Intense and Melodic Rock Hybrid Unlike Anything Else. ...Really.


Ricky Valente is a 27 year old singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist from Rhode Island who burst into the local scene at age 15. A child prodigy (Ricky taught himself to play by age 9), his love for music developed into an obsession. His constant need for change insures listeners a unique perspective from release to release, and, within the course of a record.

Ricky continues to play regionally and was recently on a solo tour in London where he held a three month residency at a live music venue in Earl's Court and single dates in and around the city. He writes and produces all of his music which is his own brand of intense and melodic rock.

His newest release, "Loveless Letters" has been described as "the handshake if Jeff Buckley and Queens Of The Stone Age were to meet" and "what falling in love sounds like...right before you hit the floor."

Two time winner of the Providence Phoenix Best Music Poll.

Self produced, independent music. Ricky's sound is unique to him.

For more info, check him out on the web at www.myspace.com/rickyvalente


Worlds Apart

Written By: Ricky Valente

You and I have different views on what has happened here
You missed the part about my worth
What is it this time
Echoes from behind
You never missed a step
Nothing would slow you down
We're never one
Now I'm back at wondering if
Maybe I could compramise if I had seen some then
I gave up all I had to spare
Then it crossed my mind
This could be the time we're going separate ways
and now we're worlds apart

A Shadow on the Wall

Written By: Ricky Valente

Here I am
All I ask of you is one thing before you go on your way
There's a look behind your eyes that falls somewhere in between
hell and the divine
That forever shines
To find me and tear apart the walls
You may find all that you ever need
This mountain that never falls
I am a shadow on the wall
Moving faster through this web we weave scorching earth and burning sky I will fly
and the light will never falter from your eyes, realize it wont be over til you burn it down
When finally you tear apart the walls you find all that you ever need
This mountain will never fall
behind you I crawl
A shadow on the wall


Studio releases include "Consolation" 2003
"Loveless Letters" 2006

Set List

A typical set by Ricky is anywhere between 40 min.
and 2 hours depending on the situation.