Ricky Drake

Ricky Drake

 San Diego, California, USA

I love writing songs. I generally pen upbeat Rock/Pop, although I've been known to write a singer-songwriter acoustic number, as well. Layering guitars in the mix is one of the greatest things ever. I also enjoy writing instrumental songs. You may see me out on the town with my band The Fidgets.


Many people laud my pop sensibility, but I am also proud of my diverse writing style. A myriad of musicians have influenced me: The Beatles, Green Day, Tom Petty, among others. "The Song Formerly Known as G Instrumental" has been licensed by E!, MTV, and Lifetime. My instrumental, "Tonight," picked up best intrumental honors at the SongDoor contest in Nashville, TN. I was a finalist in the 2006 Unisong International Song Contest in the instumental category for "Classical Plus." PumpAudio, a TV and movie licensing company, has picked up some of my catalogue. The Paramount Song Contest awarded me the Director's award/finalist for the rock song "Six-String Baby." I received the Instrumental All Honors award for my song "Classical Plus."


Living Room Rock Star

Written By: Ricky Drake

Living Room Rock Star--Lyrics and music by Ricky Drake

Verse 1
Imagining a limousine
Pulling up to take me
"The show is near,"
The roadies say
With style
It's time to play

The stage is set now
Get ready for it
The lights shine now
Come on the girls can scream
Here they go again!

Singin' out with my guitar
Sixteen. A living room rock star
Wrapped up in my fantasy
Now I don't have a sweetheart
I'm just a living room rock star
Crafting perfect melodies

Verse 2
Picturing a magazine
With my face smiling
I welcome autographs
Let's take some photographs


Singin' out with my guitar
Sixteen. A living room rock star
Wrapped up in my fantasy
Now I don't need a new car
I'm just a living room rock star
Crafting perfect melodies


The Douchebag

Written By: Ricky Drake

The Douchebag--Lyrics and music by Ricky Drake

He is strutting in a half T-Shirt and strolling in spandex
While checking out his pecs
Go on...talk more about yourself. The girls think he is a stud
And I want to throw up

He doesn't waste time with his lines
The ones that worked a thousand times
I think I speak for us average guys
"What the hell is going on?"

This guy is a douchebag
But the ladies go "Oooo Oooo"
Brags about his supplements
This is getting new
This guy is a douchebag
Dropping game 'til he has won
Flashin' that pearly grin
He has mastered the hit and run, yeah

Burning out his tires in the lot in a souped up '88
Yet that gets him a date
Wrapping his arms around a blonde who is buying this charade
He leads her to foreplay

Pre-Chorus 2
He's got a bad job but good rims
Adding a notch he racks them in
I can't believe I envy him
What the hell is going on?

Pre-Chorus 2


You may hear our rocker "Six-String Baby" on the Trail 103.3 in Missoula, MT. We have also been known to drop by and play a couple songs during the "Live and Local" broadcast.

Set List

We typically play anywhere from 45 mins to 1.5 hours. We play a lot of original material, but we also love to put our own spin on songs. We have been known to rock a sock off or two with our versions of:

Wanted Dead or Alive
Ghostbusters theme
The Ocean
Dr. Feelgood

and many, many more