Right As Rain

Right As Rain


Daniel Kollars, lending lead vocals and guitar styling, Steven Kollars with the bruising beats and drum fills, and Dylan Whitlow with his Noel Redding-like bass lines, make up the heavy blues, rock trio Right As Rain.


After listening to the Rock and Roll bands of old while growing up, lead guitar player and vocalist Daniel Kollars dug deeper into the roots of their blues influences. It was then he learned to play and sing by playing along to the old albums by Robert Johnson, Son House, Lead Belly, Willie Mctell and Blind Lemon Jefferson just to name a few. It wasn't long before Daniel's younger brother Steven caught on to the groove and energy behind these tunes, and started laying down beats underneath the previously drum-less blues songs. Then in the summer of 2008, with the addition of their fretless bass-master friend Dylan Whitlow, Right As Rain was born. People who witness their shows have compared them to bands like The White Stripes, Cream, and the Black Keys. It could be from the ear-bleeding volumes the band enoys playing at, or from the unusual amount of energy that is evident from the minute the band hits the first note, to the last salvaged strum that can be heard when Daniel smashes his Les Paul into the ceiling. After getting some shows under their belts, Daniel decided to try his hand in recording and producing. In mid 2008, Right As Rain released their first EP, and since then has recorded two full lengths and two EP's from their continually expanding song list. The band has played many large venues and clubs along the east coast and has made many accomplishments, including winning first place at the 930 Club's Battle Of The Bands in DC(hosted by Next Big Thing Productions). One thing you can always count on is seeing these kids lay their heart's out at every performance, and in every piece of music they create.


“Right As Rain(self-titled EP)” - 2008
2.The Line
3.Hey Boy
4.Look This Way Girl
5.Takin’ Time

“Not Meant Too Be” – 2008
1.Preacher’s House
2.Baby Blue
3.Sad Song
4.I’m Just Going Insane
5.Runnin Away
6.No Place To Go
7.Love In Blue
8.The Cure

“Get It Right!” – 2009(can be found on iTunes and is played on Gettysburgs local and college radio stations)
1.Meaning Less
2.Dance With Me
3.Get It Right
4.Swing Low
5. It’s Killin Me
6.My Love
7.You’re In M Head(Open Up Your Eyes)
8.Natural Attraction
9.On My Shelf
10.Dead Man

"I Saw The Light(single)" - 2010
A-side. I Saw The Light(The Movement)
B-side. You Don't Need Me