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The best kept secret in music


"SUCH DREAMS - just released May 2006"

Presently working on reviews...please check back soon. - Rick Seaton Publisher

"Ivory Angels - David Lanz, New Age Pianist"

Date: Fri 3/12/2004 1:56 PM

Rick's arrangements are very creative and thoughtful. It sounds to me like Rick spent a great deal of time, energy and love in putting this holiday CD together....and I love the title:-)

David Lanz
Grammy Nominated Artist - Pianist (Narada)
- David Lanz - Grammy Nominated Artist

"Ivory Angels - George Winston"

Date: Tues 3/30/2004 10:17 AM

Rick Seaton's CD 'Ivory Angels - Christmas Carols Reinvented' has beautiful harmonic and melodic variations on these carols - Great CD.

George Winston
Pianist with Windham Hill
- George Winston, Pianist - Windham Hill

"Ivory Angels - Kathy Parsons with Solo Piano Publications"

From: Kathy Parsons - Solo Piano Publications
Date: Thursday 10/21/2004 6:00 PM

I made two incorrect assumptions when “Ivory Angels” arrived for review. From the title, I assumed that this would be an acoustic piano album, and it isn’t - all of the instrumentation is electronic and of excellent quality. The other assumption from the title was that these would be extremely different arrangements of Christmas carols - along the line of the first two Mannheim Steamroller Christmas albums or Silvard’s “Calling Upon Angels,” where the themes of the songs were there but he improvised his own versions. Rick Seaton’s arrangements are solid and have some very original interpretations, but are not radically different from the traditional tunes. Different, but not way out there. Seaton’s selection of carols is made up of non-Santa songs that are of a more sacred nature. Playing styles include mellow/new agey, gospel, smooth jazz, and most of the tracks are piano with other instruments accompanying (all performed by Seaton on keyboards).

All eleven tracks are very enjoyable, but I do have some favorites. “What Child Is This” is enchanting. Mostly a piano/guitar duet, Seaton keeps the melody clean and uncluttered, but has a complex piano part in the background that livens up the piece without taking it too far out of tradition. “O Little Town of Bethlehem” truly is a very different arrangement, and isn’t recognizable for the first 45 seconds. When the melody enters, it is jazzy and upbeat - a very joyful version that is also a lot of fun! “Once in Royal David’s City” starts out as a basic church hymn played on organ with choral voices accompanying. It then evolves into a soulful gospel piece with organ and piano that becomes an exuberant jazz trio (piano, organ, and percussion), ending with a phrase of the “Hallelujah” chorus - this one makes me smile each time I hear it. “It Came Upon the Midnight Clear” is unusual in that Seaton has changed the time signature to 5/4, giving it an edge that makes it fun to hear, but will probably throw off the sing-along folks (nothing wrong with that!). “Coventry Carol/Away In a Manger” is gorgeous. Mostly guitar and voices, the medley shimmers with simple beauty. I also really like “Masters In This Hall,” which I’ve heard before, but never knew the title. It sounds like it’s from The Renaissance, and is given appropriate treatment for that era - joyful, but in a minor key - a great way to end the album!

As I’ve mentioned many times before, I get really tired of Christmas music because I teach it so much, but I really enjoy “Ivory Angels.” If you’re in the mood for some fresh interpretations of Christmas carols, this is a great album! It is available from www.rickseaton.com, amazon.com, and cdbaby.com. Recommended!

Kathy Parsons
Solo Piano Publications
- SoloPianoPublications.com

"Ivory Angels - Michael Jones - Pianist with Pianoscapes"

Date: Wed 4/14/2004 7:57 AM

Rick does have a wonderful imagination. My response - as you can imagine - was what more can be said about these old favorites that hasn't already been said many times before. But Rick does bring an original captivating and fresh interpretation to these old canons that captured my attention. With performances that are dynamic and bold on the one hand and tender and sensitive on the other he invites the listener to re - imagine the music of Christmas and their participation in its story of blessing in new ways.

Michael Jones
- Michael Jones - Pianist (Pianoscape)

"Ivory Angels -C.W. Ross with Christian Rockers"

Date: Wed 5/6/2004 12:45 PM

With this CD Rick takes some well known and some not so well known Christmas carols and adds his own unique style of music to them. While in the broadest sense this is piano music the songs have many more layers to them.

The song arrangements are both interesting and invigorating. Some of the more well known carols you'll find on the CD are; "What Child Is This,"

"O Little Town Of Bethlehem," It Came Upon A Midnight Clear," "Hark! The Herald Angels Sing," and "Silent Night."

Well, all the songs have a more upbeat sound to them then their traditional versions do my favorite is, "O Little Town Of Bethlehem."
This version of the songs is like a melting pot of sounds that come together to form a musical treat for the ear.

This version of the song has enough tempo to get your grandpa off the couch even after a full day of drinking eggnog!

If you're looking for a new Christmas time release to add to this year's Christmas play list you should find this one to your liking.
C.W. Ross


- C.W. Ross - Christian Rockers Online

"Ivory Angels - Wayne Gratz, New Age Pianist"

Wed 5/12/2004 3:07 PM

Hi Rick,

Sorry it's taken so long to get back to you about your CD. I got a chance to listen to it today and found your arrangements to be excellent>>>> very original. I also found your piano performances to superb. Sounds like you have had a lot of formal training. I especially like your arrangement of Silent Night and Midnight Clear in 5/4. Out of curiosity, what kind of piano do you record with? Anyway, best of luck with your CD.


Wayne - Wayne Gratz, Pianist - Narada

"Ivory Angels - Carol Swanson with Christmasreviews.com"

Date: Wed 9/1/2004 9:20 AM
Let's be honest. New age piano music can sound a bit bland and repetitive, pretty but pretty ho-hum. In contrast, Rick Seaton's "Ivory Angels: Christmas Carols Reinvented" lives up to its name; the artist reinvents our most beloved holiday carols in bright and creative ways. No ho-hum about it.

This Christmas CD is all about Seaton; he composed the music, he arranged the music, and he produced the music. Perhaps the reason this CD exceeds the boundaries of your average new age piano album is that Seaton manipulates a whole host of synthesized excitement, in addition to being a keyboard virtuoso. Thus, even though the piano is the immodest star at the center of this musical universe, there are well-crafted layers of other instrumentation interwoven across the top, the bottom, the middle. Nice.

Don't get me wrong--"Ivory Angels" is not an over-synthesized show. It has wonderful balance, providing splendor in the simplicity of some songs ("In The Bleak Midwinter" and "Angels We Have Heard On High" are such treasures) and intriguing beauty in the sophisticated complexity of other arrangements (the rockin' and syncopated "O Little Town Of Bethlehem," the swingin' jazz excitement of "Once in Royal David's City"; the intoxicating samba rhythm in "Hark! The Herald Angels Sing"). There is a surprise around every corner.

What are the best moments on this disc? The opening "What Child Is This" is one, combining many strengths--drama, multiple layers, excellent piano, delicately simple interludes, and synthesized Mannheim Steamroller excitement. Seaton's presentation of "I Saw Three Ships" is another; I love the carol, and the artist's masterful excellent piano treatment had me holding my breath with expectation and wonder--SUPERB right down to the dramatic finish! The CD finishes strongly with a very inventive (both hard rockin' and not) "Masters In This Hall."

Kudos to you, Rick Seaton! For those who enjoy Mannheim Steamroller or just love exciting instrumental interpretations of Christmas standards, "Ivory Angels" may be just the reinvention you seek!

--Carol Swanson
- Carol Swanson reviewer with www.christmasreviews.com

"Ivory Angels - Music-Tech.net Review Panel"

From: Music-Tech.Net
Date: Sat 7/24/2004 1:48 AM
A classically-chopped, new-agey pianist, Rick Seaton’s debut CD, Ivory Angels, reinvigorates Christmas carols such as “Silent Night” and “What Child Is This” with honey-sweet harmonic colors and warming contrapuntal arrangements. Seaton is a mercurial chord-smith and one-man-band.
The Music-Tech.Net Review Panel
- Music-Tech.Net

"Ivory Angels Dave Barber - Rock on Colorado!"

From: Rock On Colorado!
Date: Tues 6/8/2004 2:59 PM
Rick Seaton played all the instruments, arranged, produced and recorded this whole effort on his own. Which wouldn't be so impressive if there weren't so many different instruments, played so well on this recording. This reviewer hates, I mean absolutely detests, Christmas carols but this collection was quite pleasant to listen to. Mostly performed on the piano, sans any annoying vocals these tracks are so different from the usual x-mas fare that even we liked them. Seaton throws in unusual rhythms, a little jazz flair and even some pop sensibility bringing these old worn out chestnuts something new and refreshing to the ear.

If you have to buy Christmas carols, buy this CD first.
David Barber
Reviewer with Rock On Colorado!

- Dave Barber - Rock On Colorado!


"Such Dreams" - Original piano works; written and performed by Rick Seaton. Released May 2006.

Available soon! Look for it online at retailers such as CD Baby, Amazon, etc. Visit www.rickseaton.com for more sound clips.

"Ivory Angels" - Christmas Carols Reinvented. Released November 2003. Seaton Studios, copyright 2003.


Feeling a bit camera shy


Rick Seaton is a band of one. His style is similar to David Lanz, George Winston, and Yanni all rolled into one. Rick has creative artistry and amazing technical mastery!