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Righteous Reprobates

London, United Kingdom | Established. Jan 01, 2015 | SELF | AFM

London, United Kingdom | SELF | AFM
Established on Jan, 2015
Band Rock Indie





English alt-rock act Righteous Reprobates has its roots in guitarist/vocalist Rob White’s life-long dream of beginning a band that delivers top-notch rock tunes for people the world over to experience and appreciate. He’s joined in his endeavour by fellow guitarist Jack Griffiths, bassist Jack Collier and drummer Charlie Kenny.

Combining traits of modern Britpop with some classic characteristics, the ensemble draw inspiration from iconic artists such as Oasis, Kasabian, Led Zeppelin and The Beatles. Together, they took to Ten21 Studios to write and record their debut album, before sending it off to Sean Magee for mastering at Abbey Road. In the run up to its release, they will unleash their brand new single, “My Psychosis”, on December 7th.

It taps into a rapid and rousing riff, which makes an intense impact as it builds alongside pummelling percussion. The rhythm is riveting as it exudes an arresting rock attitude, the style of which lies somewhere between the genres of punk and post-hardcore. The Britpop influence becomes apparent during the passionate melody of the verse, which is dripping with determination and expression. At the same time, the instrumentation continues to hit hard in the background, while maintaining a purposeful pace.

It’s all very vigorous and absorbing on the way to the simple yet stirring serenade of the chorus. The speed stays extreme afterwards as neither the music nor melody pause for the briefest of breaths before the second stanza storms in. There’s a raw, rebellious vibe to the whole thing that keeps it compelling, while an enlivening instrumental exhibition in the third minute shows off some incredibly accomplished guitar skills. It soon bursts back into more vitalising vocals, which bring the proceedings to a captivating conclusion.

This is a dynamic debut from Righteous Reprobates. Its fresh feel is complemented by hints of an old-school sound that, when thrown together, work well and demonstrate plenty of potential for the band’s future. - Pure M

"“We Go with What We Know” – Righteous Reprobates"

For the follow-up to the rambunctious raunch of their first single, “My Psychosis”, Righteous Reprobates have taken a slightly different direction. The second single “We Go with What We Know” kicks off with a tinny pre-intro before launching into a simple guitar riff echoed by the unison lead vocal; it’s a lot like early Sabbath with a hint of late sixties psychedelia dropped in to the mix. When the guitar solo comes along, it’s not the shredding pyrotechnics of “My Psychosis”; it’s simple but effective. At about the two-thirds mark, there’s a tempo change before the riff reasserts itself in the build-up to the big finish.
In the run-up to the release of the album, this works well as a stand-alone single, but it also helps to establish, along with “My Psychosis”, that Righteous Reprobates aren’t just a one-trick pony. There’s a lot of subtlety to add to the blood and thunder and if the whole album’s up to the standard of the singles it should be very good indeed.
“We Go with What We Know” is released on April 15. Have a look at the video here: - Music Riot

"Righteous Reprobates- ‘My Psychosis’"

If you are going to release a debut rock single then opening with a classic rock style intro is definitely the way to go and that is exactly what you get with four piece London/Kent band Righteous Reprobates new release ‘My Psychosis’. An abundance of guitar, a gradual build up of drums and then bang!

Rob White’s vocal has a regional twang not far removed from the style of Damon Albarn and this is extremely effective in emphasising the lyrics themselves, something vastly important when they are so profound as there is nothing more off putting than a song that makes no sense at all or from which you cannot decipher the lyrics. Opening with the line “fly me away as I fall through the sky” immediately sets the scene for the mental descent reflected in the song.

Booming bass, thunderous tub thumping and a face melting guitar solo thrown in for good measure and *voila* you have ticked all the boxes, dotted the i’s and crossed the t’s. The single is due for release on 7th December 2015, to be followed soon after by the album release and tour dates. I for one will be keeping an eye out for these dates as I am curious to find how well this translates to live performance but I am pretty sure these young chaps won’t disappoint. - Essentially Pop

"Video: Righteous Reprobates – ‘My Psychosis’"

It’s been a little while since we shared a live video, and this new one from Righteous Reprobates is more than enough reason to do it again.

Shot in Perry Vale Studios in London, it’s not live in the traditional sense of gig-shot. But it is a live shot and not a dubbed drama short. What’s impressive though is that ‘My Psychosis’ sounds powerful, clear and perfectly delivered despite being in a live scenario – which means that Righteous Reprobates are likely a very good live act.

The song itself is hard-hitting and has a very nice guitar-led hook to it, so it’s a winner on all accounts. - Fresh Beats 365

"Scarlet Sky"

Righteous Reprobates have given us the privilege to show you the new video for their latest track titled “Scarlet Sky”. And one look at the video is to know just how much of a privilege this is to show you this. The song is everything the new indie needs to be. Rough, raw, catchy, lush, and hard hitting. The song evokes the spirits of many of the essential classics from Oasis to The Smithereens. Very guitar-centric in its delivery, “Scarlet Sky” takes the listener on a groove-heavy journey with every note and flat out tells you to see Righteous Reprobates on stage, because that’s where they belong.

Click HERE to check out our exclusive interview with Rob White from Righteous Reprobates.

About Righteous Reprobates
Righteous Reprobates are a four piece Indie Rock Band based in London and Kent. Citing major influences such as Oasis, Arctic Monkeys, Nirvana, The Beatles and Led Zepplin, what makes this band stand out from the crowd is that all four of them are impressive musicians, and are armed with great songs, that cry out to be sung in stadiums and festival the world over.

The band have already had some healthy reviews and radio play – Pure M stating ‘This is a band with plenty of potential’. The band has been making a buzz on the live circuit too, with promoters & bookers frequently putting forward dates and offering them the headline slot on their bills, and they’ve even been given a tasty headline slot at 93 Feet East this July. Righteous Reprobates seem to be emphatically heading towards being one of the very best of the bands on the British music scene today: great tunes delivered by a band that truly impresses and cries out to be heard. - Jammerzine

"Scarlet Sky"

Righteous Reprobates are a brilliantly named Kent/London based four-piece, who are beginning to make waves on the capitols indie scene with a series of gigs at the likes of The Forum, Water Rats and the 229 Club among others, the band have recently been writing and recording their debut album (mastered at Abby Road no less) and will be soon back out on the road with a date lined up on July 29th at 93 Feet East to support their latest single Scarlet Sky (released on the same day!).

Listening to the track you can hear an obvious debt to the likes of Oasis, The Stone Roses and the 90’s Brit-pop movement, frontman Rob White has perfected Liam-esque swagger, whilst his and fellow guitarist Jack Griffiths are more than capable of throwing the best Squire or Noel G shapes, however the Righteous Reprobates go beyond mere Brit-Pop homage by actually being able to pen a decent tune, whilst possessing enough attitude to make it stand out in a field of sound-a-like indie acts.

Whilst the Reprobates may not have the most original sound, Scarlet Sky makes you want to dig around and hear more of the band’s fodder, the track grabs the attention, Rob has a decent set of pipes, the melody is strong, the rhythm section form a tight, infectious groove and the guitars chime in all the right places, so I’m than a little intrigued to hear the full album when it’s out later this year, if you like indie it could be well worth keeping an eye on the Righteous Reprobates. - Rhythm & Booze

"We Go With What We Know"

Righteous Reprobates new single, ‘We go with what we know’ showcases just how talented these guys are, from the skillful song writing of front man Rob White, to performances by Charlie Kenny (Drums), Jack Griffiths (Guitar, Vocals) and Jack Collier (Bass), they are certainly bringing something new and exciting yet old school to the current rock scene.

Songwriter Rob took some inspiration for the lyrics especially from his own life experiences travelling, “Living abroad for so long gave me perspective and widened the scope of my song writing subject matter.” We certainly love it!

Into staying ahead of the game? These guys are definitely ones to look out for if you’re looking to refresh your Indie Rock Palette. - Rocky Road Music Blog

"We Go With What We Know"

Righteous Reprobates are the rock n roll sound of the future. The boys’ next single release “We Go With What We Know” is a snarling track with the energy of Royal Blood and the attitude of Oasis.
The track opens with a powerful guitar that screams Arctic Monkeys and then builds into a brilliant concoction of emotion and passion creating trouble–making blast. The distinct drawl of vocalist Rob White makes this band feel like they have already established exactly who they are.
The drums drive the song throughout and take the rhythm to a different place half way through this punchy track with flairs of 60’s melodies. This catchy four piece seem like ones to watch as they have the grit to push them further into the world of rock. - Buzz Jack - Music Entertainment Discussion

"Why'd You Let Me Go?"

Coming out of London with its feet in Kent, is indie rockers RIGHTEOUS REPROBATES who have just released their new single WHY’D YOU LET ME GO? The successor to their well-received and highly enjoyable track SCARLET SKY, the band’s new outing discovers an even more virulent infectiousness and headstrong boldness in their songwriting and sound.

The quartet’s influences include the likes of Oasis, Arctic Monkeys, Nirvana, The Beatles, and Led Zeppelin, essences more vocal in the new single compared to the last but essences which only colour an already distinctive proposition. From its opening rhythmically addictive stroll with a just as persuasive hook to its swagger, the song has feet and hips as attentive as ears soon locked into its anthemic temptation. There is a touch of Blur to the encounter which does it no harm either as it romps along; the vocals and lures of vocalists/guitarists Rob White and Jack Griffiths a warm buoyant invitation matched by the rhythmic swagger of bassist Jack Collier and drummer Charlie Kenny for another track which demands swift and full involvement. - Ring Master


Still working on that hot first release.



At the heart of Righteous Reprobates are the songwriting talents of Rob White (Guitar, Vocals), brought together with Charlie Kenny (Drums), Jack Griffiths (Guitar, Vocals), and Jack Collier (Bass). With an album already recorded - mastered at the legendary Abbey Road Studios - the band have already received some impressive reviews and plenty of radio play. Pure M stating “This is a band with plenty of potential”. The band has been making a buzz on the London live circuit too, with promoters & bookers frequently putting forward dates and offering them the headline slot on their bills. 

Citing major influences such as Oasis, Arctic Monkeys, Nirvana, The Beatles and Led Zeppelin. What makes this band stand out from the crowed is that all four members are impressive musicians armed with great songs that cry out to be sung in stadiums and festival the world over. Rob’s songwriting features meaningful and memorable lyrics, inspired melodies and harmonies. The band delivers a menacing sonic wall of layered guitars, each song infused with effortlessly slick riffs and grooves: a fitting canvas for the relentless surge of hooks and anthemic choruses that define a fresh sound that truly impresses and cries out to be heard. 

The boys are seasoned musicians with impressive musical backgrounds: 

Rob White - obsessed with music and song writing from a very early age. Rob grew up in the UK but moved to New Zealand with his family in his late teens, here, he studied Audio Engineering & Music Production. He spent two years working in live sound but gave it up to return to the UK and pursue his dream of forming and performing in a rock n roll band. A band that would match the standards set by so many of his hero's that were the inspiration for him to pick up a guitar in the first place. 

Charlie Kenny - has been touring with two successful touring theatre shows, Talon and Jackson Live in concert playing over 100 shows a year. Born into a musical family and growing up in a studio environment Charlie started drumming aged 9 under the watchful eye of his father and top session musicians. Having sat in on and latterly performed on countless sessions Charlie has received invaluable guidance from many vastly experienced players affording him a feel and musical awareness beyond his years. On a side note, Charlie's dad Sean Kenny recorded our album and this was largely the catalyst for the friendships and band forming with this lineup. 

Jack Griffiths - a very accomplished guitarist, with skills beyond his years. He also played in the Jackson Live theatre with Charlie. Now works in musical instrument retail which frees up his time for Righteous Reprobates. 

Jack Collier - a dedicated bass player he studied music at BIMM in Brighton. When he's not playing with Righteous Reprobates he's playing with Liv Austen and local Jam nights.

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