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"Hard Work Pays Off For Rick Seibold And His New Album “New York”"

New York, New York, May 4, 2009-

Though his years in the music industry add credit to his name, Rick Seibold’s new album “New York” that debuted April 28th, is a product that appears to have spoken for itself. Within the first twenty-four hours of sale on iTunes, “New York” hit #16 on the iTunes Pop charts. Meanwhile, his previous EP album “That’s The Day” also rose in the ranks to #41 on the iTunes Pop charts. This lands him amongst some of the most world-renown pop artists, and serves as further testament to the fact that Rick has reached great heights without any record label. The heights he has reached are nothing compared to what lies ahead. It is clear that Rick has already risen above the sea of independent musicians, and has even begun to crash the scene once only reserved for signed musicians.

His fan base continues to surpass such artists as well. From simple accolades to full reviews, it seems that the power of a good product is undeniable. One fan says via iTunes, “If you thought you were content with just listening to Rick Seibold via Facebook or Myspace players, then it is definitely time to upgrade to the new album…[He] has done it again with a stunning blend of chill-dance-pop with rhythmic instrumentals and smartly crafted lyrics.” With such widespread acclaim this early on, it is undeniable that Rick will continue to rise in the ranks. - None

"Myxer Pick of the Day"

With a smooth swagger, and the natural ability to pen a perfect pop tune, today’s featured artist, singer/songwriter Rick Seibold, is well on his way to the top! His upbeat, percussion-driven ditty, “Mary,” is today’s featured ringtone, and for good reason, it’s a serious jam! Rick sounds as if he could pull off the perfect duet with Jack Johnson or Dave Matthews, and that my friends is a compliment of the highest order! Download today’s ringtone and have a listen to this amazing talent on the rise! - Myxer

"Rick Seibold’s New Album “New York” Slated To Hit iTunes With a SMASH!"

After months of toiling away in the studio, Rick Seibold’s new album “New York” hits iTunes today. Sans record label, Rick creates a buzz unlike any other independent artist. His unique formula of online social networking, and a grueling schedule of shows have proven to pay off. His previous EP album “That’s The Day” reached #3 on the iTunes pop charts, and garnered global attention. In the coming months, even greater success is expected of his new album, “New York.”

This album has risen from the tenacity and passion Rick quickly found when he first took up residency in the city that never sleeps in 2005. In hopes of becoming a world-renowned musician, Rick gained knowledge of the industry while working for music giants MTV and BET. His nights were then spent performing at any venue possible, whether it was a bar, club, or street corner. In 2008, he returned to his roots in Nashville, TN to write and produce the album, and the release of “New York” marks his triumphant return to the Big Apple.

“I wanted to make a record that captured my experience of living in the bustling city of New York”, Rick says. It seems evident that he has done that and more. From track to track it is as if Rick is not only offering an outlook on city-life, but also a fresh perspective on life as a whole. Perhaps the album’s message will resonate with you, just as it has with his masses of loyal followers and fans. - Crowdsurf

"Rick Seibold Defies the Cliche"

Growing up in the small town of Wilmington, North Carolina, Rick had big dreams. But his story defies the cliche of such a story. With the help of social networking sites, viral videos, and no record label, Rick has generated an enormous fan-base. "It really comes down to people loving the music and then passing it on to their friends," Seibold says. "That's how this whole thing grew so fast." His debut album, "That's the Day," has spent twelve weeks in the iTunes Top 100 Pop Charts. This puts Seibold's first record among the top selling independent albums of 2008, reaching as high as 27 on Jan 26th and marking nearly 25,000 units since the beginning of the year. In addition, "That's the Day" reached as high as 3 in Canada and 18 in the United Kingdom. Rick's internet fan base flocked to him for his fun, easy going Jack Johnson or Colbie Caillat-like sound and lyrics inspired by his upbringing on the beaches of Wilmington, NC. More recently he has called Brooklyn, N.Y. and Nashville, Tenn. home as he hones his craft with mood-changing melodies and catchy choruses "Rick Seibold presents songs about love, learning and coming of age with a knack for smart and often catchy melodies... it's sure to make any young female listener swoon," says Alyssa Rashbaum (MTV, Spin, Vibe). "You know, I hope my music will be something comfortable for anyone listening to it," Seibold says. "Whether you're in the middle of a New York City blizzard or a Seattle rain, I hope you can put on my record and it'll make you feel like summer time." - Addicted to Noise

"Rick Seibold - That's the Day"

Rick Seibold hails from a small town in North Carolina, where he first got into music in middle school when he started playing the clarinet. By the age of 15 he was playing the guitar when a wrestling accident blew out his knee and he needed something to keep him occupied while he was in a cast. This led to him starting to write and record songs with his friends.

Taking his music from the things he has experienced and the places he has seen has only fuelled his creativity for creating infectious soulful songs. When a friend told him that the best songs came from just living life and that the more you live, the more you have to write about Rick decided that's what he would do.

The songs on his EP That's The Day are an example of this. Rick has put his life experiences and the songs of his heart out there for all of the world to hear only so that we may connect to our hearts in a much deeper way. Let's hope this MySpace budding artist does that for you. So far Canada seems to be letting him do that. His album peaked at number three on the iTunes Canada Pop Charts. - The 405

"Red Carpet Spectacle"

The red carpet. The flash of light bulbs. Hundreds of people straining to see the fashions.

The crush of people at Pennsbury High School's Saturday night prom was a lot like a prestigious awards show, with one significant difference.

Pennsbury's prom is so big that celebrity singers have entertained there in the past, including John Mayer. This year's big surprise entertainer was Rick Seibold, a singer from Nashville. - Courier Times Philadelphia

"Artists to look out for - Rick Seibold"

Thanks to modern technologies such as MySpace, musicians have been given a new output to show off their talents- most without even having to be signed!
My next planned series on My Two Pennies involves bringing to you highly recommended artists from these sites. These interviews are exclusive and are what the artist wants you to read about them, from where they came from to how they got into music.

First is Rick Seibold, with 7835 friends already on MySpace, he looks set to be riding 2009 to it's full extent.

"Rick Seibold presents songs about love, learning and coming of age with a knack for smart and often catchy melodies... it's sure to make any young female listener swoon." (Alyssa Rashbaum, MTV, SPIN, VIBE)

"Hey I'm Rick, I grew up in Wilmington, NC. Moved to New York City a few years ago and started playing around town in the local clubs. A little over a year ago I decided to make the move to Nashville to start recording a new record which I'm finishing up right now. It will be out this spring, probably in April."

"I started playing guitar when I was 15, and began writing songs as soon as I knew my first few chords. Where I grew up, there was a pretty vibrant film scene. When I was about 10 I played one of Anthony Hopkins's kids in a movie where I had to sing 'Silent Night', so I guess that's when I officially got my start!"

"Growing up at the beach in NC proved to be one of the early major influences on my music. I love the ocean, and have tried to write about my experiences growing up there as much as I can. Moving to New York City, and now to Nashville, has also had a major impact on my writing. Someone once told me if Jason Mraz and Chris Brown had a kid, it might look like Gary Coleman. But if they made an album, it would probably sound a lot like me."

"Look for the new record on iTunes in April."

Rick's first EP, 'That's The Day' is on sale on the iTunes Store and has achieved getting into the Top Three on the Pop Chart! - My Two Pennies

"you should know about… rick seibold"

rick seilbold is an indie artist originally from north carolina, but is now in nashville, by way of new york. follow that? :) rick writes great pop music that will make you smile and want to hit ‘repeat’ and if you’re looking for cool new music, you should know about rick seibold.

his dope new ep “new york” releases april 28, but the first 100 people to pre-order can download the whole record now. check out the ‘new york’ ep sampler here, then befriend him on myspace, facebook and twitter. - The Gideon Chronicles

"That's the Day"

"On his debut four-song EP That's the Day, Rick Seibold presents a sort of grown-up college coffeehouse sound, with songs about love, learning and coming of age – no surprise since the singer has spent the last few years living from a suitcase, traveling, and, well, learning about life. "Mary," with its bongo-driven beat is about a girl who "claims shopaholic as a disease" and who will soon find "everything you need your cash can't buy." "Can't Go On" is an acoustic guitar-led track with observatory lyrics like "what good is life if it ain't with friends" and "summertime is a state of mind." Seibold also has a knack for smart and often catchy melodies as on "That's the Day," which is highlighted by lush instrumental and is by far the most textured song on the project with a smooth keys and swirling harmonies and the EP's closer, "Take it Slow." A fitting way to end the debut, "Take it Slow" is a sort of stripped-down radio-friendly pop song, a calling card to A&R men - with its raw strumming, guitar slaps and lyrics like "Baby would you tell me those secrets you've got locked inside / Cause baby I want to tell you some of mine," it's sure to make any young female listener swoon. "
- Alyssa Rashbaum (MTV, SPIN, VIBE)


Both Rick Seibold albums, 'New York' and 'That's the Day', available on iTunes and www.myspace.com/rickseibold

'Acoustic New York' Available July 28th, 2009!

Check out www.myspace.com/rickseibold for upcoming shows



For Rick Seibold, New York isn’t just the name of his new EP, it’s also the city that represents a pivotal time in the singer-songwriter’s life. His sound has been shaped by struggle and his passion for his craft permeates through every note.

Raised on the East Coast in Wilmington, NC, Seibold’s creativity began budding by the age of 10 when, at the suggestion of his parents, he began acting in films produced out of Wilmington’s burgeoning film scene, including a part as one of Sir Anthony Hopkins’ children in the 1994 film “The Road To Wellville”. Spending many of his childhood summers on the North Carolina beaches, Seibold took up surfing and the guitar around age 15 where the sights and sounds of beach life quickly settled into his songs.

In winter of 2005, Seibold moved to New York City to take an internship at MTV. Over the course of following three years, he experienced more than his share of the requisite ebbs and flows that quite often characterize the life of a focused and passionate musician living out their dream on the mean streets of New York City. The bright lights and big city that first lured him soon gave way to a nomadic lifestyle that often found him without a place to live. When he was short on cash, you could find him performing in a nearby subway or park, playing and singing until he was hoarse. While his days would be spent working at MTV and BET, his nights were often filled with spot gigs at various bars and clubs, playing until the sun came up.

“Looking back, I’m not even sure how I made it,” says Seibold, reflecting on this time in his life. “A friend of mine once said that the best songs are written from just living life, so that’s what I was trying to do.” And live he did.

Seibold channeled his struggles into a passionate pursuit of his music and, at the insistence of a friend, ultimately released his first collection of songs in EP form in 2007. His debut, That’s The Day, would spend an impressive four months in the iTunes Top Pop Albums chart in 2008. Led by the first single, “Mary”, his music found an audience with booth Canadian and UK listeners, garnering him an unexpected fan base north of the border and across the pond.

A 2008 move to Nashville has yielded a second collection of songs that marks not only the next chapter of Seibold’s life, but also a stark stylistic departure from the acoustic simplicity of his previous release. The new project, New York, was written and largely produced by Seibold himself, and finds him settling firmly into a wildly hooky pop music sound. He has been compared sonically to that of One Republic, Rihanna, and even the Jonas Brothers.