Rick Shivers

Rick Shivers


Acoustic based, southern-rock/country/bluesy music coupled with deep seeded faith, and lyrics that inspire and speak straight to the heart result in great Contemporary Christian/Praise & Worship that crosses generational boundaries and appeals to all ages.


Take a love for music, a passionate faith and an unquenchable desire to serve God; wrap it all up in one package and you've got Rick Shivers--a Christian singer/songwriter with a blended style and sound he calls "rockin'-country-bluesy praise & worship."
Rick found his love for music as a young boy, and has been playing in bands and writing songs since the age of fourteen. His style draws from diverse influences including old country, blues, pop, hard rock and the explosion of great contemporary Christian music.
Joining the Alliance Praise Team in 2001 provided a new avenue for Rick to use his talents and hone his skills as a singer and songwriter. Just a few years later he began leading music for Youth Worship services, was a Praise & Worship leader for the CTCYM 2005 Senior High Mission Trip, and reguarly leads or provides music for various retreats and gatherings.
In April of 2005, the independent release of his first, full length studio project, "Now Is The Time," marked a new chapter in Rick's career--one which he hopes to follow up soon. From the up-beat, inspirational "I'm Gonna Praise You Anyway" to intimate worship ballads like "Take Me Away" and a little in between, his lyrics speak straight from his heart and from the ups and downs of his own faith journey. The overall sound is a guitar-driven southern-rock/country/bluesy/gospel mix, giving Rick a unique style that blends well with his message of faith, inspiration and praise.
Rick's main desire is that he can use the passion God put in his heart to reach out to others with positive, inspirational music. "When I play and sing I get to encounter God," he often says, "and hopefully I can lead whoever's listening to do the same."


I'm Gonna Praise You Anyway

Written By: Rick Shivers

Some days the sun is shinin'
Some days it looks like rain
But I don't get too worried
I know You never change
So let the storm roll in and
try to wash me away
The flood may rise, but
I know that I'm gonna be okay

Some days I win the battle
Some days I come home bruised
But when I give it over
You make all things new
I may get wounded but
I'm not gonna lay down and die
'Cause when the wounds all heal
they reveal You standin' right by
my side

I'm gonna praise You anyway
anyway I can
I'm gonna raise my voice and
worship right where I stand
I know that everything is part
of your plan
I'm gonna praise You anyway

So when the hill I'm climbin'
seems way too steep
And the road I'm on keeps windin'
I won't let it get to me
I'll just close my eyes and
let You take the wheel
'Cause at the end of the day
it won't change the way
that I really feel


No use worryin' about
the little things that don't work out
I know I'm not in control anyway
Walk by faith and not by sight
and everything will be alright
I know you're walkin' with me
day after day

When things don't go my way
and the walls are closin' in
When I am persecuted
Thrown into the lion's den
I'll put my faith in You
to keep the lion's away
And just like Daniel did
I'm gonna praise You anyway


Take Me Away

Written By: Rick Shivers

I'm captured by You
enraptured by You
immersed in your grace
your holy place, captured by You

Showers of love
rain down from above
cleansing my soul and
making me whole, showers of love

And I breathe You inside
and I know you're alive in me
I feel You move as You race
through my veins
My body is shakin'
I've been overtaken
filled by a passion that
I can't contain

Jesus, take me away
to your secret place
and build me a heart that is true
Refined by your fire
with one great desire
to faithfully serve only You
only You


What Would I Do

Written By: Rick Shivers

What would I do if I was barefoot on your mountain, starin' at a burning bush, and shakin' to my bones? What would I say if You opened up the clouds and called my name? What would I do?

Would I run, would I hide, would I break down and cry from the fear and the guilty and the weakness inside? Or could I rise to the test, could I give You the best of me, knowing that You would take care of the rest? There is only one thing I could do. I would give all of me to You, that's what I would do.

What would I do if You called me out onto the water? Would I have the faith it takes to walk upon the waves? And what would I say if You said "Leave it all and follow"? What would I do?


All the times that I've failed You before, they remind me that I need You more and more
How can I do what You ask me to do if I keep running from You?

And what would I do if they pulled me from the raging crowd, dragged me out into the street, and threw me next to You? What would I say they wanted me to carry your cross? What would I do?

and I know You would see me through, that's what I would do


"Now Is The Time" - April, 2005; all original songs; currently seeking airplay. Check out some of the tracks here, or on my indieheaven.com artist page and also on their radio charts.

Set List

Typical set could range from 30 minutes to 1 hour and is original music mixed with covers from other Christian artists (i.e. Third Day, Mercy Me, Chris Tomlin, Michael W. Smith); cross between performance and leading praise & worship.