Rico Sanchez

Rico Sanchez


At the centre of the audible universe, you embark upon a musical journey to all ends of THE spectrum with lyrical twists blowing the top off this eargazmic extravaganza.


The Greatest band on Earth; Rico Sanchez have been together since the year 2000. They have been rocking audiences with thier whacky instrumentals, quirky vocals and clanging cowbells ever since. The band is extrordinarily original and funny in thier approach to songwriting and performing.


captain cascade

Written By: rico sanchez

lemme tell ya a story bout a man named captain cascade, brain cell raid, white soap, nose marmalade, the whiter the highter the grade, no streak clean's bound to fade, .. squeaky clean


2001- Captain Cascade & the Ace of Spades (LP)
2003- Funtime Jambaroo (live:Elora centre for the arts)
2004 - my $1000 beer coaster (8 song EP)
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2006 - Dink Winkleton and the Aftermath (live @ Acoustic Traditions) LP
2007 - Snot Straw (live @ the Theatre on the Grand)EP
2008 - 16 Classics by the Greatest Band on Earth; Rico Sanchez! (LP best of 2000 - 2008)

Set List

the crow
greatest band on earth
oboe flambunkatron
captain cascade
pudding pirate
fancy pants flop dance
'till the funk is junk
sanch dogs
more than words
the scarecrow
(hey) Tonay
Dink Winkleton
The Seran Strut