Rick Washbrook

Rick Washbrook


Eclectic guitarist encompassing Jazz, Flamenco, Country, World and atonal idiums. I am a dedicated follower of the legendary Lenny Breau. The combination of my varried styles and influences, have developed my musicianship into my induvidualistic sound of today and my future development.


My major influence, as a guitarist is the legendary Canadian Lenny Breau. I also have a deep instinctual love and understanding for Roots and World Music. Flamenco and gypsy influences on music is my true passion. I feel what makes me unique, in my humble opinion, is the combination of these influences in making spiritted, soulful music. My lyrical side speaks of overtones of Gospel and spreading the word of the latent potential whithin us all. I teach guitar lessons privately and via cassette correspondence internationally. I teach intermediate to advanced levels of voice leading, chord - melody figerstyle, Chet Atkins alternating bass style, re-harmonization techniques and polytonal and atonal methods. I have developed beginning to intermediate to advanced methods of teaching the styles of legendary guitarist Lenny Breau.
Contact: rwashbrook@hotmail.com


A Gypsy's Bed - A Tribute to Lenny Breau
Roncesvalles Tango
Christmas Guitar in the Village Roncesvalles
Tapestry of Soul
Live at Dines-eez
Wedding in the Rain
Rick Wasbrook - Classic Blues at the Gatehouse