Riggin Reins and Live Wire

Riggin Reins and Live Wire


MCR Recording Artists Riggin Reins and Live Wire are a high-energy band performing modern country. From tear-jerking ballads to high-powered, foot-stomping tunes, RR&LW can deliver an action-packed night of non-stop entertainment.


MCR recording artist Riggin Reins, one of country music’s most promising artists, was born in Lebanon, Indiana. It was in this small rural town that Riggin discovered and developed his passion for country music.

Riggin began his career playing any event and venue he could. It wasn’t until one honoring event that Riggin received the affirmation and opportunity he desired. John Mellencamp, a fellow Hoosier, approached Riggin asking to use his bus for an event at the Indianapolis 500. It was in this bus that Riggin and Mellencamp struck up a conversation about music and the industry.

Upon listening to Riggin’s songs, Mellencamp was overwhelmed by a myriad of ideas and Riggin’s talent. Riggin accepted Mellencamp’s invitation to record his new album, “Just Getting Bye,” at Echo Park Studio in Bloomington Indiana. The title track for this album, which was written by Brad Paisley, will be the first single released for radio. Paisley, who, in addition to the title track contributed 3 additional songs, is joined by Darryl Worley and Riggin himself, as the main contributing songwriters for the album.

Following the direction and with the support of giants like Mellencamp, Paisley, and Worley, Riggin’s career has skyrocketed leading to performances in front of sell-out crowds with some of country music’s most popular stars. Playing alongside artists like Brad Paisley, Darryl Worley, Confederate Railroad and the legendary Ronnie McDowell, Riggin is set to take country music by storm.

2008 promises to be an exciting year for Riggin as he gets ready to set out for another tour. With a new band full of extremely talented and energetic musicians, Riggin is poised to revolutionize country music while promising an action-packed, unforgettable good time for all those who come out to see him.


"Just Gettin' Bye"--2006
Chasin' Tail--2006
Current Radio Releases:
"What a Way to Go"--Duet with Danny Shirley of Confederate Railroad
"Hey Pretty Girl"
"Into Outlaw"

Set List

Our basic set can accomidate 4 hours of music.

Rent, Groceries, and Gasoline
What a Way to Go
Hey Pretty Girl
Just Gettin' Bye
Into Outlaw
Where Do I Fit in the Picture
For the Love of a Woman
Honkey-tonk Guitar
If You Go Out Looking Like That!
Hold it in the Road
Then Some
Heartache in the Works

Dust on the Bottle
Why, Why, Why
Wrapped Around
How Forever Feels
The Shake
Rain on the Scarecrow
Watermelon Crawl
Can't You See
Keep Your Hands to Yourself
Sweet Home Alabama
Right Where I Need To Be
Here and Now
Blue Jeans
4th of July
Drinkin' My Baby Goodbye
8-Second Ride
Real Good Man
All My Friends Say
Pull My Chain
Little Things
Who's Your Daddy?
Honkey-tonk Bodonkadonk
Money Ain't Everything
Pink Houses