Righteous Light

Righteous Light


A celestial mix of light and shade. Good feelings and bad vibes, trainwrecks and rainbows, but in the end, we know everything will come out ok through god.


The thing that cuts us away from what other bands are trying to do, is we aren't afraid of pushing the envelope in terms pushing the christian message in the non-saved territory. Still, we wrote what is personal to us, but still share, it with the world, knowing they can relate to what we went through. One of our main influences is Rush a band that has no boundaries just like us.
One of our songs, As i walk along the beach, is probably our best song. ANyone that has heard, has said it makes them happy. It makes us happy to play it for them. Other songs have despair and feelings of rage against a relationship gone bad, like angel without wings, which is the heaviest song we have and i have personally have ever heard in terms of lyrics and sound. The 5 other songs we have all different from one another, and bring true meaning to the word progressive rock.



Set List

release of all my sins
ive lost control
angel without wings
wickedy rr elm
90 days
help me find
begin the day
25-30 min setlist

2 setlists,one original, and one cover

Rush-working man
Black Sabbath-war pigs
Greenday- Longview
Iron Maiden- Aces high
Iron Maiden- The Trooper
Iron Maiden- Killers
Pink Floyd- Wish You Were Here