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Party. Just Party. Dirty Party. LP (2009)

Anybody Out There EP (2010)

Deadbeats LP (2012)



Punk Rock. There's something to be said about keeping it simple, and in a musical landscape of fleeting trends and bad wardrobes Rifkin has managed to keep everything as straightforward as possible.

Formed in 2008 by Dave Dedrick (Vocals & Guitar) and Derek Winter (Guitar), later adding longtime friends Tyler Vieira (Bass) and Brent Wirth (Drums), Rifkin has always been looking to capture their love of the genre by playing simple, meaningful punk rock songs for anyone willing to listen.

Along the way Rifkin has shared the stage with Gob, The Flatliners, Attack In Black, Hostage Life, Living With Lions, Sights and Sounds, Cobra Skulls, Broadway Calls, The Artist Life and The Aggrolites to name a few, even having a short stint on 2009's Warped Tour.

Steadily building a name for themselves while releasing several independent albums, playing shows, touring Canada, and never losing sight as to what they set out to accomplish, Rifkin has shown no sign of slowing down.

Rifkin's new full length album, "Deadbeats" marks the return of the band after a semi-hiatus for most of 2011. Rifkin is back with their latest release and dead set on proving punk rock still has a place in the Canadian music scene.