Rides and Attractions

Rides and Attractions


Our music expresses and explores the aimless freedom and powerlessness of individuality, wrapping the angst in a tight package of dirt-pop -- fast-paced and bizarre hook-ridden rock. The music is highly technical, with elements of fusion and prog; the presentation is always impassioned and frenetic.


Music saves our lives. It saves because it reminds us to feel. This is the motto of Rides and Attractions, whose members, when they met in fall 2008, all happened to be strapped into various rides and attractions in their own lives, riding the ricketiest roller-coasters with nothing to hang onto but their instruments.

The resulting songs are cathartic, performed like electric exorcisms, carried on a big, dirty and exciting sound. The groove is raw, original and underground. The stories skirt the loops and sinkholes of life, the places we lose ourselves and the places we reappear. Because music saves them, this band plays for their lives, and they will play for yours too, if you let them.


Our debut EP will be released in mid June

Set List

Typical Set: 45min - 1hr

Original Songs
Rides and Attractions (4:00)
Pusher (3:00)
Quicksand (4:00)
Dead End Lane (3:30)
2nd Floor and Falling (4:00)
Why Ask Why (5:30)
Picture Perfect (5:00)
Synaesthesia (6:00)
Control (3:30)

Recent Covers
We're in this Together (Nine Inch Nails; 5:00)
Airbag (Radiohead; 3:30)
Just Like Suicide (Soundgarden; 5:00)