Ricky Reyes

Ricky Reyes


Dynamic sarcasim, wit and uncanny timing are three signs that Ricky Reyes is in the building. From growing up Puerto Rican with four sisters to current plans to rap using animal noises Ricky's comedy is unique and relatable at the same time. Don't sleep, Ricky's always ready to rock the mic.


Ricky uses the microphone the stage and his voice like an F-14 fighter pilot, dropping his point of view like sidewinders and sparrow missiles on unsuspecting crowds causing explosive laughter and collateral damage everywhere. He can be heard on XM and Sirius radio and seen around the nation at top comedy venues and colleges.
If you like Huggy Bear, you're going to enjoy the pimpish stylings of Ricky Reyes.

Set List

Ricky's set can be customized to venue requirements.