Rick Sheldon

Rick Sheldon


I am a life long musician/guitar player on a life long journey to express myself through my music. Sounds pretty internal? Probably true. At this point I am not trying to "make it"... but who knows!. I play harder rock that is emotive and melodic. Also at www.myspace.com/ricksheldonmusic


I snuck up into the rafters to pull down an old Kay acoustic when I was around 5 years old. I started taking folk guitar lessons at 7. Got an electric at 13 and thought I was the next Jimmy Page at 15. Reality set in after many bands, college (degree in classical composition) and the harsh truth about the music industry. I had a few "almost's" along the way but ultimatly ended up getting a job, getting marrierd, having kids, starting a telecom company, typical American Dream stuff. Somewhere along the line I forgot to include my music for 12 years. Turned 40 and the guitar was my "affair" or mid life crisis. That was nearly 4 years ago. Since then I have honed and expanded my chops, songwriting and singing. I created an underground nightclub (The Taj Ma Garage) formed a shredding, rock, blues trio and we peform covers and originals to our small but fiercly loyal audience. I have an alter ego (www.amishrageband.com) and also play occaisionaly in the OC-192's. I am deeply passionate about my connection with music and the relationships I have through it


Let's see, I have some Bon Jovi, Steely Dan.... Oh you mean My Music??

I am currently working on an album project that I hope to release later in 2007. For more music etc go to www.myspace.com/ricksheldonmusic

Set List

SOLO: My own tunes
With THE BAND (Taj Ma Garage): We play a lot of covers from Clapton to Hendrix to Tool to Chick Coria. Pretty diverese. We have written a series of instrumentals ala, Vai, Satriani but are starting to focus on more vocal and band oriented songs to write.