Ride To Ruin

Ride To Ruin


Ride To Ruin is a four peice metal/rock band out of Cincinnati, Ohio. From flying guitar solo's to chunky bass riffs and harmonizing vocals, Ride To Ruin brings a variety to the metal genre.


A four member band out of Cincinnati, Ride To Ruin is a metal/rock band that brings a variety of different sounds to music. The band formed in 2006 as just a three peice, shortly after they found a drummer and began writing more. The band came out with a 6 song Demo in late 2007. With every member having varied tastes, the band blends so many different things into their songs. Influences from Children of Bodom to Avanged Sevenfold to System of a Down to Iron Maiden, each member brings a unique style to the band which reflects on the great music created.


Self-titled Demo (all songs avaliable for streaming on myspace.com/ridetoruin)

1. Forgotten Memory
2. Final Bet
3. The Raven
4. Unforgivable Sin
5. The Addict
6. Jack The Ripper

Set List

A typical Ride To Ruin Set list is about 45-50 min.
All Original Material

1. The Raven
2. Unforgivable Sin
3. Final Bet
4. Fear
5. Forgotten Memory
6. The Addict
7. Jack The Ripper
8. Chosen Betrayal
9. The Pendulum
10. Reap What you Sow
11. Ride To Ruin