Rick Younglove
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Rick Younglove

Band Folk Singer/Songwriter


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2006- No Place called Home (LP)
2008- Prey (LP)



Rick Younglove was born in a barn in a swamp in Mississippi to a Mad Scientist and his Voodoo Practitioner mistress. His parents were often too wrapped up in their outsider lifestyles and each other to pay him a whole lot of mind. Mostly the child was raised by some chickens and a mule; until along came this crocodile. The croc told young Rick that he ought to move away form the barn in the swamp and set out to find his purpose in life.

So that’s just what he did, and at the age of eighteen he landed a job as a mind reader for the CIA. Things went well for him at the CIA up until about the time that they started bringing in these minds that had been published in languages that Rick couldn’t read. It wasn’t long before he packed up his belongings and headed back down to the delta were he got himself a little shack to live in near some woods. The only problem was it didn’t come with a bed or a couch. Honestly it could only have fit one or the other so Rick decided to get a couch that he could sleep on and use as a couch. The next only problem was money… he had none of it. Rick had heard folks tell of a man that would bargain with ya for anything you desired if you met him at a certain place at a certain time. So he headed on down to the crossroads around midnight and worked out a deal with the devil himself. The next morning Rick came home to the greatest couch a man had ever seen.

After a bit of time Rick grew bored with the couch, although it was a wonderful couch. He decided that he might like to learn to play the guitar, so he headed back down to meet with the Devil and ask him about guitar lessons. Having already traded his everlasting soul for the sofa in his shanty, Rick was forced to trade his Sofa for guitar lessons. He quit showing up after the second lesson; which to this day the Devil say’s “is a terrible shame”, “He could have been my greatest pupil.”

After his dealing with the Devil, Rick turned down another path and began to follow God. He kept close and steady in his walk with God until the day he realized that God was just out running some errands and not really leading him anywhere, so…

Rick took his guitar and the little bit of knowledge that he gained form the Devil and hitchhiked to Utah. It wasn’t long before he wound up at the peak of a lonely and desolate mountain, where he cam face to face with the Mormon devil. She seduced him and held him captive on the top of that infernal rock for many a fortnight until a stale breeze swept him on to greener pastures and eventually the city of Chicago.

In Chicago he became close friends with a turtle tamer and a shithouse rat, both of which got many a moments enjoyment out of the songs Rick would play for them and the stories he would tell. Eventually they were able to capture some of the essence of these songs and stories onto some recording equipment and release an album that somewhat related the tale of Rick Younglove.