Riddim Saunter

Riddim Saunter


Johnny (from the death set)say "we went on tour with Riddam Saunter and not only become rad friends but saw them destroy shows with the best punk energy and with all the cute girls screaming up the front!!!".


The band's first eye-opener into the world of music began with band
leader, TA-1, first encountering Hip Hop music. At this time, TA-1 was
simply a DJ but soon transformed into a drummer after finding interest
in intricate rhythms. During high school TA-1 got together with
classmates, Keishi (Vo.) and Hiroshi (Gtr.) and a band was born.
Influenced by the ska boom in the late nineties they quickly become a
ska-core band and upon moving to Tokyo, met a trumpet player named
Honma, who was soon included into the group. Soon after, the band
recruited a saxophonist and bassist thus creating the six-piece band
known as "Riddim Saunter."
2005 saw the release of their debut album, "Current", which became
recognised soon after release as a well blended piece of work, including
Punk, Rock, Hop Hop and Soul.
2007 the band further mix their musical roots of black music with
inspiration from bands such as Thames Beat, to create and release their
second album, "Think, Lad & Lass". For this release the band hand-
printed ten thousand of their own colorful album artwork, and the band's
indie "DIY" style becomes the talk amongst the Japanese youth.
Before the band knew it, all ten thousand albums sold out immediately.
After this second album, the band release an acoustic album and a remix
album, featuring overseas artists such as Matias Tellex (Norway),
SoftLightes (USA) and 33HZ (USA) which further demonstrated the bands
In 2009, They release 3 rd album , "Days Leed" on Oct. and They release CD and artwork separately. Nobody release this style in the world. Lots of Japanese media and stores focus this style!
They played recording in Norway. Because they inspired NORWAY music and recorded strings.
Famed for their frantic shows, the bands up-close, in your face
style of performance won them the support slot for The Go-Team's first
ever Japan tour, The DEATH SET first ever Japan tour,VIVIAN GIRLS
first ever japan tour and an invite to perform at the 2007 Fuji Rock
Festival.They played the great escape and escape,stag & tagger in UK.,NORWAY Blown away
by their set at the festival, Johnny from American punksters "The Death
Set" promptly invited the band to tour with them in the US in the near
Outside of their standard style of live performance, the band are able
to perform acoustic only sets and are also able to include a string
section of five additional players, which is just another addition to
their charm.
2007 Dec The Go-Team JAPAN TOUR
MAY GREAT ESCAPE 15th at Horatio?fs.
stag & tagger 21th at The Queen of Hoxton


Bad is...

Written By: keishi tanaka

A last day, just like a last day
Just like a last day of the earth, everything is bad

This bad day

Brush my teeth, just in case I brush my teeth
Just in case I brush my teeth, and prepare that is all I do
The brown sofa, I sit on the brown sofa
I sit on the brown sofa, it?fs no plan, so I drink coffee

It?fs the worst

Soon, things will be proved, things will be proved
And it can?ft, and it can?ft get worse

Out You Go

Written By: keishi tanaka

A young married couple began to live as neighbors
They are a timid husband and a small wife
I listen to the music with headphones at midnight
And I sing a new song in a little voice

?gOut you go, right now!!?h
The neighbor shouts to his wife everyday

I hit the wall lightly two times in one day
And I mutter hoping they live in peace
Before I sleep, the row is never over
When I sleep, it?fs over too

?gOut you go, right now!!?h
The neighbor shouts to his wife everyday

One day, I happened to pass the timid neighbor
He sang a song with the sarcastic face
The song that he sang is our new song
The words were perfectly being copied

?gOut you go, right now!!?h
That was a word toward me

Nowhere to go
The day when a peaceful night came to the town

Sweet & Still

Written By: keishi tanaka

I went to the bookstore over there
I went out though it was bad weather
A boy was watching an upper shelf
The store?fs owner noticed that, and helped

When I went into the store
The boy turned his eyes away, ashamed
He had a long love story in his hand
It stopped raining, on the way home?c

Sweet & Still, I met Sweet & Still
Cuz I noticed that her lips moved
I listened to her word, it?fs only that

If we notice the small
A story continues to the next page
As the owner and the boy were so
As the sky?fs color and I were so

Sweet & Still, I met Sweet & Still
Cuz I noticed that her lips moved
I listened to her word, it?fs only that
Only such a thing brought her smile
There is such in this world

The boy?fs bearing was left with me

Sweet & Still, I met Sweet & Still
If we cannot guess the future, we take a chance
Sweet & Still, Sweet & Still, her lips moved
She said that word and thanks to me
She smiled, it?fs only that
Only such a thing brought me smile
There is such in this world


>>1st SINGLE
?gFRESH / CLUE IN PEOPLE?h(2005.02.23.) Niw!?@?@NIW-009 ?¦SOLD OUT

>>1st ALBUM
?gCURRENT?h(2005.12.09.) Niw!?@?@NIW-012

>>2nd ALBUM
?gThink, Lad & Lass?h(2007.09.08.) Niw!?@?@NIW-022

>>3rd ALBUM
?gDays Lead?h(2009.10.21.) Niw!?@?@NIW-045.046 NLP-010(Vinyl)

>>Acoustic ALBUM

>>Remix ALBUM
?gBRIGHTEN OURS FROM THE REMIXES?h(2008.03.23.) Niw!?@?@NIW-025
Remixer: MATIAS TELLEZ(Norway), SoftLightes(USA), 33HZ(USA),Masayasu Tzboguchi TRIO,CUBISMO GRAFICO,Kiiiiiii & DJ codomo,AVALON,efective dose

?gLATETHINGS?h (2007.10.05.) Niw!?@NIW-023
include¤Do You Murmur?

"Niw! Stocks" (2003.05.23.) Niw!?@?@NIW-001
"Rock MOTOWN" (2005.02.23.) AVEX?@AVCW-12422?@
include It's a Shame(The Spinners)

?gFRESH / SISTER LARA?h(2005.01.21.) Niw!?@?@NEP-002 ?¦SOLD OUT
?gCLUE IN PEOPLE / Know What I'm Known'?h(2005.01.21.) Niw!?@?@NEP-003 ?¦SOLD OUT
?gEVERY LITTLE STEP / HAVE A PLEASANT?h(2005.06.24.) Niw!?@?@NEP-004 ?¦SOLD OUT
?gMUSIC BY. / PASS A LITTLE MORE?h(2005.12.09.) Niw!?@?@NEP-005 ?¦SOLD OUT
?gSUPER MOOD / SHE HAS NO MELODY?h(2005.12.09.) Niw!?@?@NEP-006 ?¦SOLD OUT
?gI'M DABBLING / Big Yellow Taxi?h(2007.02.23.) Niw!?@?@NEP-011 ?¦SOLD OUT
?gDear Joyce / Updated days?h(2007.08.31.) Niw!?@?@NEP-014?¦SOLD OUT
?gFACE FACE FACE / COLOR OF DAYTIME?h(2008.03.23.) Niw!?@?@NEP-017?¦SOLD OUT

?gBRIGHTEN OURS FROM THE REMIXES?h(2008.05.02.) Niw!?@?@NLP-009