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Sparta Township, New Jersey, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2012 | SELF

Sparta Township, New Jersey, United States | SELF
Established on Jan, 2012
Band Alternative Indie




"Rigbi - Daytrotter Session - Mar. 13, 2015"

PREMIERE || The grooves are strong in this new session from Rigbi. The New Jersey outfit are getting you ready for summer nights. - Daytrotter

"Top DIY Songs & Albums of 2014, Vol. VI – Rigbi"

Rigbi – Visionary EP

The band members that make up the Sparta, New Jersey DIY band Rigbi got together in 2011 to create indie pop songs with Afro-pop flourishes, similar to Vampire Weekend, hip-shaking beats like the band, Cults, and sheer pop melodies like Local Natives with Weezer-like guitar licks thrown in on songs like “It’s Elementary” and “Take The Blame” from the band’s February 2014 sophomore EP, Visionary – perhaps of the underrated debuts of the year.

Rigbi didn’t really get off the ground until members Jon Irizarry, Randy Sabo, and Brian Cornish came together for open studio sessions and then added musician Pat Maloney’s glockenspiel to create a full band.

Rigbi count Fleet Foxes, White Rabbit, and Tuneyards among their biggest musical influences, which is evident in folky pop songs like “Leaving Home,” that starts out with an emotive, even melancholy, feel that tugs at the heart strings and laments about friends and family who eventually move away from one another as kids, now young adults, leave home. But as the song progresses, it picks up and flourishes, with crashing cymbals, high-pitched viola strings, thunderous drums, and these encouraging words:

So get up, get up,
Get on your feet
Don’t look down. Don’t look down.
Cause you still believe
Let the wind push back
And let the gravity release you

And thus, the song closes with a slightly more optimistic tone – via the soft, twinkling notes of a xylophone. - Indie Rock Cafe

"Stanhope House rocks with holiday cheer"

STANHOPE — Nothing spells holiday cheer like M-U-S-I-C. And on the eve of Christmas Eve the Stanhope House was bursting at the seams with it for the “Holiday Cheer with Delicate Steve & Friends” show.

It was an eclectic jamboree. Funk, rock, indie, psychedelic and experimental music filled the air of “the last great American roadhouse.”

Starting the night was Sparta-based band Rigbi. What's refreshing about the band is when playing live they sound exactly, if not better than they do on their EP “Visionary,” which was released back in February. No glossed over production, which is refreshing in an age when a number of artists/bands don't live up to their recordings. Listening to their music is like floating on the river, with guitarist and vocalist Jon Irizarry acting as your guide. By the end of the band's set, people at the venue were congregating on the dance floor. - New Jersey Herald

"Band of the Week: Rigbi dates back to kindergarten"

SPARTA — In Rigbi's Sparta-based studio, the band stood in a flood of purple and yellow stage lights. Amid guitar reverb and pulsing drums, Jon Irizarry's voice broke in. “Build a wall just to knock it down, and make a home from the rocks you found,” he sang.

Released in February 2014, Rigbi's album “Visionary” is a melodic adventure that comes full circle. And the band will be bringing their songs to the stage when they perform at the Historic Blairstown Theater with Francie Moon and Davenport Cabinet on Saturday, Nov. 29.

“We've been playing music together for years, not particularly as Rigbi,” said Irizarry, the band's vocalist and guitarist. “We actually know each other from kindergarten.”

It was about three years ago when the band — which includes Brian Cornish (drums), Pat Maloney (keys, percussion and glockenspiel) and Randy Sabo (bass) — came together under the Rigbi moniker, which was partially inspired by the cartoon character Rigby from Cartoon Network's “The Regular Show.”

“It's simple and I think it catches on easily,” said Maloney of the name.

Influenced by an amalgam of genres, the band members find inspiration in artists such as Radiohead, Jenny Lewis, alt-J, Modest Mouse and Pink Floyd, among others. Irizarry learned how to play guitar by listening to Red Hot Chili Peppers' album “Blood Sugar Sex Magik.”

“We write totally as a group,” Irizarry said. “Someone has like a hint of an idea and we get together and it just fleshes out.”

“We don't normally start of with the full idea,” noted Sabo, who said songs and albums organically take form during the writing process.

Like a sport's team, the band records practices and afterwards listens to the tape, making changes and improvements where deemed necessary. “Obviously, we're our biggest critic,” said Sabo.

The gentle riffs and magnetic keys of “Visionary” subdue the listener into the ride. Live, the band embodies the energy heard on the album.

“The overall theme of the EP I feel is taking chances,” Irizarry said.

“I feel it's important to have the ups and downs of an album, and try to tell a little bit of a story,” said Sabo. - New Jersey Herald

"The Lorde Cover You Need To See!"

Say hi to your new friends from New Jersey, Rigbi! When they’re not making their own music, they team up with friends to make colorful cover videos! They just released this radical version of Lorde’s “A World Alone”. Check it!

Back in June, The Head and The Heart shared a Community Post that featured Rigbi’s cover of their song “Let’s Be Still”. - Buzzfeed

"[TMN Video Premiere] Rigbi ft Miranda Sloane – A World Alone (Lorde Cover)"

Well this is just a lovely little spin on Lorde’s ‘A World Alone’.
Today we have the pleasure of premiering the video for this wonderful single produced by the fabulous gentlemen of Rigbi with the vocals of the highly talented Miranda Sloane. Taking the popular song and putting their own spin on it, Rigbi keeps the melody light while the deep, seductive, and even haunting vocals of Sloane give the song a bit of a grown up twist.

On the song the band explained: “The song was recorded in our own studio. Brian implemented a mix of electronic and acoustic drums into his kit which adds a unique flare to the song along with Pat’s auxiliary percussion. Our approach was to keep the structure of the original song by Lorde (which we love) the same and just add a level of intensity.
It was a great experience using different layering of instruments. The original doesn’t really have a bass line other than the keyboard on the low end so this left room for Randy to write his own bass part within the song”.

Combining the band’s instrumental genius with Sloane’s tantalizing vocals makes for an addicting pop/rock sound that caters to the listeners of all ages. Make sure to turn the volume on this video to a nice high level and get carried away. - The Music Ninja

"Rigbi Comes to Rockwood Music Hall, 7/20"

Rigbi is coming to the Rockwood Music Hall Stage 1 in New York on July 20.

"I would love to experience Rigbi in a live setting as I could imagine the energy that comes out during their set." -Ear To The Ground

Whether it's Rigbi's shifts in up-beat kicks to melodic, gentle rhythms or the impeccable attention to instrumental detail, there is a unique and wonderful aire to their music that has already caught the attention of music critics from the U.S. to across the pond.

Listen to the first single "It's Elementary" on Soundcloud.

There is something magnetic, vulnerable, dangerous, and electric about Rigbi. Growing up in a small rural town in New Jersey, Rigbi has spent years fine tuning the recording and writing process. Exploring different mindsets and environments within thier music from the beautiful landscapes of Northern, NJ - specifically Sparta.

Rigbi features longtime friends Jon Irizarry on lead guitar and vocals and Randy Sabo on bass and Brian Cornish on drums and Pat Maloney playing the keys, percussion, and glockenspiel. The group's 2014 release, Visionary, garnered praise from tastemakers including Ear The The Ground, Americana UK and IndieLondon among others.

After several experiences with other bands and individual efforts, Jon, Randy and Brian came together for open studio sessions in early 2011. They quickly found a rhythm and gelled musically; however, lacking a name and a little glockenspiel (don't we all?) they added Pat Maloney to the group. Listening to Rigbi is a unique experience- upbeat, thought-provoking and fun. (imagine Keane and Vampire Weekend had a son and played Weezer tunes to him during his formative years). They will get you moving and smiling, like you've put on a red track suit, jumped into a Wes Anderson film and joined the Bombardment Society. - Broadway World

"You Need To See This Cover Of The Head And The Heart"

Two artists from New Jersey, Rigbi and Francie Moon, team up to play “Let’s Be Still” by The Head and The Heart and it is AWESOME!

Sub Pop Records even dug their version on Twitter! - Buzzfeed

"LIKEWISE: Episode 30 - Rigbi"

Straight from the Garden State, Rigbi showcases a sound all their own. From the melodic to the ambient. Tune in as Matt sits down with vocalist Jon Irizarry at a diner in New Jersey, as they talk band dynamics, energy and longevity.

Listen at: http://traffic.libsyn.com/likewise/rigbi.mp3 - Likewise Podcast

"CD Reviews: Rigbi - "Visionary""

8 out of 10. An indie sweetmeat.

This seven track EP by the New Jersey quartet is reminiscent of early Snow Patrol and Keane. Short and sweet. A little 80’s but that is not always a bad thing. It is sharp and refined with touches of spiky guitar and a little synth. They have played together for over a decade but became official in 2011. The title track, “Visionary”, has touches of twangy guitar and a dream-like quality. Melodic and with a gentle rhythm, it is a haunting instrumental, but far too short at just over a minute, which is a shame as it promised to be so much more.

“It’s Elementary” has a striking guitar riff and a solid drum beat. It is evocative of Snow Patrol, with similar vocals and harmonies. A decent track. “Hostage” is a slower, more restrained number. A touch of Durutti Column guitar, it is more subtle. “Take the Blame” has some delicate touches, rhythmic and jaunty. The final complete track is “Leaving Home”, a bitter sweet number, slower, tinged with sadness and a touch of melancholia. Again, there are the soft strains of early Gary Lightbody. This definitely grows on you after several listening and if your leaning is towards the sweeter end of indie with some hidden balls, then this is well worth a listen. - americanaUK

"Rigbi - Visionary (Review)"

Coolly simmering electronic pop-rock that manages to sound utterly modern and captivating without a single faint hit of smug irony or arch calculated cynicism, this North New Jersey quartet serve up plenty to relish on their latest album. These guys sure know their collective stuff when it comes to wrapping the songs around a wonderful warm blanket of lush arrangements and sweet sparkling melodies. The chipper vocals convey a winning sense of infectious upbeat joy while the songwriting stays on the right side of happy and carefree (i.e., positive without getting silly giddy or cutesy cloying about it). A total delight. - Jersey Beat


On February 18, New Jersey’s Rigbi will release the Visionary EP. Says singer/guitarist Jon Irizarry of the record, “Patience was a big theme in the writing process. After releasing the first album, we were very anxious to get something new down and get it out to everyone. As the songs began forming we realized that if we wanted to do this the right way, we would have to slow down and take our time.” We asked Irizarry and bandmates Randy Sabo, Brian Cornish and Pat Maloney to make us a mix tape. Check it out below.

Rilo Kiley “American Wife”
Irizarry: Jenny Lewis has always been a personal hero of mine when it comes to songwriting. Her lyrics bleed sincerity, and she pours her heart out into every song. “American Wife,” which was originally a b-side from the band’s More Adventurous album, is a perfect example of her and the band’s ability to capture and express mood. Their songs just take you there. The recording of this song blows me away with the different parts that appear and disappear. From taunting children to a faint whistle, the instruments take you on an emotional trip. It is the essence of subtlety, beautifully executed. I think I would go so far as to say that they are my favorite band. To me, Jenny Lewis is this generation’s Bob Dylan.

White Rabbits “Heavy Metal“
Irizarry: Don’t let the title of this song fool you. White Rabbits are not a metal band. I accidentally got into this group during my tenure of working at my school’s radio station. I was immediately drawn in by their raw energy. They have a knack for coming up with simple, yet quirky melodies amped up by their two drummers. “Heavy Metal” has one hell of a groove to it. I challenge anyone to listen to this song and not bob their head!

Steely Dan “Only A Fool Would Say That“
Sabo: I really could have picked anything from Steely Dan and would have been happy with my choice. This duo is the pinnacle of perfectionism to me, representing years of toiling around with the same song until everything is just right. You only want people to hear the best that you can offer because you can never go back to change it after it’s out. “Only A Fool Would Say That” speaks to me for it’s sweet simplicity.

Ratatat “Wildcat“
Sabo: Another duo who have inspired me in a few ways. Their choice to play vocal-less groovy electronica beats is one of the boldest things I’ve heard. Occasionally, instrumental bands can be on the boring side, but not with Ratatat. Every song of theirs represents pure creativity and hooks around every corner. I chose “Wildcat” because it shows how far timbre and mood can go.

Dave Matthews Band “The Stone“
Cornish: The Dave Matthews Band has always been one of my favorite groups. I find their music to be very inspiring and thought-provoking, with the intricacies of the music and lyrics. The band obviously draws influence from jazz music. Although it may take some time to “warm-up” to the Dave Matthews Band, the more you listen, the more hooked you will become to their music. “The Stone” is an amazing composition and worth taking a listen or two.

Ellie Goulding “Figure 8“
Cornish: I have recently been hooked on Ellie Goulding and all of her music. Her range and vocal ability blows my mind. She has such a unique way of singing, something I’ve never heard before. Ellie’s music is a combination of pop and hip-hop music with an indie twist. I find myself watching her live performance at Troubadour, Los Angeles, 2012 on YouTube over and over again because her music is so catchy. This live version of “Figure 8” is taken from that concert. It is definitely worth listening to that entire concert!

Caveman “A Country’s King Of Dreams“
Maloney: I came across Caveman in early 2012. Their sound is a mix of tribal beats and mesmerizing melodies unlike anything I’ve heard before. I chose the song “A Country’s King Of Dreams” because it is simple and charming in nature. Caveman craft their songs very well, and they challenge me to think in different ways during my own internal songwriting process. This band is a necessity for any playlist; whether you’re on a long road trip or enjoying a nice Sunday afternoon respite on your front porch, stoop or lawn.

The Virgins “Prima Materia“
Maloney: I had the chance to see the Virgins live in early 2013. They’ve since disbanded, but their song “Prima Materia” will make you want to dance. They have a clever sound–similar to that of a synergy of Dire Straits and the Talking Heads. Their upbeat mentality has a large effect on how I play. - Magnet Magazine

"Premiere: Rigbi - "Take The Blame""

A theme of love in the alternative pop quartet from New Jersey, ["Take The Blame"] elegantly demonstrates its good performance. - Planeta Pop

"Podcast Interview"

"We are all lifelong friends who have learned music together and have developed an extremely strong chemistry." - Jon Irizarry - Fearless Radio


On February 18, New Jersey’s Rigbi will release the Visionary EP. Says singer/guitarist Jon Irizarry of the record, “Patience was a big theme in the writing process. After releasing the first album, we were very anxious to get something new down and get it out to everyone. As the songs began forming we realized that if we wanted to do this the right way, we would have to slow down and take our time.” - Magnet Magazine

"Premiere: Rigbi- ‘Leaving Home’"

New Jersey indie outfit, Rigbi, was only formed in 2011, despite years of musical discovery and camaraderie between friends. Their sound has a sharp and up-beat kick that delivers a fun amount of energy without being overwhelmingly poppy, while also digging into real topics of everyday life. After releasing their self-tilted debut record in 2012, Rigbi, are looking forward to releasing their next full length, Visionary, next month.

Off of their forthcoming record, we’re pleased to premiere single, ‘Leaving Home.’ A spacious track, ‘Leaving Home,’ touches on topics unfamiliarity to things that were once a routine part of your life. As the title of the track infers, the idea of leaving home after you’ve grown up becomes strange and almost foreign as we’ve grown apart from the people we once were, the people we used to know, and the places we used to go. So in the core, it’s a pretty heavy track, but the exterior shell provides a much appreciated buffer, as the use of vocal harmonies, strings, and glockenspiel provide for a rich and well rounded warmth. Beautifully made track with wonder lyrical craft, enjoy! - Indie, Bikes, & Beer

"Five For Free #255"

If we shift up the US east coast a little we come to New Jersey's Rigbi who are gearing up for the release of their album 'Visionary' on February 18th. 'Leaving Home' is a twinkly and soft alt-rock track with rich harmonies and is written about growing up and places and people changing. They capture the mood pretty perfectly with the swelling strings and chimes here. - The Sound Of Confusion (UK)

"Quick Strike: Rigbi – Leaving Home"

Hailing from the northern part of New Jersey, the members of Rigbi are no strangers to the New Jersey music scene. They officially came together under the name Rigbi in 2011, but have counted themselves members of and played together in several different bands over the past decade. Meanwhile, frontman Jon Irizarry has also helmed his own small recording studio (Landbridge Records) for the past several years. Their debut self-titled LP was released in 2012, and now the group is posturing themselves to make 2014 a breakout year with the forthcoming release of their latest effort Visionary.

From their forthcoming album, “Leaving Home” is a big step forward for the group. It’s a swirling composite of indie-pop and post rock that pulls out many of the best tricks Irizarry and the rest of the group have acquired over the years. The instrumentation gradually rises around a foundation of vocals and picked electric guitars, adding in the rest of the band alongside string and glockenspiel lines that enhance the rest of the song structures. The deeper into the song you get, as the band intensifies the arrangement by layering more pieces of instrumentation on top of each other, you can’t help but to be drawn further and further into it. There’s a surprising lushness to the tapestry of sound that is not normally reserved for bands and songs of this kind, and makes it hard to listen to this song without developing an emotional investment in it’s progression, it’s lyrics, and it’s passion. In many ways “Leaving Home” is more than just a new song from Rigbi: it’s a poignant proclamation that the band seems destined for bigger things in their future.

Rigbi’s new EP Visionary is set to be released on February 18th. - Striker Bill

"Daily Download... Rigbi - Leaving Home"

We came across Ribgi's stunning track "Leaving Home" today whilst roaming around on soundcloud. Hailing from Sparta (not like in the film 300) in New Jersey this song is certainly an instant hit for everyone that hears it! - It's All Indie

"Hear It Now: Rigbi – Visionary EP"

New Jersey indie rock four-piece Rigbi, Jon Irizarry (vocals, guitar), Pat Maloney (keyboard, percussion, glockenspiel), Randy Sabo (bass), and Brian Cornish (drums), release their EP Visionary next week (February 18th). “Visionary seemed like the perfect title for the record because it was almost as if the record made itself. This album is not about trying to fit a certain style or force it in a certain direction; it’s about seeing something and making it happen,” proclaims the band. Today, Earbuddy is offering up a full stream of the new EP. Take a listen to Visionary and hear just what Rigbi made happen below. - Earbuddy

"Guest Review: Brian McMahon on Rigbi - Visionary - Fun, thought-provoking indie pop"

RIYL: Vampire Weekend, Phoenix, Maps and Atlases, and Passion Pit.

“Rigbi” decided on there name in 2011 but many of them have been writing and loving music together since the late 90s. That shows itself by some of the influence you hear in the record, influences like The Police, and U2, to just name a couple. 2011 was a good year for the guys of Rigbi as they added the last piece of the puzzle in the form of Mr. Pat Maloney who plays the keyboard, percussion, and the glockenspiel. Add him to an already well rounded group of musicians in Jon Izzarry on guitar, and vocals , Randy Sabo on Bass, and Brian Corrnish on drums, and you get the makings of “Rigbi”. Visionary, Rigbi’s exciting and enjoyable freshman release, provides hope for many more great albums to come.

Visionary is very fun and thought provoking. They must have spent plenty of time constructing the musicianship to the record as its about flawless in what I believe they were trying to achieve. With that said 3 of the 7 songs on this record are short instrumentals, but that’s just how Rigbi rolls. One of the things that comes through in the record is the fact that its music made from 4 dudes that want to jam out and play music that they love to play and listen to. I would love to experience Rigbi in a live setting as I could imagine the energy that comes out during their set. - Ear To The Ground

"Rigbi - Visionary (EP Review) 4 out of 5"

THE PR for New Jersey’s Rigbi proudly declares that their Visionary EP comes recommended if you like bands such as Death Cab For Cutie and Fleet Foxes. Having heard the seven tracks contained within, we’d have to agree.

Their songs are intricately layered musings on life around their home city that flit engagingly between straight-forward indie pop and more shoe-gaze dream pop a la Cutie.

After a very brief intro, the EP unleashes the foot-stomping It’s Elementary as its first song proper… a kick-ass drum-beat accompanying lush guitar riffs and a striking, almost post-punk hook that darts in and out. Jon Irizarry’s emphatic vocals enable the track to soar and fit in perfectly with the robust sound.

Perhaps even better, though, is Hostage, which employs a slinkier beat and an intricate, even flirtatious guitar sound that’s instantly striking. You could almost call it a Vampire Weekend moment instrumentally, although Irizarry’s vocals here have a more resolutely indie vibe. It’s moody, seductive and empowering (with lyrics that insist “don’t let ‘em cut you down boy”).

Title track Visionary then offers an instrumental interlude of sorts, clocking in at a little over a minute, and opening with a folksy acoustic guitar solo that gives way to a haunting central riff that’s beguiling.

Take The Blame then follows, tip-toeing into the shoegaze territory we’ve mentioned, as well as a Death Cab For Cutie vibe over the striking chorus (Irizarry’s vocals are particularly impassioned when he asks “what will it take to see you again”), while Leaving Home rounds things off with a bittersweet indie-pop gem to make you swoon (especially in the central guitar loop and engaging glockenspiel beats). There’s a sense of regret and sadness in the lyrics that declare “everybody’s leaving home” and you can well imagine the track finding its way onto some movie soundtrack for a farewell scene.

As a parting shot on this EP, it only makes you look back on Rigbi with even more fondness. - IndieLondon

"Album Review: Rigbi – Visionary"

In the time that I’ve been familiar with his various projects, Rigbi frontman Jon Irizarry has never been the type to settle on writing a basic pop or rock song. His efforts are usually imbued with levels of complexity, marked the growing bag of tricks that he has gleaned through his years in different bands as well the time he’s spent running his own recording studio. The quartet from Sparta, NJ have been in existence since 2011, though Irizarry (guitar), Brian Cornish (drums), Randy Sabo (bass), and Pat Maloney (keyboards, glockenspiel) have counted themselves members of and played together in several different bands over the past decade plus. Their debut LP was a solid demonstration of their promise, though at times there were elements to it that felt a little undercooked and out of control. Visionary represents a sharpened, more refined acuity for the group, and as a result it offers the occasion for the band to be more dialed in and possess a greater sense of cohesion. It’s not so much a continuation of what they accomplished on their previous album, but rather is more representative of a group maturing as musicians and finding the most effective ways to exploit the elements of their craft that they best succeed at.

Of course, when you consider all of this it makes perfect sense for the band to open with the sub-two minute instrumental “Come Up,” a little exploration into electro-pop that is entirely unlike anything else that the band has done to date. From there the band enters more familiar territory, as the pounding refrains of ”Elementary” make it the one song on Visionary that would have also found a comfortable haven somewhere on their 2012 self-titled debut. Intertwining guitar lines take turns leading the melodic structures while rumbling bass lines and crashing percussion push the tempo at a quick-step march. “Hostage” simmers with a seductively subtle, underscored menace that is propelled by dark affections. The instrumentation that they utilize is individually understated when considered on a piece by piece basis, but taken as a whole creates a stunning package that moves in rich, sinuous formations. As with much of the rest of the EP, no individual segment ever overpowers or out-muscles another, substantiating the balance and chemistry that is ingrained in the band’s efforts.

“Hostage” perhaps more so than any other song that populates Visionary best represents what Rigbi is capable of, both from an instrumental and a songwriting standpoint. It highlights the deceptively cunning way that the group and wind and weave their way through an arrangement. Irizarry’s nasally vocal delivery has improved and strengthened as time has progressed and it cuts easily through the clamor, aided by Brian Wilson-esque vocal harmonies. While the rest of the songs on the EP are left to play catch-up with the standards that the group establishes on “Hostage,” by no means do they have to settle for being also-rans. The grinding, ultra-trebled guitar lines on “Taking the Blame” may sound somewhat out of place compared to the rest of it’s mannerisms, but it’s nothing short of a stroke of genius when the band backs off the throttle two-thirds of the way through to allow the song a chance to breathe. And if “Hostage” is the album’s champion, than “Leaving Home” is it’s mission statement: a surprisingly lush and poignantly emotional tapestry of sound that is formulated from a swirling composite of indie-rock and post-rock.

When all has been said and accounted for, Visionary in it’s limited package represents a major step up and expansion for the group that is wonderfully executed and surpassingly satisfying. It’s the type of release that continues to endear itself further with repeated listens, and the kind that makes you wish that there was more of it to partake. If they can continue this kind of trajectory on their future endeavors there’s no telling the heights that they could successfully scale. - Striker Bill

"Short Reviews: Rigbi - Visionary"

This North Jersey bunch, who’ve apparently been at their rock game for quite some time (over a decade), do a nice mix of indie pop, dream pop and even something folkie mixed in for good measure. 7 songs. Nice. - Dagger

"Track Premiere: Rigbi – “It’s Elementary”"

The roots of New Jersey indie rock quartet Rigbi begin all the way back in 1998, when four tweens began to explore their own musical predispositions and inspirations. They just didn’t know each other yet. Singer/guitarist Jon Irizarry, drummer Brian Cornish, bassist Randy Sabo, and keyboardist (and glockspielist?) Pat Maloney didn’t actually meet and become Rigbi until sometime in early 2011. But once everyone was onboard and a name chosen the four guys began creating pop-oriented indie rock that was stocked full of catchy melodies and danceable rhythms. Taking the Afro-pop sensibilities of a band like Vampire Weekend and smashing it together with the slick pop production of Weezer — but you know, “Blue Album” Weezer — Rigbi mold songs that’ll have you dissecting the lyrics while dislocating your hip on the dance floor. The band is gearing up now for the release of their latest record, Visionary, on February 18th.

For our first taste of Visionary, Rigbi offer us the upbeat pop gem, “It’s Elementary,” a song that borrows liberally from Local Natives’ indie pop/rock playbook and adds a dash of Cults’ melodic hipshaking tendencies but remarkably still feels and sounds like the product of a band who have the ability to add their own creative twists to the genre. But this is pop music — both in sound and approach. Rigbi aren’t interested in subtlety or masking their influences. ”It’s Elementary” lives and breathes on the strength of the band’s devotion and adherence to their own musical preferences, and their dedication to their musical heroes pays off in spades. The song wraps itself around your ears and cocoons them with breezy melodies and Irizarry’s expressive voice. And despite the fact that the song draws from a handful of other artists, the band never allows it to fall into cheap imitation or rote caricature. This is the sound of Rigbi, and it’s a sound with whom you’ll want to become very familiar.

Beats Per Minute is pleased to premiere the lead single, “It’s Elementary,” from Rigbi’s upcoming album, Visionary. - Beats Per Minute

"CMJ Station Top 30 Charts"

Visionary charted Top 30 on CMJ Stations 25 times.
KAMP - Tucson, AZ
KCSS - Turlock, CA
KMNR - Rolla, MO (2 weeks)
KQAL - Winona, MN (2 weeks)
KRUI - Iowa City, IA (5 weeks)
KWLC - Decorah, IA (2 weeks)
WFCS - New Britain, CT (2 weeks)
WMCO - New Concord, OH (3 weeks)
WSIN - New Haven, CT (3 weeks)
WVYC - York, PA (2 weeks)
WWUH - West Hartford, CT (3 weeks)

Visionary is currently in rotation on over 100 CMJ radio stations. - CMJ


Soundtrack from "The Backseat"
Released Oct. 6, 2015
1) SeeNo.HearNo

Daytrotter Session (Live)
Released Mar. 13, 2015
1) Welcome to Daytrotter
2) Hostage/Visionary
3) It's Elementary
4) Take The Blame
5) Leaving Home

Visionary (EP)
Released Feb. 18, 2014
1) Come Up
2) It's Elementary
3) Hostage
4) Visionary
5) Take The Blame
6) Leaving Home

Released Aug. 28, 2012
1) :::Initiate::: You Are A Burden
2) Time
3) Just Keep Moving
4) We've Been Waiting
5) Bears and Tigers
6) Keep Talking To Me
7) SeeNo.HearNo
8) Speak Up
9) Insomnia
10) The Girl Who Drowned The World
11) Heavy/You Are A Burden
12) Staycaliawaico
13) After Hours
14) Routines

Take The Blame - Feb. 5, 2014 (Premiered on Planeta Pop)
Leaving Home - Jan. 8, 2014 (Premiered on Indie, Bikes, and Beer)
It's Elementary - Dec. 2, 2013 (Premiered on Beats Per Minute)
Just Keep Moving - Aug. 7, 2012



In 1998, when most of you were rocking Air Jordans and spending your Friday nights watching the X-Files, four unassuming tweens were decidedly not listening to Chumbawambah as they laid the foundations for a musical revolution. Rigbi officially became Rigbi in 2011, but they have been a group for the past 14 years.

After several experiences with other bands and individual efforts, Jon Irizarry, Randy Sabo, and Brian Cornish came together for open studio sessions in early 2011. They quickly found a rhythm and gelled musically; however, lacking a name and a little glockenspiel (don't we all?) they added Pat Maloney to the group. The result was a more modern sound and a fuller presentation....and a name: Rigbi.

The New Jersey natives’ 2014 record, Visionary, was voted MAGNET Magazine’s February #1 Most Anticipated Release, charted Top 30 on CMJ stations 25 times, and has garnered praise from tastemakers including Daytrotter, Ear to The Ground, Americana UK, and IndieLondon among others.  They have even received accolades from indie heavy-hitters, The Head and The Heart and Seattle record label Sub Pop, for their cover video of “Let’s Be Still”.  

Now, having finished up two tours, they have returned home to work on new material.  “The tour was a great experience!  We met a lot of people and made new friends”, said drummer Brian Cornish.  Of the new material vocalist/guitarist Jon Irizarry added, “We’ve been exploring different approaches to writing our music.  “It has been one big learning experience and we are still pushing ourselves everyday.”

Listening to Rigbi is a unique experience- upbeat, thought-provoking and fun. (imagine Keane and Vampire Weekend had a son and played Weezer tunes to him during his formative years).They will get you moving and smiling, like you've put on a red track suit, jumped into a Wes Anderson film and joined the Bombardment Society. Before you know it, you'll be in your car and driving to that girl's house to ask her to dance in the driveway (you know the one, she's waiting for you). Think of Rigbi as the four grown-up middle school guys sporting glasses and dodgy beards who are strumming, fingering and crooning the soundtrack to your ass-shaking and lawn-chair-sitting and road-tripping and beverage-consumption...because that's all they are really.

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