Rick Spreitzer

Rick Spreitzer


Winner of the 2004 North Carolina Songwriter's Cooperative Songwriter's Contest; 3rd Place Finalist of the 2004 Flat Rock Music Festival Hank Williams Songwriting Contest. Tip Jar Americana: songs steeped in common tones that dodge the lyrical middle road.


Americana Singer-Songwriter Rick Spreitzer beats a guitar like an old man cleaning a dirty rug. He sings like nobody’s angel. But if you spend any time with his songs, you’re struck by the poetry that sleeps within his lines… battered and blue, slung from a bruised chest and a sideways grin.

“There is a certain romance in seeking ballast through the bad luck and blue changes. For me, that is what the process of songwriting seems largely about. I try to carve out songs that have pieces of poetry, real emotional gravity and a sense of space. My aim is to write songs that really draw the listener in”

Rick has three collections of original material which are gaining airplay on Americana, College and Alt-Country stations both stateside and abroad. His latest, From the Bottom, released in March, 2006, follows Dirt Tracks (2004) and Meanderthal (2002).

• Album of the Month – AmericanaOK – July 2006
• 3rd Coast Music Freeform American Roots(FAR) Chart – June 2006
• Folk Alley Open Mic Top 10 – June 2006
• Spotlight Album – Songriver – March 2006
• 7th Annual North Carolina Songwriter’s Co-Op
Songwriter’s Contest Winner 2004
• Flat Rock Music Festival’s Hank Williams Songwriting Contest – 3rd place 2004 and Top 10 finalist, 2005
• Top 10 Best Mid-Atlantic Releases of 2003 -
Left Off the Dial

Shared Stages with: Malcolm Holcombe, Rod Picott, Stephen Bruton, David Childers, Jeff Black, Kevin Gordon, Caitlin Cary & Thad Cockrell, The Austin Lounge Lizards

Winner of the 7th Annual North Carolina Songwriter’s Co-Op Songwriter’s Contest 2004

3rd place at Flat Rock Music Festival’s Hank Williams Songwriting Contest, 2004 and Top 10 finalist, 2005

Left Off the Dial’s Staff Top 10 Picks for Best Mid-Atlantic Releases of 2003

"Music with generous grit and unsupervised emotional release... a good workhorse with energetic gait that makes the picture come alive." ~Eddie Russell/Outlaw for Peace, Jolly Roger Radio International

"Most young songwriters don't dig deep enough to get to the real song. Rick is a digging machine." ~Michael Reno Harrell

"Rick Spreitzer is a beautiful guy; gentle but strong, and clear sighted about the human condition. He writes about regular people in a way that reaches all of us, if we take the time to listen.” ~David Childers

"A pure, raw poet for those of us who don't get poetry. Rick's songs offer well-earned wisdom that gets you laughing just to set you up for the next line's punch in the face." ~Tom Eure, Jr

"I hope I’m never stranded on a remote island. If, somehow, I manage to find myself in that predicament, I want at least ten good songs to listen to. I’m not surprised to find that Rick Spreitzer wrote five of them!!” ~JD Wilson

"Listening to his songs is like watching a movie. The way he phrases lyrics with such texture will have you hearing something new with each listen." ~Christy Snow


Invisible Wind

Written By: Rick Spreitzer

Invisible Wind
words and music Rick Spreitzer
© 2004

It’s a wound that won’t ever fully heal
Alright, alright
It’s the distance between wanting and what’s real
Alright, alright
It’s a liquid moment burned into your eyes
Alright, alright
It’s a truth that you’re too frail to realize
Alright, alright

But don’t you know
There’s a scar for every sorrow
And a tune you’ll find tomorrow
To make things right
Don’t you know
You can beg with all your might now
But the secret’s out of sight now
Yeah, the secret’s out of sight

It’s a shifting in the ether of the night
Alright, alright
It’s a hunger that escapes your daytime sight
Alright, alright
It’s the twisted vine that chokes the blooming rose
Alright, alright
It’s a truth that only drunken poets think they know
Alright, alright

Don’t you know
There’s a star for every sorrow
And a tune you’ll find tomorrow to make things right
Don’t you know
You can pray with all your might now
But the secret’s out of sight now
Yeah, the secret’s out of sight

It took twenty-seven kisses to bring you here
Alright, alright
And it’ll take twenty-seven more before I let you disappear
Alright, alright
Now I lay me down with the face of a wounded child
Alright, alright
And pray I’m satisfied by the bosom of the wild, wild night
Alright, good night

From the Bottom

Written By: Rick Spreitzer

Shake your head as you let go that screen door
And find yourself on the outside once more
Steal a quick glance from the rear view mirror
Ah here you go again

(Tell me) how did a dozen years turn into this?
How did we become such serpents that only coil and hiss?
And how do you take back those holes into the wall?
All those holes… from the bottom

It’s a third of a tank, and a half a mind to say
I’ve had it up to here with all these dartboard days
I’m tired of ducking corners, in my own damn house
This stranger in a strange land is checking out

45 miles later it’s another motel room
That stands in opposition to this December moon
A fifth of Wild Turkey and some papers on the bed
Aw, this doesn’t look too good, my friend…. from the bottom

Well you cut and burn but you don’t bleed no more
You just stare out the window, stare at the door
It’s a little for sorry don’t you really think, baby doll?
Don’t you think?

With them 19 years you sunk into that Cedar mill
If you could hold off til next August, you can head for the hills
See if Bobby Grierson is still cutting firewood
And ask him if he could use a pair of hands… from the bottom

Roll Back

Written By: Rick Spreitzer

Roll back, old Siler City
Roll back, blessed wind
Roll back all those wide open spaces
Ah, roll back again

Roll back, all the mist in the pine trees
Roll back, autumn hues
Roll back, all those hard-earned faces
And I’ll roll back to you

Wish upon that break of day
For redemption in the weeds
Wish upon the same old way
For one good reason to believe

Roll back all those pages and pages
Roll back all we’ve tried
Roll back those calloused memories
Roll back one more time

Roll back all those prayers unanswered
Roll back these dreams unfurled
Roll back those old notions of hoping
Roll back to me girl

Wish upon a blue tomorrow
In these gray covered days
Wish upon a break in the sorrow
Drive a fist through the haze


Meanderthal, July 2002 (debut self-release)
Dirt Tracks, July 2004 (2nd self-release)
From the Bottom, March 2006 (self-release)

Set List

Typically, when playing a 3-4 hour set, we'll do all originals. Sometimes we'll toss in the occasional Mike Strauss (good friend and hellified songwriter), Woody Guthrie or Dylan tune... but mostly we dance with what brought us, these tunes of mine.