the Riffbrokers

the Riffbrokers


The Riffbrokers are Jayhawks meet Social Distortion, or early Wilco fronted by young Elvis Costello, Roots rock power pop informed by the British Invasion and the Midwest sound.


The Midwest gave birth to Bob Dylan, John Prine, Paul Westerberg, and Jeff Tweedy. England gave birth to the Beatles , Kinks, and Elvis Costello. Southern California begat the Byrds, Buffalo Springfield, and Social Distortion. Nick Millward was born in Pocatello, Idaho far from any cultural scene to compare with these touchstones that inform his songwriting. The Seattle based Riffbrokers, fronted by Millward, are a twang tinged power pop combo that appeal to the consort that read No Depression but still love The Jam. They have three full length cds released on their own label Unsmashable Records that have achieved critical, but not yet commercial success. Since 1999, when formed by Nick and Heather in Boise Idaho, they have toured the West extensively as well as a coast to coast trip in 2002.


horse on your shoulder patch

Written By: millward

im always from somewhere else
and lately my past dont match
the horse on your shoulder patch
im still the same old kid
that left all those feelings alone
when half the world revolved around me
now the other half dont

all those harmless lies i told myself
have now come back to haunt me somewhere else

i sat on my favorite stool
she fell right into my lap
singing her siren song
we talked about how long
i left all those offers alone
when half the birds that flew around me...
where have the other half flown?

an aching man tires so easily
and desire decides what his disease will be
when your ship is sinking on the sea of memory
there's only timepieces glowing in the dark.

i stayed in my bed til noon
to get the rest to help you move
the strength has left my words
the empty handed cure
is to leave those belongings alone
when half the worlds' already longing
to get the other half home.

no mending

Written By: millward

Youre running out of luck and happy endings
So many fences need mending
A stiff upper lip is what youre not equipped with
your reparations are pending
ch: No mending no mending
My ears aren’t for bending
No mending no mending
My hands not for lending
The world is sharp and pointy, it hardy nutures
The tonic you sought out will hurt you
A comfortable present and a messy future
The crowd youre in names it virtue
rpt chorus
oh its such a strange time boy
getting harder to jumpstart your joy
you never lost when it counted
who bailed you out when the troubles mounted?
youre preceded by words defeating
those around you well meaning
the days of your youth are now fast fleeting
chase your sense of well being
rpt chorus


Written By: millward

a shot rang out in a motel room
an otherwise quiet June afternoon
how many times have you heard it wasnt loaded
then looked surprised when the nine exploded
one by one they passed around the gun
sayin' please tell the cops that you were the one
covered their ass, I didnt know it then
I'd never see those cowards faces again
accident it was an accident, it barely missed my spine
accident it was an accident, went thru my intestine
the medics arrived and i curled up and died
at least I hoped to for the pain to subside
they cut off my clothes took me for a ride
my only view was the ceilings and sky
although i cried i was out of luck
they dont give ya morphine before they cut you up
its only in the movies where the hero's tough
and grinning like he doesnt even need the stuff.
sometimes you hear stories from some war
where the wounded lay dying on some foreign shore
they cry out for their mamas
and I know what for, I know what for.

unbearable afternoon

Written By: millward

unbearable afternoon
here comes the smell of the barbecue
and there's a solar storm
that throws her off this connected orb
and there's no need to pack
souvenirs from the culdesac
and no one needs to know
that she ever called this place home

if there's a way off this lake
not just once, just forever
far past these walls of candle-faded posters
all her friends have moved away
to the dirty street's boquet
cigarettes and cabernet await her new life

no ones feelings matter
and no one she knows is on TV
if its not in the paper, its not going down this week
the kids shoot hoop in the driveway
the laundry dries out on the line
the lawnmowers drone in the distance
the longest day wont make up its mind

chorus +
...where the dirty rock bands play
did she hear her mama say, she'll just waste her life away etc.



Set List

set can be adjusted from 30 min. to over 60min.

1. unbearable-
2. apology
3. accident
4. told you to go-
5. roy orbison-
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8. eighty sixed-
9. nuisance-
10. shoulder patch-
11. fix it if you hate it-
12. hatcheted
13. Wyoming boy-
14. high-MT
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17. IED
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