Ride 'Til Dawn

Ride 'Til Dawn


Four dudes from the city of Saskatoon bring you heartfelt Rock N' Roll Music . For fans of The Replacements, Crazy Horse, Big Star, The Clash, Wilco, Gene Clark, Silver Jews and Badfinger.


We all went to Highschool together. Let that be known. Lots of people get careers and marriages and new lives, and other people don’t. I suppose we would all fall into the latter category. In the ominous period when shit starts getting real, drifting between highscool and into our early 20’s, we found ourselves immersed in new cities, different bands, shitty jobs, the occasional girl, growing record collections, playing the goof, lengthy busts into the wild, growin’ up, and, most of all, hanging out and trying to make things happen. During this time Mitch was honing his songwriting chops, piecing together an expansive songbook that evolved form downbeat, hurtin’ times country-folk to upbeat, good times Rock N’ Roll. Over the years a lot of folks have played in the band, but only a few stuck. Greg first slapped the skins when the group was known as "A Horse Called Murder" (also featuring Laramee from "Golden Smoke"). Fraser played with Ian in the dance-rock turned MC5 thunder of "Parades Against Parades." When, during the oh-so-cold winter that was ’07, we found ourselves together once more, living in Saskatoon, we decided to start rocking out together in a jamspace that was as tiny as it was filthy, and things, well, they just started a-happening (because it’s a happenin’ thing, baby). With Fraser Bedlam taking the bottom end with a rumble to loosen the shit of the most uptight, Greg-Gravy Reese livin’ in the laid back beats of Ralph Molina, Mitch Grier hanging up the old acoustic in favour of a sparkling tele, and Ian Potts laying down hot licks, sweatin’ and makin’ the ladies swoon, and that’s the band: Ride Til Dawn. And just in case you were wondering, . . . we get our rocks off via The Replacements, Saskatchewan livin’, good brews, Badfinger and love (and all that it brings, be it hurt, pain or bliss). -The boys.


2008 (upcoming) - Life is One Damn Thing After Another
2006 - Death and Taxes

Set List

Hearts Of Worlds Forgotten
Are You Going To Break My Heart
Listen To Her Heart (Tom Petty Cover)
Hard Logic
Death And Taxes
Outside The Window
Garageland (The Clash Cover)
Right Round The Corner
Cold Cold Nights
Ill Get By (Crazy Horse Cover)

Set 2:
Teenage Kicks (undertones Cover)
Pancake Island
Shes So Hard To Stand On
Street Rain
Baby Blue (Badfinger Cover)
Love In Vain
Golden Years
Still Hung Up On You
Telephone Line
Living In Between
Winterlong (Neil Young Cover)