Rico Nevotion

Rico Nevotion


My music is very soulful and intune with the way of life. Powerful! Yet smooth.


BIOGRAPGHY FOR Rico Nevotion “R&B Singer/Writer” From the depths of the streets to the depths of his soul Rico Nevotion captures a wide spectrum of audiences. With a smooth combination of R&B and cross over Hip Hop, Rico grabs and sustains the attention of all ages. Rico’s soulful voice is one of strength and emotion. Powerful vocals that flow straight to the heart and soul, touching even the casual R&B listener. Born in Memphis, Tennessee; Rico reaches out to the youth through his own experience with gangs, prison, relationships, and mortality, delivering a message of hope and understanding. Born in a city of great music legends, Rico is able to captivate the hearts of older audiences as well. Known as a man who can sing about anything, Rico’s music can relate to just about any lifestyle. Poetic arrangements of words and melodies has mesmerized women and been said to bring a tear to even a man’s eye. Rico Nevotion was born Rico Woodard on September 29, 1975. Struggling in poverty with his three brothers and one sister, Rico looked to the streets for a better life. Forced to become a man at an early age, he gained drive and ambition at a young age. After moving to Minneapolis, Minnesota Rico developed a vision for his future and his love for music. Having a strong passion for music, he used his talent and assertiveness to open doors in the industry. After hard work, Rico Started out as a professional dancer for The Artist Formally known as Prince and went on to dance for Shaquille O’Neal. He also began singing in a group with a few other artists including an artist named “RL” (who now is the lead singer in the nationally known group “NEXT”.) Motivated by this, and from working with highly successful Artists, Rico established a group of his own. A three-part harmony-singing group called “Full Flava”. With Rico’s vision and business savvy, the group began to make a name in the industry. They opened for nationally known groups such as “All 4 One”, Boyz II Men”, and “Soul 4 Real”. Many times going on tour as the opening act. Rico absorbed the creativity around him, and reflected it into his own original style. He studied the creation of truly artistic music, with a foundation of passion that makes him unique in today’s industry. With technological advances, Rico maintains emotion and soul that is sure to turn any listener into a fan.


Ghetto Ways, Better Days, Let Me Hear you Say, Take A Look @ ME Now.

Set List

I perform originals, and my shows are usually between 45min to an hour.