BandHip Hop

The next street movement out of Atlanta,GA. Fresh perspective of the events of the past year in the Atl. Young , talented rapper with old school story telling skills and new hip hop lingo. Aggresive and open lyrics targeting social issues in today's world.


Born on June 6, 1984 on the Westside of Atlanta, Georgia, James Webb was raised in an area that is notorious for gangs, drugs, and violence. As a young child, he grew up in several different housing projects throughout Atlanta. James first resided in Perry Homes. Later, he and his parents moved to Carver Homes. James’ father was a well-known number runner during the time period of the 1960’s to the 1980’s. His father taught him the workings of the game at an early age. James learned a great deal about the Westside of Atlanta, primarily Simpson road. Always a hardhead, at the age of six James was stealing children’s belongings at school. Despite his bad behavior, the majority of his teachers thought that he was extremely intelligent. During his middle school years, he started to become interested in sports. James particularly became attracted to football and basketball. He was a star athlete and received honors in the City of Atlanta.
James went on to attend Therrell High School. This school was known to be comprised of thugs and delinquents. This was the last stop for most troubled teenagers. It was here that James learned tough lessons about life. Since the young age of thirteen he has been in and out of jail. He has been involved in cases for the possession of drugs, receiving stolen property, car thefts, and breaking and entering. This hindered his athletic career in a major way. Thinking that doing crime was the only thing that paid, James let the street life shatter his basketball dreams. He went on to Hampton University to play basketball but didn’t change his ways. Three months after he arrived he was kicked out of the institution for being arrested.
Knowing how tough life could be he persevered and fought his way to Los Angeles, California and the Bay Area where he tried to get back in the swing of things but he was still concerned only on what he was lacking, money. He eventually found his way back in the streets. Traveling back and forth from Houston, Virginia, Harlem, and New York, taught James about life outside of Atlanta. James traveled from state to state hustling and gaining contacts but for a period of six months was in Atlanta selling crack on Bankhead. Seeing a lot of things early in life can give one knowledge but can also scare one physically and mentally.
With the pressure of dodging cops and robbers and trying to maintain his money becoming too much to handle, James moved to Richmond, Virginia were he got an apartment and bought studio equipment. He taught himself in three short days how to record himself and different techniques of recording. He then went on to put out a club banger Bankhead N*gga. He did shows on Hampton University’s campus in the main Convocation Center and in Miami, Florida. Traveling from New York through Philly and Baltimore, James put out a mixtape every month over random beats. He composed a mixtape “Without Remorse” that got a lot of respect throughout the streets. He moved back to Atlanta to start promoting his mixtape. Through his travels,trails,and tribulations his rapping has been molded and it can very well be heard on the tracks on his upcoming album. His flow is diverse based upon his life in other cities and his appreciation of the experience of traveling alone at an early age. In the beginning, his flows were weak, but James was a quick study and eventually learned better free styling skills. He took elements from his favorite rappers and formulized them into his own persona and style. He has evolved into a story teller, a club rocker and hood anthem maker