Ric Leichtung

Ric Leichtung


Leichtung electrifies folk, giving it the writhing punk energy it needs through drastic rhythm changes, fast guitar work, and grainy acrobatic vocals.


Brooklyn no-fi scariness has a friend in Ric Leichtung, whose rough whiskey laced folk songs about greed, cannibalism, and dementia have captivated audiences 'round the Brooklyn live scene. Playing shows with Mt. Eerie/The Microphones, Deer Tick, Nat Baldwin, Pwrfl Power, and Doveman, Leichtung has impressed many with his quick fire guitar work and vocal acrobatics.


Sleep Records Friends Comp. I
Lost Sounds Tapes Mother's Day Comp.

"Salt" is played on WNYU and WNUR

Set List

My sets are usually 30 minutes long but can be easily lengthened or shortened, typically playing about 7 songs:

let's get naked

o lightening!
no shit talk