Ride Into The Sun

Ride Into The Sun

 Adelaide, South Australia, AUS

Formed in Adelaide, AUS in 2010, Ride Into The Sun have secured themselves as the town’s leading drone and reverb drenched shoegaze act. Their latest material was produced by Brett Orrison and Alex Maas (of The Black Angels), and have just completed a US tour, including Austin Psych Fest.


Formed in Adelaide, South Australia in 2010, Ride Into The Sun quickly secured itself as the town’s leading drone and reverb drenched shoegaze act, leading the resurgence of a thriving psychedelic scene reminiscent of Adelaide’s paisley underground of the ’80s. A mere six weeks after their establishment the band had completed and released their debut 10-track album; the self titled ‘Ride Into The Sun’, including a rendition of Mazzy Star’s ‘Wasted’ – a highlight in their live performance which set the benchmark for the releases to come.

2011 saw the release of the ‘Goodbye Hipster, Hello Reality’ EP, delivering a higher standard and definition in the band’s sound. Positive reviews and high rotation on local radio stations only furthered the band’s notability and paved the way for consecutive tours to Melbourne, before again raising the bar with ‘Rats, Thieves and Liars’, the second EP of 2011. It was with this EP that the band earned the number 1 spot on Three D Radio’s annual ‘Top 101 Releases of the Year’ over a hoard of bigger and more experienced local acts.

The hype around the band only grew when Ride Into The Sun were announced on the Big Day Out 2012 line up. With a solid local fanbase and following the recent success, Melbourne was again on the bands agenda in 2012 – hitting iconic venues such as The Espy and Pony Bar. By this stage it had become obvious that fans of Ride Into The Sun were becoming more widespread than just Australia – with sales, fan mail and support beginning to find it’s way from the US and Europe. Supporting acts such as Dinosaur JR, A Place To Bury Strangers, Earthless, Tumbleweed, and more, the stars aligned for Ride Into The Sun, as October 2012 delivered the band’s most exciting news: confirmation that they would be recording with their idols and legends of the scene; The Black Angels.

With the conviction that they could birth their greatest recording sessions to date, Ride Into The Sun hit Toyland Studios in Melbourne with Alex Maas (vocalist and composer; The Black Angels) and Brett Orrison (producer; The Black Angels) in November 2012. A match made in heaven, the band and producers tracked their first series of songs together – to be released as a Mini-LP in July 2013, on the up and coming Australian label Pilot Records. Coinciding with the 2013 release schedule is a performance at the 6th annual Austin Psych Fest, a tour of the USA, along with extensive touring throughout Australia. Plans are already being laid for 2014 including more US touring, setting sights on Europe and a follow up album, also with Alex Maas and Brett Orrison

Influences: The Brian Jonestown Massacre, The Black Angels, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, The Dandy Warhols, The Black Ryder, The Velvet Underground, My Bloody Valentine, Black Mountain, Dead Skeletons, The Warlocks, Dead Meadow, and many more.


Ride Into The Sun - Ride Into The Sun (2010)
1. Run For The Hills
2. Im Just Dandy
3. Grey Eyes
4. You Didnt Know
5. Redneck
6. Run For The Hills (Reprise)
7. Remorse + Regret
8. Realise
9. Chosen One
10. Devils Soul

Im Just Dandy - Single (2010)
1. Im Just Dandy
2. You Didnt Know (Live)
3. Run For The Hills (Reprise) (Live)

Goodbye Hipster, Hello Reality - EP (2011)
1 - New Sunday
2 - Detached
3 - Fool
4 - Save Yourself
5 - Napoleon

Rats, Thieves & Liars - EP (2011)
1 - Run For The Hills
2 - Enemy
3 - Realise
4 - Drown Your Soul
5 - Goodbye
6 - Spill

Ride Into The Sun - Mini-LP (2013)
Produced by Brett Orrison / Alex Maas
1 - Hunt Like Wolves
2 - Lost At Sea (A Love Song)
3 - These Are The Ones That Shoot
4 - Gun Song
5 - Hero
6 - Too Cold

Album/EP's have been sent to radio stations, recieving significant airplay.
- Three D
- Radio Adelaide
- Nova
- BBC Radio (UK)
- Triple J

Set List

Crystal Meth
Hunt Like Wolves
Too Cold
Drown Your Soul
Ring In
Lost At Sea (A Love Song)
These Are The Ones That Shoot
To The Mountain