Ricky Carden

Ricky Carden


Catchy hooks and melodies with really strong vocals. Music that you can't get out of your head.


Ricky has been playing guitar and writing songs for the past 10 years. He's shared the stage with many regional and national acts including .38 Special, Rolling in the Hay, Wayne Mills, Daniel Lee, Highly Kind and Angie Aparo


Lust, Luck, Love was released in 2008 independently.

It's recieved Radio airplay on several stations across the U.S.

It can be purchased through iTunes, Rhapsody, Amazon and all major MP3 retailers.

Set List

The orginal set list includes 25 songs. Sets last from 45 minute sets to 1 1/2 hour sets. Depending on the situation and what the gig requires. Can easily do 4 45 minute sets.

The cover set list contains over 100 songs ranging from souther rock, alternative rock, and country.