Righteous Vendetta

Righteous Vendetta

 Cody, Wyoming, USA

Righteous Vendetta is the new face of Christian hard rock/metal. With passion, love and integrity Righteous Vendetta provides the best in heavy rock and metal.


For many in the heavy music scene, Righteous Vendetta needs little introduction. With two full length records under their belt along with numerous tours with a show history just over 800 shows in the past 4 years, Righteous Vendetta has amassed fans in the US and abroad while honing their performance skills to a fine edge. The Wyoming-based group’s tight, technical brand of metalcore has earned them a great deal of respect as well as publicity, with features in publications such as HM, Amp, Hails and Horns, and AP. Most recently, they embarked on a European tour with veterans Spoken and Inhale Exhale, hitting half a dozen countries across central and eastern Europe. Meanwhile, Righteous Vendetta’s single ‘This Pain’ spent 15 weeks in the top 20 on Billboard’s Christian Rock chart, achieving commercial success rarely seen by bands who cut their teeth in the hardcore and metal scene, while also signaling a new creative direction for the band’s upcoming release. Look for new material from Righteous Vendetta in Spring 2013.


"Complexity of the Fallen" EP--December 2009
1) A Breath Beneath
2) It Lies Within
3) RexTryon
4) A Complexity of the Fallen

"The Dawning" LP(Red Cord Records)--August 17th 2010
1) In the Beginning
2) InTents (Like Camping)
3) Away from the Truth
4) The Dawning
5) RexTryon
6) Essence
7) The New Normal
8) Foretold
9) A Breath Beneath
10) Outro

"Lawless" LP(Red Cord Records)--November 8th 2011
1) From Zion
2) Inheritance
3) John, the Revelator
4) Reason
5) Lawless
6) Prelude to Destruction
7) Signs
8) The Chosen Ones
9) For the Skeptic
10) The Psalmist

"This Pain" Single (Red Cord Records)--July 10th 2012-*Airplay on all major christian rock stations in US. Serviced by Shamrock Media Group.