even The Reel World’s fine I don’t care as long as you’re mine


AT THE END OF SUNSET(Popomatic Recordings)-rick royale & the collection
GREEN EYE SOUL (SINGLE Popomatic Recordings)-rick royale
THE ROYALES (SINGLE Independent)-the royales
RETRO-SPEX (Hootenanny Records)-rattled roosters
YOUNG & MODERN (BangOn/Cargo)-rattled roosters
MARILYN (SINGLE BangOn/Cargo)-rattled roosters
YEAR OF THE ROOSTER (BangOn/Cargo)-rattled roosters
NEXT HEARTBRAKE 1/4 MILE (EP Independent)-rattled roosters

Set List

A typical set is about 40 minutes of original music, currently focusing on the material from the album, AT THE END OF SUNSET (popomatic recordings), scattered with some new songs as well as a possibly a few of the more memorable ones from The Rattled Roosters, POPism & The Royales