Ridah Redd

Ridah Redd

 West Palm Beach, Florida, USA
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Captivated by his sound, so dark kind of reminiscent of a 2pac mixed with Slim Thug. This is the sound that Southern rap has been missing I would like to see & hear more of this” - Blaqsheep Blog (www.blaqsheepblog.com)


People usually ask Ridah Redd how long has he been rapping. His response is “I been spittin for 5 years reppin UT to the fullest, thats my squad for those of you who wanna know”. He was born down in Homestead, Miami. At the time his mother was in the military so that’s where Ridah was born at the Homestead Air Force, but grew up right in Palm Beach County. Ridah is currently 22 years old and going onto his 23nd year.

Ridah Redd is different from everybody else, what makes him different is his attitude and the way he sees things. His music will capture more of the laid back crowd simply because he is laid back, and can’t help but keep it real in his songs. He writes about his experiences in certain situations and situations that other people go through. Believe it or not people actually envy Ridah because of what he does. Why? we don’t know he doesn’t have the mind of an envious person so he himself couldn’t really tell you if he wanted to.

Not everybody has the gift to make music but the way Ridah sees it you have to know how to make songs that people can relate to in order to survive in this business, plus you have to know your stuff to keep somebody from trying to screw you over. Ridah plans to make a change in the music business and give back to his community. In the words of Ridah Redd himself “Bush aint gon come look out for the hood, nor will he look out for any other black neighborhoods because this dick junky is too busy messin up our country. I feel like it’s up to us and only us to make it out of the ghetto and make something of ourselves”


My Neck Of Tha Woodz (Godfather Records / 101 Distribution)
Release Date: March 4th, 2008

Remember Me Mixtape (Godfather Records)
Release Date: May 28, 2009

To The Core (Single & Video)
Received over 2000 radio plays

Nothing Lesser (feat. Brisco & Tay Dizm) (Single)
Release Date: July 19, 2011

Set List

Take It Off
Table Full (feat. Hitt)
To The Core