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"Rico is back"

For the uninitiated, this is very good news. If every British act had his ideals, his perfectionism and his hit-to-shit ratio, we'd be enjoying 'Downward Spiral's and 'Mellon Collie's from our own hands every day of the damn week.

- New Noise Net

"“Rico sounds like the bastard child of Tom Waits and Kurt Cobain”"

Sounding more in tune with industrial godfather Trent Reznor (Nine Inch Nails) and maybe electro pioneer Gary Numan (especially his later period), this album is a swirling mix of seething electronics, harsh guitar thrashing and snarling vocals. - Q Magazine

"a host of blistering tracks"

Rico has been compared to Kurt Cobain, Tom Waits and Trent Reznor and produces industrial electro-Goth Metal that sounds like Gary Numan meets Sisters Of Mercy. His new album ‘Violent Silences’ features a host of blistering tracks including a mental cover of the Talking Heads’ classic ‘Psycho Killer’. Massive. - HMV

"The Times-Album Review"

RICO-Violent Silences (Manufractured/Artful) GLASWEGIAN Rico’s second album is a loud, aggressive blend of hard, fast, thrashing guitars and thumping electronics. Think of Nine Inch Nails or recent Gary Numan, but with a touch more Gothic rock and lyrics delivered with a sneer. Perfect for teenage boys to scare their parents with, although, unlike a lot of his peers, Rico never forgets to include a tune. When he declares that the album is “a dawn raid on the hit parade” in the opening track, he might be right. - The Times-London

"Metal UK-Album Review"

Rico - Violent Silences
Manufractured/Artful - 12 July 2004
Publication date: 10 July 2004, 09:13:03 | Author: Stuart A Hamilton
Not to be confused with the Marc Almond & Foetus album of the same name, this is the (long) overdue follow up to the 1999 release, "Sanctuary Medicines", although he has spawned a few singles since then, including a brief collaboration with Tricky, and the hit, "Crazier". Those of you who can remember all the way back to 1999/2000 may also recall Rico from such tours as two U.K. headline tours, supporting The Fall (aah), dates with Cyclefly, a U.K. and European Tour with Therapy? and visits to T in the Park and Reading and Leeds music festivals.

However, these days, he's parted with Chrysalis Records, set up his own label, and is about to try and do it all over again. Rico inhabits that strange netherworld inbetween metal and electronica, churning out riffs before heading back into the Reznor patented world of dark bleep.

"Dawn Raid" is an absolutely astonishing opener, one of the best tracks you'll hear this year, blasting out power chords, bass riffs and a great chorus. It's awesome, and well worth the price of admission. A funky Stabbing Westward, if that isn't too freaky a concept.

"Recommended Dose" is very "Faith Healer" as done by Recoil, and this is where things really start to get dark and dirty. Listen to that violin riff, and try not to look over your shoulder. "Psycho Killer" is a cover of the Talking Heads track, and with Talking Heads being in my Top 10 reviled bands of all time, even I was surprised to find myself loosening the straitjacket for a bit of a twisted electropunk boogie.

The Gary Numan augmented hit comes next, "Crazier" in remixed format, although if memory serves, it wasn't as bleak in its original format. From "Kickback" onwards, there's a few rock by rote tracks, but "Garden Man" is an extremely scary song, with some weird and wonderful chords, leading to a couple of nightmares round my way.

Overall, this is an excellent release, if sometime derivative, but Rico usually manages to transcend his influences to give the listener something new to listen to. Although, as he says;

"I don't really concern myself with how I'm going to be perceived. What's the point? I can't really do anything about it anyway. I tend to use elements from many different areas in music and although it doesn't really suit the industry if you don't fit in a particular box, I find it perversely more enjoyable."

Which sums it up rather well. Rock meets electronica meets goth meets punk, all ganging up to give moribund music a good kick round the head.
- Metal UK


VIOLENT SULENCES - cd album (Manufractured/Artful):
Released July 12th 2004
Cat No: MFCD 0011

(Artful) 23 June 2003
Cat No: GHCDV6

Cat No: MFCD 0011.

FLOAT ep.3 track cd

Cat No: CDCHSS5113

Cat No: 4990632

Cat No: CDCHS51111

ATTACK ME cd single
Cat No: CDCHS5105

THIS+THAT Promo only single12" vinyl
Cat No: 12RICODJ001A




'The bastard child of Tom Waits and Kurt Cobain' - Q magazine

'A one-man nihilistic sound terrorist' - Kerrang

'Electronic genius with punk rock attitude' - RockSound

Rico is a self-produced artist from Glasgow, Scotland. His music spans a variety of styles from electro punk to industrial sound system grooves. Debut album 'Sanctuary Medicines' earned him much critical acclaim in the U.K. and across Europe, with single releases including the 'Float' E.P. co-produced by DFA's Tim Goldsworthy. His work has also appeared on soundtracks to Hollywood movies including 'The Hole' and 'Nasty Neighbours' in addition to many credible TV shows.

He has toured extensively across the U.K. and Europe. In addition to headlining three UK tours Rico has played festival dates which have included Glastonbury, Roskilde, T in the Park, Reading, Leeds, Germany's Hurricane and Southside and the Libra festival in Austria. Support slots with Live, Gary Numan, The Fall and Therapy? have also allowed him to hone his live performance.

Rico has also collaborated with trip-hop legend 'Tricky' and electro godfather 'Gary Numan'. In 2003 the 'Numan vs Rico' release 'Crazier' reached no.12 in the UK single chart, and alternative versions of these collaborations are featured on Rico's new album, 'Violent Silences'. The new release also boasts an electro-punk re-working of the Talking Heads classic 'Psycho Killer'. This is the first release on his own 'Manufractured' label.

Rico is currently in rehearsals for forthcoming live dates in the UK and Europe.