Righteous Boi

Righteous Boi


I'd say that its awesome, fun, powerful, and hard hittin! Especially in live performance. These songs come from God. I just play em. I always bring the energy! that's why its so fun! this is what i love to do. So i do what I love. I've never heard anything like this. its definitely my own style.


well. God took me and placed in me in a small town called Huffman. Being out here gave me a lot of time to think and practice. I don't know what makes me different from other band b/c i don't know any other bands, but I do know I have God, and that makes all the difference. He has blessed me with so much of everything, and I'm gonna go where no mans gone before! I'm ready >:]


I seriously have a million songs right now and in the process of recording, writing, and getting this together. So for the time being all i really have is All So Powerful. Enjoy it.

Set List

I probably have about 60 different song and know about 130 all together. I'm not much for covers b/c I like my own flow, but every song of mine is different. Different subjects, topic and style. They're fresh, new, and just adds spice to this same old mocking, everybody the same music, society we live in nowadays. Check it!