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Stone Mountain, Georgia, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2014 | SELF

Stone Mountain, Georgia, United States | SELF
Established on Jan, 2014
Solo R&B Hip Hop




"Ricky Official announces release of debut "Flying High""

Described as a concept album which talks about the stages of a relationship, detailing from beginning to end the ups and downs, as well as barriers such insecurities, and the pure blessing of marriage that can met with perseverance is instituted.
In the niche of Anderson Park, Bone Thugs N Harmony and Kendrick Lamar, Ricky Official has crafted his greatest work delivering a knock out in his first go around. - Hypemagazine

"Ricky Official-Work in progression"

German/Japanese rapper Ricky Official was born and raised in hip-hop culture in Germany, and when he left his homeland in 2014, he headed straight to Atlanta, Georgia. His debut track, ‘Work In Progression’, is accompanied by a music video shot in black and white.

The track is ahead of his debut, ‘Flying High’, a project which talks about the ups and downs in relationships and life.

Ricky Official takes his inspiration from the likes of 2Pac, Nas, Big L, and Rakim, and hopes to also emulate their lyrics. His fans, who he styles as “The Officials”, consider his unique sound to be a blend of Kendrick Lamar and Anderson Paak.

The video for ‘Work In Progression’ shows Ricky writing some lyrics, with his partner looking on, wishing she was the sole focus of his attention. He meets up with producers, records the track, and takes the demo CDs out to new fans – while missing the anniversary date with his love. He tells her, “If you can just bear with me, I’ll make it worth your while.” He returns home to find her packing to leave, but he catches her just in time – and it all works out.

‘Work In Progression’ is available from iTunes, Google Play, and Spotify. - EssentiallyPop

"Ricky Official Releases New Music Video For "Work In Progression""

Born and raised in Germany, German/Japanese rapper Ricky Official grew up immersed in hip-hop culture. It was only natural that when he left Europe in 2014, it was to move to Atlanta, Georgia, a hotbed for hip-hop music. An international move was no safe bet, but when Ricky Official rolled the dice to pursue his goals, he won. In 2016 he was in the studio with popular production team Drum Majors ATL (credits: Lil Wayne, Dae Dae) to produce the popular “All Night”; and he has plans to release his debut Flying High, a project that talks about ups and downs in relationships and life, soon.

From his overseas move to a constant focus on improving his lyrics (he takes influence from and hopes to emulate legendary lyricists like 2Pac, Nas, Big L, and Rakim), Ricky Official is always working hard to take the next step. Fans compare his unique sound to a mixture of Kendrick Lamar and Anderson Paak. So it’s no surprise that his latest single talks about just that: “Work in Progression” is about what it’s like to be in a relationship while also working to advance your career. Sometimes, it’s tough to balance both, and that “juggling” process is illustrated in the “Work in Progression” music video.

“Work in Progression” is Ricky Official’s first visual, but this is no amateur effort. Produced by Conzbruck, the video was shot by Atlanta-based videographer Real Dean Gibson. At the start of the video, we see Ricky penning some lyrics while his adoring partner looks on, wishing she was the sole focus of his attention. He meets with producers, records a track, and passes out demo CD's to new fans- but this focus on his career only causes him to miss an anniversary date with his true love, but he tells her, “If you can just bear with me, I’ll make it worth your while.” When he arrives back home, she’s packing a bag to leave, but he catches her just in time to make things right. - Vents Magazine

"Ricky Offical-Work in progression"

Ricky Official’s newest single “Work In Progression” is an absolute banger. Ricky has really found his groove with this single, it’s definitely a great presentation of the current hip hop culture. Ricky’s vocals and rapping is tight, he keeps a good flow through the song keeping listeners hooked from the start. The mastering is clear and the progression is natural. The beat is R&B with a little trap flair, making a unique sound that both rap and R&B fans would enjoy. I would say fans of Kodak Black or 21 Savage would really enjoy this song. - Neufutur

"Ricky Official-Work in progression (Official Video)"

The track that we are enjoying today is the brand new single from Ricky Official – Work in progression. Work in Progression is a fire track. We definitely look forward to hearing more from Ricky Official. - State of Hip Hop

"Ricky Official - Work in progression music video"

New music video here from Ricky Official with his latest release 'Work In Progression'. Visually, the music video has a cinematic feel. The storyline is well written and captures the feelings of being torn between music and love. It's clear to see how much Ricky Official wants to pursue his career yet make his woman happy. The black and white coloring also adds to the emotional effect.

Musically, Ricky Official brings a fast flow and detailed songwriting on this track. The production is fitting, adding a moody canvas for the artist to pour out his feelings. It's a heartfelt request that any aspiring artist can relate to, it even includes a happy ending. Be sure to check out 'Work In Progress' above and let us know what you think in the comments below! - Yesterdays Nothing

"Ricky Official Provides Sonic Variety On New Debut Album Flying High"

A German / Japanese born performing artist, Ricky Official has crafted his artistry by studying the culture and music of his beloved genre of Hip Hop since a teenager. Penning lyrics since 2014, Ricky Official has grabbed opportunity by the horns recording and releasing music since migrating to the United States from Europe. Now a resident of Atlanta, Georgia. Ricky Official has been delivering his sound wherever privileged to, enhancing awareness of his brand and acquiring fans / supporters. Having already released accompanying visuals for popular singles Work In Progress, and Flying High he has galvanized individuals creating anticipation for the official release which is slated for this coming Friday July 14. The album features work with longtime collaborator Brandon Consbruck of Conzbruck Productions as well as We As One Productions producer James Harris with mix and master by Hitlanders.

Product for his “Officials”, as he calls his fan base, that he can be proud of. In advance of the release, we sat down to review the entire project and deliver our treatise on the work. Check out the Review below:

On the title track the mood is set with a great intro as the instrumental gives off a vibe that ensures you the listener understands that a trip will be taken. As Ricky Official describes the circumstance of meeting an extremely attractive woman whom he wants to educate about how well she deserves to be treated. A home run if you ask me - who Better to attract on the first track than women. Given the tone of classic records today, anything that aims at empowering the biggest consumer demographic the right way is a sure score. The hook compliments the content well:

"I just want us flying high babe
wanna elevate your mind babe
show you what you worth
give you the live of your dreams,
if you never lived before
let me show you what it means."

The transition to the second track "Whenever" is intoxicating as once again the listener is met with a seasonably appropriate smooth tune that matches the summer season. Once again - very smart. Speaking to the reality of great energy, on this track Ricky Official describes his lady interest who has been instrumental in supporting him through the ups and downs that he knows as life. As he sings

"Whenever im down
As soon as you around
Everything just feels so right

So I wonder if you would like
to have some loving in your life

Everyday could feel just like"

For all those who say love music is nonexistent, Ricky Official has offered the anecdote, on Carpe Diem reminding listeners what the good life feels like. As the chorus dictates

"This is what it feels like
when you live the good life,
come over to my side
my side my side
This is what feels like
carpe diem night life
where you life the good life
good life good life."

Just what the doctor ordered. A melody for the smoothest 2 step. Playing with his delivery on this track, Ricky Officialexemplifies his hip hop influence as he spews about the nightlife which we all know and love. Subsequent tracks Feeling like I'm Falling as well as the ballad oriented Songs of Love carry the theme well before Ricky Official provides arguably the most candid track on the project Work in Progression. Pouring his heart out regarding his faults, he creates balance by mentioning good intentions when it comes to love and relationships. Reminding his lady that "if you can work with me I'll make it worth your while" Ricky Official does his best to win over the girl of his dreams. For those of us who are ourselves a work in progress, the gravity on this record is galvanizing.

The sequencing of the next track, Ghost of Yesterday is well thought out as you are given privilege to Ricky Official's dissertation on some of the heart ache he has experienced over the years which ties into the excitement exuded on previous tracks at the opportunity to get a second chance at love. Another standout track on the project, How You Feel, once again consists of Ricky Official riding the instrumental melodically as he fits in perfectly with the sound of today.

Closing out Flying High is the bass heavy track Decades which is a substantial reminder on the part of Ricky that his desire is a lifetime of love. Fellas - looking for a new addition to your Netflix and Chill playlist, Flying High definitely deserves strong consideration given the substance and sonic approach. In line with popular culture of today, Ricky Official delivers some good tunes on his debut, and seems to create a standard for himself going forward. I am intrigued to see how the rest of his discography plays out. - LavishLifeMagazine

"CERTIFIED BANGER for the people, Ricky Official Decades feat Asaiah Diamante."

I got a CERTIFIED BANGER for the people, Ricky Official Decades feat Asaiah Diamante. This is one of those songs that make you go crazy as soon as you turn it on because the beat drop is hard af! I hear a lot of track from artists, this one is a undeniable hit in my opinion.

With lyrics like “Girl what you say say, say say/Why don’t you come down, my way/This aisle been a long stretch for me/This here is the real thing, no foreplay/Not no in hundred years/Would I’ve guessed what you do to me/You my saint my Joan of arc/Your royal like, my Valkyrie”

Ricky Official Decades feat Asaiah Diamante is a hot record,with hot lyrics that was made to set your nights on fire! Dj’s hit me up if you want the mp3 to spin in your sets. I respect real music, I will support this record to the fullest!! I will be breaking this joint on my mix-show, on some mixtapes, and wherever possible! We need your support as well! From now on when you see Ricky Official Decades feat Asaiah Diamante we ask that you take a sec to stream it. Help support a real one who is making real music for the people! - Wazzup Tonight


Still working on that hot first release.



 Ricky Official is a German/Japanese born and raised performing artist in the contemporary R'n'B genre of music. A student of the culture since his teenage years, Ricky Official took to penning lyrics seriously in 2014 capitalizing on a lifelong dream of contributing to the culture. He left Europe behind to pursue his goals, and is now a resident of the hotbed city Atlanta, Georgia. Ricky Official is a musician at heart and in skill set, and he has taken steps to widen his brand and enhance visibility. Taking his career into his own hands, Ricky has rolled the dice on his self and sought opportunities to grow in and out of the booth as he been afforded the opportunity to hit the big screen as a pivotal part of many high end projects, all of which will benefit the process of pushing the envelope on his music. His latest music video releases for his songs Work in progression and Flying High, which are part of his debut Album “Flying High” which was released July 14  2017 on all digital music outlets have received great feedback.The album was produced by longtime collaborator Brandon Consbruck of Conzbruck Productions  and We As One Productions producer James Harris and mixed and mastered by Hitlanders.

 With the support of his fan base which he has dubbed The “Official’s” he is becoming a voice for his generation both in his native country and the states continuously tearing down stages each opportunity he gets. Promoting self-awareness and authenticity, Ricky instills the importance of ‘being yourself’ in everyone he encounters.

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