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From the depths of loneliness and disappointment comes RID OF ME, a band determined to succeed. Without any thought of fitting into a specific style, RID OF ME uses an array of influences to create their own coherent sound. Michael Mercy is able to take Punk Rock and give it a song writer's touch, much like Elvis Costello and The Clash. Significant lyrics and solid arrangements is just the start. The amount of energy that is produced by the bands rhythm section is profound. When describing Matt Olleys drumming, using the word energetic would be an understatement. Shawn Problems clever Jazz influenced bass lines walk each song to a new level. Gluing everything together is Dave A.A., who can be heard locking in with the snare on 2 and 4 or down strumming like Johnny Ramone. For the past year RID OF ME has been very busy. They are constantly performing at premier clubs in New York City such as, CBGB, Arlene's Grocery, and the Continental. Recently the band opened for Rock N Roll hall of famer Marky Ramone. Their music has been featured on the Somewhere Between Motocross DVD along side bands like Brand New, Head Automatica and the Bouncing Souls. College radio air play, touring and the internet have helped the band attract a large number of fans. Over 2,700 of which can be found at www.myspace.com/ridofme. RID OF ME will continue to push forward and gain as many new fans as possible. This shouldn't be too difficult. What RID OF ME has to offer is extremely hard to ignore.



Written By: Michael Mercy

I wasn't done with you I was growing now I'm stunted My chance was cut
too short the time I waited is now in vain I see an empty space every
time I turn my head These little yellow pills fill it one day but not
the next

Cut my heart out I dont want it there's too much pain it's pumping in
Come to terms with my own failure I 'll blame the world before I blame myself

There's nothing left for me

And I'm not sane enough to turn my head and walk away I need to dwell
on you make sure I'm lonely and miserable

Come back watcha waiting there's something here for everyone I'd never
lie to you I swear I am good enough Uneasy I can fix that we dont
work I'm not concerned with that I just want things to be the way they

Take It To The Grave

Written By: Michael Mercy

I know your filthy secret Wash your hands but these stains just won't go
I know you try to keep them from your thoughts and unknown to the world
So tell or dont tell nothings gonna change at all

Lips are sealed, your secret, I'll keep it
Unrevealed, your secret, I'll keep it
Take It To The Grave

It's our bond-and I will never tell
that I know

Your insides burn with hatred, towards yourself you've done this on your own
You are a saint in my eyes, nothing you can do is ever gonna change my mind
So tell or dont tell everythings gonna be fine


Written By: Michael Mercy

Do you have enough pressure?

Take a look around at where you ended up I bet your right at the edge
I bet you just about had enough. Dont you dare look back with those
jaded eyes. Dont you dare come back unless your willing to compromise

how do you live
with all eyes on you

Take a look around at what youve become. Dont you dare look back with
those bloodshot eyes. Don't you dare come back unless your bringing
me something alive.

Run away to somewhere new All the world relys on you

Set List

Out Of My Skull
Take It To The Grave
Life Through The Lens
Lazy And Tired
Kill It Off
Walk Away
Bad Blood