Ride the Blinds

Ride the Blinds


They call this section of the EPK the "Elevator Pitch" Ride the Blinds does not belong in an elevator.


Formed in San Francisco during the summer of 2003, Ride the Blinds is a Rock 'N' Roll power-trio that has been blazing its way up and down the California coastline. Over the past year and a half, this band has showcased its brand of bare-knuckled rock in more than fifty shows at venues as varied as their musical influences. Armed for the most part with borrowed and temperamental equipment, Ride the Blinds lets their musicianship do the talking in a genre that has been in dire need of a wake-up call.

Lead singer, Chris Guthridge, is a masterful guitar player who has been lighting up the San Francisco music scene for the past several years. Before Ride the Blinds, Guthridge played in a seven piece funk band for three years that gigged all over the Bay Area. While his raw talent always stole the show, his Rock 'N' Roll appetite led him to leave the group and team up with brothers Bill and Nick Cramer. Bill Cramer, a bass player with a background in ragtime piano, provides the low end for this power-trio with driving and melodic bass lines. Nick Cramer is nothing short of savage on his drum kit. He conjures up the same energy and power that gave drummers like Keith Moon and John Bonham their fame. These brothers form a telepathic rhythm section that becomes an incendiary dynamic when the guitar work of Chris Guthridge is added to the mix.

Ride the Blinds plays Rock 'N' Roll in its truest form. They are purists with a simple, straightforward motto: "Plug in and Play." Whether they're "plugging in" at esteemed venues like The House of Blues or playing at empty dive bars, Ride the Blinds is a refreshing act to catch and the buzz over these rockers in their early twenties is starting to spread...


Ride the Blinds (Self Titled)

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