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Main Entry: 1fe•male Pronunciation: 'fE-"mAl
1: of, relating to, or being the sex that bears young or produces eggs: having some quality (as gentleness) associated with the female sex

Main Entry: 1em•cee Pronunciation: "em-'sE Function: noun
: Master Of Ceremonies

Ric•o•chet Pronunciation: 'ri-k&-"shA, British also -"shet Function: noun
Etymology: French Date: 1769
: a glancing rebound (as of a projectile off a flat surface); also: an object that ricochets

A perfect tale of rhyme meets girl…a love story starring RICOSHADE…
Longevity in the hip-hop world is a rare but coveted crown. There is but a handful of performers that have sustained long-term careers in the face of all the upheavals that rappers have to contend with in this era. Now if you do the math, and multiply that times 2, then you would recognize the plight of a woman in the dog eat cat world of hip-hop. Not only are you trying to gain leverage, you have to double your efforts to knock stereotypes, break barriers and produce cutting edge rhymes that remain vital to both the street and hip-hop’s all-encompassing commercial beat…

Enter…Cali born and raised, Ricoshade, AKA a ‘female emcee’, once thought to be an instantaneous underdog in the bout, is rising to meet those challenges, and countering with a few punches of her own! Ricoshade grew up listening to some of hip-hop’s most influential artists and groups, like Salt-N-Pepa, KRS-1, Tupac….She knew early on that she too had something to say, and hip-hop would be that very same vehicle in which she would drive home that voice.

Upon realizing her dreams, Ricoshade set out to accomplish her goals of becoming a force to be reckoned with in the hip-hop community. Not a stranger to hard work, her talents have been exhibited and developed by performing at local talent shows, and countless non-profit organizations.

Determined to make her mark an impressionable one, Ricoshade has twice paid her dues, by hitting the Black College Tour Circuit and opening for and performing with high caliber artists such as, “Mystikal”, “Ludacris”, and “Ice Cube” to name a few. She further added to her credits by performing for local access cable shows, and appearing on national televised shows, like the famed “Showtime At The Apollo”, MTV’s “The Cut w/Lisa “Left-Eye” Lopez", as well as repeat special invitations to appear on the memorable “Keenan Ivory Wayans Show."

Seasoned in the game with over 10 years dedication to honing her skills, Ricoshade is out of the trenches and ready for combat. She has mastered her art and has an arsenal of talent to prove it. She effortlessly combines meticulous wordplay with a signature wit and style that is a diversified reflection of her poignant 5 genre talents.

Concurrently, Ricoshade has been perfecting her stage show to hold true to her hard earned reputation of captivating audiences with her undeniably explosive verses, and venomous delivery. With her eclectic blend of versatility, staying power, drive, energy and skill, she gives a glimpse as to what the future holds for hip-hop. We’ll be there as she charters this voyage across old and discovered terrain, so get those umbrellas’s ready…there’s a storm coming!

written by: Monie Mon


Hey Hey

Written By: Ricoshade aka TC Dionne

hey hey

verse 1:
is yaw ready tip told that I aim steady
flame thrown speed through rhymes like andretti
my machete, cuts precise target pinpoint range
I’m slightly crazy deranged
Heed the signs, riccy’s been ahead of the pack
we no longer pop our collars we jack our slacks
but why I gotta deal with drama
no comma in the account so why I got a deal with problems
elevate my mind stay away from small shit
cause small minded people encourage you to quit
they pray for your downfall
they got the nerve to not have any shame at all
whipped in all since I expose your whole skit
your just an act I’m the whole freakin script
your kibbles and bits I’m more meaty with protein
98 percent less fat to keep you lean

verse 2:
uh oh the heat thrasher the No. 1 contender
yaw go remember me thru December
just so you know I aint no beginner
I been burning mic’s for a while
my profile, reads the illest female artist
as clean and fluent as a guitarist
the hardest, MC to be birthed to Cali
I’m hitin the stage while you’re chillin in your jammie’s
you’ll get toyed like tonka I’ll rock you like Sinatra
have you asking like Biggie who shot ya
dazed stumbling like your high or drunk
let me tell you why I stepped in the club from jump
I came to work that twirk that thang
catch me a hunch back and periculate man
I ain’t trying to end up where niggas be dumpin
im trying to lay next to something

verse 3:
I ain’t trying to be cool, ain’t trying to be passive
you can show me love while you’re tipping your glasses
or better yet mommie when your shaking your asses
I’m trying to tell you man I ain’t scared of you bastard
I’m here to drop heat and only give classics
and put a couple of garbo niggas in caskets
you can catch me high speed dipping thru traffic
on the grind for the chronic I don’t care who has it
I’m on the rise like the Dallas Maverick’s
watch what comes out yo mouth or it’s go end up tragic
I ain’t trying to cause static
but soon as I step on the stage it’s major havic
more animated than Disney graphics
mess around and have you toe tagged and rapped in plastic
I’m little red riding hood with goodies in her basket
give me a track and I’m go stab it

hey hey
bang the bumps when Im pulling up
12:30 valet n the truck
and you know the haters eyes on stuck
cause I’m throwing up the west when I step in the cut (repeat)


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