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"Review - The Aquarian"

"Don't be fooled by Jeff Hornlien & The Riffsurfers' moniker, they're lightyears away from Surf music and let you know it in a heartbeat...we dug angst-throbbing ode 'Feel Bad For You,' about being co-dependent, compulsuve and 'Waiting For Your Call,' with its manic, alterna-metal texture, snaky guitars and a dark lyrical zaniness..." - The Aquarian vol. 2-223

"Cover Article - The Rag"

"The Riffsurfers allows Hornlien to showcase his guitar playing as well as being the frontman. It seems only a matter of time before this unit starts becoming a major force on the local scene... Hornlien's boyish good looks caught the attention of the female patrons, while the rest of the crowd felt his blistering guitar work. 'Restless Heart' was an obvious standout cut." - The Rag


Promo CD

It's Like That
Think Positive
Out From Under




Jeff Hornlien

As the sole guitarist, songwriter, lead vocalist, and mad scientist of the Riffsurfers, Jeff Hornlien uses his natural gifts to shape the fine rock music that has become the band’s trademark. What you hear from the band is a direct result of Jeff’s life experience and artistic accomplishment.

Born and raised on the Jersey Shore, Jeff spent his formative years as a lead guitarist, playing in some of the hottest bands in New Jersey. Following some modest success in several bands, Jeff finally decided to do his own thing and pursue a solo career. His catalogue of original tunes now numbers about 70. Jeff still spends long hours in practice, honing and shaping his skills and nurturing his love of electric rock guitar.

Jeff Hornlien has played at Crash Mansion, The Bitter End, The Hook, The Stone Pony, The Saint, Krome, The Lion’s Den, Meow Mix, CBGB’s, The Limelight, The Birch Hill, The Brighton Bar, among many venues. He has played with Slaughter and Jason Bonham

Jeff Hornlien is influenced by: Lenny Kravitz, Santana, Steve Vai, Joe Satriani, Dave Matthews Band, Paul Stanley, Jimi Hendrix, Dream Theater, Bon Jovi, and Jeff Buckley.

Jeff has achieved local air play on 95.5 The Rat and 106.3 WMCX-FM. Jeff’s TV credits include appearances on the Local Band Spotlight, created and hosted by Mike Gamache on Comcast Cable TV.


Jimmy Diamonde

Born to the bass under the Gemini sun sign with Capricorn rising and Moon over Miami, Jimmy Diamonde has played bass in rock, blues, and jazz bands on both coasts of North America since the 1970s. He plays 5-string, 4-string, acoustic bass guitar, and a wild blue floor fiddle. He attended Berklee College of Music and has taught privately, as well as at Rutgers University and Brookdale Community College.

Jimmy is most heavily influenced by Jaco Pastorius, Jack Bruce, Mel Schacher, Tim Bogert, James Jamerson, Chuck Rainey, and composers George Gershwin, Bix Beiderbecke, Lalo Schifrin, and Ennio Morricone.

In 2002, Jimmy came across Jeff Hornlien in the fertile Jersey Shore music community, and it was a turning point in his career. The RiffSurfers provide the perfect setting for his creativity, and their music allows him to use everything he's learned up to this point. He tells anyone who will listen that this is the best, most interesting music he's ever played, and that he's never been happier in any other band with other musicians. Jimmy Diamonde calls Jeff, Jenna, and John his "family" and says they are saving his life with music and most valued friendship.


Jenna D’Onofrio

Jenna D’Onofrio is a working musician and music educator with a career that began upon graduating from Rutgers University in 2001. Jenna has played previously with Play On Words, Trial Run, and Groove Absolute. Jenna is also still playing music with her friend Charlie from Dead Emotion.

Jenna is heavily influenced by Elton John, Herbie Hancock, Johann Sebestian Bach, Ludwig van Beethoven, and Frederick Chopin.

Other Musicians that have influenced her are:
Stevie Wonder, Dream Theater, Liquid Tension Experiment, Thelonius Monk, The Mighty Lemon Drops, John Coltrane, Miles Davis, Dave Brubeck, Nirvana, Iron Butterfly, Medeski Martin &Wood, Chick Corea, Trans Siberian Orchestra.

Jenna would like to add that she feels that she has found her home with the Riffsurfers and is excited to watch this project grow and be a part of it!


John Kraemer

John Kraemer has had a life-long interest in percussion and began playing at age 12 after discovering Kiss and listening to Kiss Alive.

John played in a couple high school bands, but nothing serious. Upon entering college in 1995, he became the founding drummer for the metal band Minotar, which recorded two full-length CDs in 2000 and 2002 with Glenn Evans (formerly of the New Jersey speed metal band Nuclear Assault). Minotar played many shows in the tri-state area and opened for Six Feet Under in North Jersey in 2004.

After serving in the National Guard 2004-2006, and with Minotar 's schedule winding down, he auditioned for Blue Man Group in early 2007, where he was one of ten finalists for the new show opening in Universal Studios, Orlando FL. He didn't get the gig with Blue Man, which turned out to be a very lucky break for The RiffSurfers.

John was able to learn the RiffSurfers catalog in record time while maintaining the hectic recording and performing schedule, making him invaluable as the newest member of the band.

John has just recently returned from Iraq where he served in the Army National Guard for a year in support of detainee operations.

Some of John's influences are:

Bands: Kiss (of course), Rush