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Ridic has created a new style of hip-hop and rap while still maintaining its original essence. He's not a Crunk artist, however fans of Crunk love his album. He's not an R&B artist, however fans of R&B love his album. And if you love Rap and Hip-Hop listen to him at www.ridiculousmusic.com


Ridic was born and raised in Oakland, CA. He has been rapping since preschool and now, at age 22, has become a lyricist who cleverly and masterfully creates rhymes that tell stories and paint pictures, while bringing back the essence of hip hop. Ridic is the winner of four Billboard World Song Contest awards. John Acosta, Music Director of W.I.I.T, 88.9 FM Chicago states: “I got a copy of Ridic’s, ‘No Apologies’, C.D. and I must say that the flow is smooth and tight. I have begun reporting it to CMJ and it is the # 1 most requested song”.
Ridic has recorded with Numskull from the multi-platinum selling group, The Luniz, at Ridiculous Music Studios, and performed with Digital Underground, after being discovered by Shock G back stage in a freestyle session. Dawana Wilson, Program Director of KNOZ 96.5 FM in Sacramento, says: “Ridic’s song ‘Priceless is in rotation every 120 minutes and we are getting several requests a day for his song ‘No Apologies’”. He has been influenced by all forms of hip hop because he has been studying every song that he gets his hands on for as long as he can remember. This is why he puts so much effort into each song he makes and each bar he writes. With Ridic, there are no corny gimmicks, just quality music that everyone will want to bump in cars, clubs, and at home. He is already on mix tapes on the west and east coast.
After turning down numerous record deals, Ridic decided to start Ridiculous Music, LLC, with his older brother, Nut Case. In addition to rapping, Ridic produces, engineers, and manages his company with 110% intensity. He plans on taking his music globally and working with all of the great rappers and musicians of the world.



Written By: Ridic

Beautiful women, easy livin’ the sun shine so high in the clear blue sky
I got to warn ya… about California
Platinum chains, champagne and gold rings will remain but it don’t mean a thang
I’m tryin’ to warn ya… about California

(Verse 1)
Ain’t nothin’ better than feelin’ like a fat cat in this rat race, chasin’ the cheese
Convertible top down, wit ya face in the breeze
See, bikini’s love a Lamborghini on 23’s
But shoot, my family roots ain’t connected to money trees
I invested in CD’s ‘til it’s all disolvin’
What you willin’ to risk while this world’s revolvin’
Like it’s, Russian roulette and I bet on the long shot
Livin’, plush in a jet and then lettin’ the bomb drop
On top non-stop, never sweat in a pawn shop
I’ve never gone pop, never lettin’ a song flop
I gotta sell myself or else they’ll sell me
So it’s Ridiculous Music, LLC
Now it’s lights, camera, and action and I’m writing the checks
A hundred grand for the director and the special effects
Another G for the dress on the girl wit nice breast
Havin’ people love ya music for real, priceless, yes


(Verse 2)
Un, check it out, palm trees, calm breeze, wit the sun in the sky
We so fly, and everybody’s wonderin’ why
It’s no lie, our stomach’s ain’t as big as our eye
Cuz when they finally get a piece, we takin’ the whole pie
See we, lustin’ for luscious and luxurious things
Ambition has got us wishin’ for the curious blings
And all the play boy bunnies are runnin’ here so quick
Cuz Cali’s a dimond carat danglin’ from a stick
See they, havin’ a vision, but they lackin’ the wisdom
To realize that they trapped in a system of capitalism
It ain’t garanteed you’ll be up where the air is nice
To make my point it’s a crap shoot with this pair of dice (paradise)
But I’ma keep strivin’ until I’m on cloud nine,
Spitin’ a loud rhyme, and makin’ the crowd mine
See on my life’s quest, I pray that I’m quite blessed
It might stress, but what I need is priceless, un.

California…Tryin’ to make a dolla but it seems so hard sometimes
California…Chasin’ after change in the land of sunshine and dimes
California…Tryin’ to stake ya claim but the game is so intense
California…Chasin’ after paper losin’ all of your common sense
In California…

(Ridic) Yeah, come on, check it out, let ‘m know, what…
(Psychologic) In California…
(Ridic) let ‘em know, come on, that’s right, come on, that’s right…
(Psychologic) I’m tryin’ to warn ya..
(Ridic) What, what, tryin’ to warn ‘em, warn ya, come on, yeah…
(Psychologic) About California…
(Ridic) Yeah, come on, come on, it’s Nut Case...

(Nut Case)
Livin’ higher than a mountain while watchin’ my fountain splash
Quickly calculatin’ and carefully countin’ cash
Livin’, richer than Pryor retired and bicoastal
Yet my social security is surely anti-social
So I’m thinkin’, is this the American dream? Please!
I’d rather share it with my team and be spreadin’ the cream cheese
I ain’t worried ‘bout the fortune and the fame the game bring
What I’m worth and what I value is hardly the same thing

See the time, it has come, for a man, to be told
What he wants, in his life, and his hands, cannot hold
And his eyes, cannot see, but he feels, it around
In the air, when he breathes, now come on break it down, break it down…

Muzik, se un bagay, universel (translation: “music is universal”)

un, come on, take ‘em out now…



The first single off of the album entitled "No Apologies" is called "Priceless". Also check out the club banger "Somethin' To Ride". Sample the entire album at www.ridiculousmusic.com for free! Ask for CDs and Vinyl in stores now!!!!!!!!!!

Set List

Set is usually 15-50 minutes long. Entirely original lyrics. Depending on the venue, a different group of songs is performed. Current repertoire of songs that Ridic can rotate regularly are:

No Apologies
Love You Girl
Imaginary Gangsta
Dim The Lights
Mall Rats
Skank Broads
Fuck Customer Service
What's On The Inside
Nicky Fontaine
Somethin' To Ride
Changin' Times
Town Shit
High As Hell
Shit You Can't Fuck Wit
Now That's Game
Who's Commin' Wit Me
I Love The Way You Love Me
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