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HDE is a global music, media and fashion company specializing in entertainment management, photography and contemporary lifestyle branding. We are currently located in downtown Miami, Florida and will be expanding offices to New York, Los Angles and broad in 2014. Rid Jetson signed to HDE late 2013


Twenty two year old, Rid Jetson is an American Hip-Hop Artist currently residing in South Florida. At an early age, Jetson picked up his love for music from his parents and found himself easily influenced and inspired by artists such as The Notorious B.I.G, Jadakiss, Nas and Jay-Z. At the age of 11, Rid helped build a rap group consisting of himself and three older cousins named the "Hard Earners". The group had a fast start spreading the word quickly throughout Boston. It wasn't until a short time after the group unfortunately broke up after their manager passed away. Over time Rid's passion for creating music grew even more. By the age of 15, his parents moved the family down to South Florida where he played Varsity basketball for Coral Glades High School. Rid led the team for two years as team captain, and was presented as a Broward County All Star his senior year. Torn between the decision of his love for the game or his passion for music, he then chose not to accept any basketball scholarships, but to pursue his dream of changing the music game and making an impact in the industry. After graduating High School in 2010, Rid sold his car to purchase all of his own equipment and began building a home studio. In July 2011, he then released his first official mix tape "True Freshman". Jetson began to build a small local buzz from Broward to Miami, FL and followed up in 2012 with "Free Life Order V.1". His first video for the lead single "1992" of True Freshman, was later filmed back home in his birthplace of Boston. In 2013, Rid released his third independent solo project "Thank God". With a never ending work ethic his delivery, sly punch lines, flow and metaphors make him a top contender in the music industry. In September 2013 Rid signed to High Dedication Entertainment. HD Entertainment is a global music, fashion, and lifestyle company based out of Miami FL. He recently released his first project with the company "Best of Rid" which is a compilation of top selections from his previous projects as well as new tracks on his upcoming album.


"True Freshman" (2010)
"Free Life Order V.1" (2011)
''Thank God'' (2012)
''Best of Rid" (2013)

Set List

1.All Gold Crowns
2.Really Do This
3.Mind Dreams Kings
4.Keep It Real
5.To The Top
6.Survival Of The Illest
7.Skys The Limit
8.The Treasure Ft. Marcellus Green (Interlude)
9.Tomorrow Ft.Toddrick Hanna
10.1992 Ft.Toddrick Hanna
11.No Sleep In The City
12.Rose Gold Ft. Lindsi Jade
13.No Sleep In The City Ft.Lindsi Jade