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The best kept secret in music


" Andy Smith Pop Culture Press, spring/summer 2005"

Seattle's Riffbrokers play a gritty, hard-hearted brand of roots-rock that harkens back to some of the great late 80s, early 90s bands who pre-date the often forced twang of the alt-country movement. The most apt comparison seems to be the Silos, especially when listening to Nick Millward's vocals. The opening "The Horse on Your Shoulder Patch" is the standout, but the whole thing seethes passion and soul in its biting guitars and straightforward rhythms. I bet they sound especially great in a bar setting after a few beers.

Andy Smith
Pop Culture Press, spring/summer 2005 - Andy Smith


Fix It If You Hate It - The Riffbrokers
Unsmashable, 2004
Originally published March 3, 2005

Roots-y rock that takes elements of Social Distortion and the Jayhawks and mashes them together with the likes of the Del-Lords and Del Fuegos and others in a refreshing and thoughtful mix that gives you plenty of hope for the future of rock 'n' roll. ...

- Jedd Beaudoin

"Amplifier Magazine"

The Riffbrokers
Fix It If You Hate It
.... Akin to the darker sides of Elvis Costello,Lucinda Williams, Paul Westerberg
and vintage John Mellancamp, the Riffbrokers make feeling bad sound good...and then some.

- Tom Semioli


Fix it if you hate it
With a name like the Riffbrokers, you can pretty much guess that you're gonna get a song-oriented band. And you'd be right, as the Seattle combo specializes in catchy, guitar-fueled tunes that perfectly straddle the worlds of American roots rock and Beatlesque power pop. .. - Michael Toland

"Tablet Magazine"

On their just released second album, the Riffbrokers seem to hit a perfect mix of indie rock, power pop and roots rock. Their sound is almost like the Smithereens and Elvis Costello meets alt country. And like my favorite pair of Levi's, their music feels worn in and comfortable, yet still remains tough and rough around the edges. "Fix It If You Hate It" is packed full of catchy, yet twangy melodic rock.

- Dan Halligan

"Miles Of Music"

The Riffbrokers deal in big, crunchy, twang-tinged rock that borrows from both classic and post-punk rock idioms. Led by the gruff voiced Nick Millward, this Seattle based band fly their sound like an unwieldy kite fighting a strong wind - holding on just enough despite the constant threat of snapping. That element adds an edge of excitement to this sonically charged recording produced by Seattle scenester Johnny Sangster, who in addition adds plenty of guitar and some keys. Tom Semioli of Amplifier details the record saying, "Millward spins torrid tales of a real-life gunshot wound ("Accident"), his grandfather's WWII experiences ("I.E.D."), themes of addiction and recovery ("Break", "High"), and lonely pathos ("Death Of The 80s Arcades") with the world-weary delivery of one who's been there and back." Fix It If You Hate It offers smart-roots rock that attempts to rehabilitate the spirit and succeeds without pretense. ---1/6/05

"Kenora Daily Miner and News"

I’m predicting another massive music explosion coming out of the Seattle area with the Riffbrokers at the forefront. If Mike Ness decided to continue exploring his country/rootsier side over a few beers with Elvis Costello and Fred Eaglesmith, the result might sound like the Riffbrokers. There are plenty of big slightly distorted guitars and keen lyrical turns of phrases. While some of the song structures are a little left of mainstream, it’s all good. Accident stands out, IED smokes with punk fury, Wyoming Boy is touching, Unbearable Afternoon rocks and Break should be a number one hit if there was justice on the airwaves. Catch the Riffbrokers before everyone else does. - Richard Amery

"Severe Magazine Interview"

The Riffbrokers
Answered by: Nick Millward
Hometown: Seattle, Washington
Members: Nick Millward - vocals/guitars; Heather Burnett – base; Dustin Miller - drums; Ryan Maxwell - guitar
Latest Release: “Fix It If You Hate It”
Date of Release: October 30, 2004

Severe: If we wanted to offload an engagement ring or cash a check, could The Riffbrokers take care of that for us?
Millward: Our Nigerian home office in Lagos can handle that for you, yes.

Severe: For those that don’t know you, what is the best way to describe your sound?
Millward: We sound like an early 80s band from the Midwest that grew up listening to the British Invasion and formed a band in reaction to the sucky shit on the radio.

Severe: The band started out in Idaho. Give it to us straight - - there isn’t much to do there, right?
Millward: There is a lot of drinking yet to be done there - - drinking and slacking. There needs to be a global effort to help. There are plenty of mountains and sagebrush to admire, pristine wilderness to view and souvenir postcards to buy with enormous potatoes pictured in impossible situations.

Severe: You’re now based out of Seattle, a city that became synonymous with music in the early 90s. In your opinion, how did that overexposure of the city affect the music scene there - - if at all?
Millward: Well I guess it affected bands in different ways. What we're left with is a handful of world-class venues, great recording studios, and veterans of the era with helpful (if jaded) advice. My personal opinion is that this is a wonderful place to live, but you got to think outside of it and get your ass on the road! You have to be focused on your thing too and not get caught up in the flavor of the month scene.

Severe: The band is co-ed, which made us wonder who rocks harder - - men or women?
Millward: It’s a pity we have to still ponder such things. I don’t blame you for asking. Our Heather is branching out with her own band (The Buildup) and showcasing her own songs, which are going to give me a run for my money. I think it has more to do with a fire in the belly than genitalia.

Severe: What’s more important to you - - studio work or live performance?
Millward: Great question! They are both essential elements to master in order to conquer the world. I would say live performance is more challenging for me to make unforgettable and electric. We are fortunate to have Johnny Sangster as our producer, which makes recording a most rewarding task. You only have one chance in a live show to lay it on thick with the right swagger and attack. That’s where the gut-check is.

Severe: There is subtleness to the album artwork that you chose for Fix It If You Hate It. What inspired you to go with a cover image like that?
Millward: We have a wonderful pro photographer for a friend in Winnie Westergard. We had her come to a show and shoot a couple rolls of film, which were awesome. I chose some of her quirkier shots of random objects and scenes from the club because they worked great for layering the printed lyrics on. They don’t distract, yet they are truly interesting and beautiful images.

Severe: There is a song on the album called “Death of the 80’s Arcades.” If The Riffbrokers one day got their own pinball machine, what would it look like and how would a player score points?
Millward: The bumpers would be the members' fragile feelings and you would score by not hurting them. Encouraging their ideas and helping them with home improvement projects would get you bonus points.

Severe: What has been the biggest accomplishment for the band thus far?
Millward: Playing live on KEXP, our local and worldwide, kick-ass radio station and touring across the US without killing each other.

Severe: Here’s your chance to sell yourselves: Why should people buy Fix It If
You Hate It?
Millward: Because they can clean their house to it without skipping songs. It's catchy and also has a complete mood that changes appropriately throughout the listen. And - - because its fairly cheap and has pretty pictures





Feeling a bit camera shy


The Midwest gave birth to Bob Dylan, John Prine, Paul Westerberg, and Jeff Tweedy. England gave birth to the Beatles , Kinks, and Elvis Costello. Southern California begat the Byrds, Buffalo Springfield, and Social Distortion. Nick Millward was born in Pocatello, Idaho far from any cultural scene to compare with these touchstones that inform his songwriting. The Seattle based Riffbrokers, fronted by Millward, are a twang tinged power pop combo that appeal to the consort that read No Depression but still love The Jam. They have three full length cds released on their own label Unsmashable Records that have achieved critical, but not yet commercial success. Since 1999, when formed by Nick and Heather in Boise Idaho, they have toured the West extensively as well as a coast to coast trip in 2002.