Riddle The Roar

Riddle The Roar


RTR creates an exciting dynamic sound & live show. High energy fusion violin, catchy melodies, 3 part harmonies, engaging lyrics & dynamic builds are only a few tools used by this young but experienced band. Song styles range from soulrock to folkpop to ambient avant-garde RTR is diverse & on point


Riddle the Roar is a fast rising Band out of Southern California. After being together for only a year, Riddle the Roar was named one of 91x's next biggest thing, headlined several sold out shows in San Diego, Has a sizable youtube following with over 150,000 views (all videos with a 5 star rating), and has just finished their first full length record, set to be released in late February. RTR has performed at several charity events, supporting organizations such as Falling Whistles and Water-Aid (Sponsered by Monster), and are scheduled to play a benifit show to raise money for the victims of the Haiti earthquake.

Riddle the Roar is an exciting live band with stage presence that elicits a crowd response wherever the band performs. Each member plays several instruments and is often switching instruments in the middle of songs. The live show is a musical roller coaster, with arrangements that travel from Ambient Rock, to Americana, to Baroque, to Bluegrass.

RTR is now in the process of booking shows for the spring and summer season.


Devil in the Radio

Written By: Shane Gooding

Devil in the Radio

Devil in the radio. Devil in the Radio

I've got this station for you. I know you'd love to hear it

Devil in the radio. Devil in the Radio

Oh what a terrible tune. Its lies will lash deep into

A great team of puppeteers

I don't know who carved them, but they surely won't give money back

As quick cash it placates your fear

It turns our mothers to our idols, while we number all our native children

It may sting, but it burns alot.

I feel like some actuary counting prison numbers

Your day bleeds like a purple heart

Straight onto a canvas of clouds painting honor medals

Your sons are leaving your face is a-teaming with pride

And my team is easily dreaming of ways to get high

Oh so high, until we all fall down

Would you listen please

We all fall down, but if you listen to me

You shall be ok.

Last Call for your freedom cheer

My smile reads like ambulance without the aid of rear view mirrors

Reflect please, on the things here said

Cause truth is found between the lines

The speakers do their best to hide.

Last of tthe Warriors

Written By: Joe Khoroosi

The boy's mind came alive with love's apparition

Where new lust thrives old love dies hubris overtakes them

Like needles through the skin weaving, Breaking

Like Some other from within leaving me, it's all leaving.

The sight, oh the sound, it bound you down, it crowned you clown

I won't say what I said again

Like a fool

With memory, price and prize keep in contradiction

Cause where I thrive I'll also die losing my tradition

It's an addiction, it's the only one

I've loved though I've lost. Gone, I'm gone.

The site, oh the sound. It bound me down.

I am a clown, and I will say what I am again

Like a fool.

Mr. Hyde

Written By: Joe Khoroosi

Mr. Hyde fried his brain
Long enough for Jeckle to lose his Jane
dick said mind's not my gold
And time you know has gone on its role

The letters sign
on progress line
and we see it with our eyes

Put into a test
My rage finds its rest
Alone where it should
or should not be

All letters fade
from the sky
and from our eyes

Off White

Written By: Joe Khoroosi

An old aphotic funk lingers in the air

It drops a silent thunk in my chest though aware

Are my eyes of the dangerously clear

Suspicion it hangs me

Hear. Fellows follow Girls who swallow their egos.

Do you like me? Say you like me

You peaked out of your gourd

A black hole formed there after

Now panicking back to norm

The hole its grows much faster

It swallows your little mind naive, leaving you no

Excuse, me but do you mean

That I was sent here blind, am I dieing?

Oh it can't be, the way they say it must be

Your laboring your footprints into sand

Hoping they might last, but last they never can

Time leads all our effort to the winds eroding.


Written By: Joe Khoroosi Matt Phipps

Mary sat down on her bed
Selling hope as selling raincoats in the rain
Or torn out storylines to the weak
in the freak inside us all

You know this selling brings her down
No way
It goes without a sound
you make
All evolves the pace vanish this trace

Mary stood up with calmer eyes
To the winds that paralyze the mind
Taking steps to make her way
In the wake of a dream that keeps her kind


Riddle The Roar (2010)

Set List

We design our set based on the venue we are playing.