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Cody, Wyoming, United States | SELF

Cody, Wyoming, United States | SELF
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"ATCM Interview #1- Ryan Hayes, Righteous Vendetta"

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"Righteous Vendetta Interview on RadioU"

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"Righteous Vendetta Interview-Ryan Hayes"

-- - Josh VD- Game, Music, Movie and TV Review

"Artist Interview: Righteous Vendetta"

So I thought I would bring you guys an interview with an up and coming Christian metal band: Righteous Vendetta! They rock and have a great message. I strongly recommend that you like them on Facebook and buy their album.

One thing that I made me really want to bring an interview by them is the fact that these guys are the real deal. I've gotten to hang out with them in the past (my band played a show with them a while back when we opened with them for Spoken.) They posted a funny story a while back on their Facebook page about getting kicked out of Wal-Mart for demonstrating servant-evangelism (or just being good people.)

Q: Cool, well tell me about what you guys have been up to latley... It's been a while since we've seen you (though I remember mistaking Ryan's backside for my wife, Agony of Apathy's bassist, I think I called him honey). [back then, Ryan, Righteous Vendetta's lead singer had long blond hair.]

A: I remember that incident! This is Ryan btw haha...Dude I still have my blue AOA shirt...No joke...Dude we have just been touring like crazy and recording some new material.

Q: tell me again about what happened in the Wal-Mart parking lot...

A: ...all the carts and motor carts were sprawled all across the parking lot. We hopped on the motorized ones and cleaned up the entire parking lot, put the carts away, cleaned up the trash. The employees were stoked on us then the manager came out and called the cops haha. It was a good night...The employees loved what we were doing but the manager not so much.

Q: and why would you guys think to do something like that? What did you hope to accomplish with that?

A: Just wanted to help haha, have a little fun in the process. Serve people, serve Jesus. Simple. - Holy Schmitz

"Righteous Vendetta: Hope and Spirituality in a Lawless World"

-- - Highwire Daze

"Righteous Vendetta"

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"The Gear--Franklin, IN: Righteous Vendetta"

This show was a fantastic show. All four of the bands who performed filled The Gear with madness. Every aspect of this show was great. Rose Maylie’s musical intensity, Righteous Vendetta’s stage show, Hope for the Dying’s filling the room with their dark and intricate guitar riffs, and Take Up Your Cross’ intense breakdowns and crowd interaction. I recommend seeing every single one of these bands.

Here is a band by band review.

Rose Maylie- Rose Maylie has always been a fantastic live band. They are very tight and they interact with the crowd very well, even if the crowd doesn’t interact with them. The only flaw with this band was the crowd not interacting with them, so they seemed to be just going through the moves. Still, they put on a great performance. I cannot wait to see them again. Maybe at a show that the crowd is actually showing interaction. Pick up their CD at any of their shows.

Righteous Vendetta- Hands down the best band of the night. They gave the crowd energy and they got it right back. Right from the first moment that they started playing, I knew that they would be a band that I would become a huge fan of. I fell in love with their music after this show. Musically, they were very tight. You could hear that they have a passion for what they do. Stage show wise, again, you could tell that they loved what they were doing, even if they were playing a little place like The Gear. Check them out and buy their new album!

Hope for the Dying- It is very hard to find a good metal band anymore. Hope for the Dying is one of the few. They were very tight live and they put on a great stage show. The guitar players nailed every single solo like it was nothing. I was very impressed with their skill, being a guitar player myself. The only downfall for me was that they do not have a bass player. For one reason or another, it took out of the show for me. Still, they put on a great show. Buy their music! I really recommend it.

Take Up Your Cross- “…have we got a show for you.” Yes, they did. Great stage presence and great music. They were very close to being the best band of the night. I loved everything about this band. They love doing what they’re doing and you can see it, especially by the fact that the guitar player who had a broken leg was still up there doing what he loves doing. I am very glad I got to see this band. It was a great live experience. Go check them out sometime. I highly recommend it. - Roundhouse Reviews

"Righteous Vendetta- Lawless"

Righteous Vendetta was a band that really flew low under my radar. Their first release The Dawning just didn’t grab me, and I just kind of gave up on the band. But then came along Lawless the newest release from the Cody, Wyoming hardcore/metal outfit. Upon my first listen I noticed huge improvements all over the place. I was instantly grabbed and wanted more.

The album starts off with a pretty generic intro, but that doesn’t mean you should just give up all hope right there. The rest of the album really takes a turn for good, and is not just full of cliché breakdowns. This is an album full of soaring guitars, and fast paced drumming, but never feels over used. At first listen one of the ‘turnoffs’ for me was the clean singing, but as I listened more and more it became a strong factor in to the album. Sometimes I think that bands tend to just not use a clean singer for the sake of trying to be as heavy as possible. Thankfully, Righteous Vendetta does not try to abandon musical diversity for the sake of being heavy, and the clean vocals do not sound generic or overused.

Lyrically this album is BOLD! There is no doubt that this band loves Jesus Christ, and wants to see his name be glorified. It’s refreshing to hear a band like Righteous Vendetta take the time to reflect on God, and write with the intention of praising him. With that, I never feel like the lyrics are overly spiritual and in your face about their beliefs. I also appreciate that the lyrics aren’t cheesy and they really come from the heart without losing creativity.

Overall: This album is for sure a great listen. In a time where heavy music can be a bit boring and old sounding, Righteous Vendetta keep things solid. Though not anything groundbreaking, this album definitely pulls out some surprises. One of my favorite moments of the album was last song ‘The Psalmist’. It really closed the album out beautifully. Pick this album up if you’re in to bands like For Today, Gideon, or Altars. - Christian Rock Rocks Blog

"Righteous Vendetta- Lawless"

Righteous Vendetta’s newest album, ‘Lawless’, drops this Tuesday (11/8) through Red Cord Records. With the album being a Red Cord Records release, I was automatically excited for the album. Everything I have heard from them has continuously been solid. After getting the opportunity to listen through the album, my love for Red Cord has increased again. ‘Spirit-filled’ and ‘Passionate’ are terms that continually come to mind with each new listen.

The album begins with the short instrumental (:46) intro ‘From Zion.’ On multiple listens to the album there is an image that this song brings to mind. You know the battle scene in a movie, where the commander revs up the masses? ‘From Zion’ lays the foundation for the intense battle that is the remainder of the album. The following track (Inheritance), is reminiscent of the “Charge” that gets yelled from the masses. There is no doubt of intentions, as the song screams out, “You have underestimated the power of the words I am speaking to you.”

From here on out the “Charge” never lets up with each new song. This is one of the most honest expressions of faith out of this genre. There is no ‘sugar coating’ anywhere to be found in this album. From beginning to end it is a “hardcore” declaration of the glory of God.

The entire album is a solid listen, but ‘For the Skeptic’ stands out to me. This song reveals the incredible importance of surrender to God. Regardless of what is going on, it is in this surrender that ‘great joy’ is found. Righteous Vendetta cries out:

Yahweh, Yahweh you are Ego Eimi

I lay my life down at the foot of the cross

As humble as I know how to be

Take this life and make a new creation out of me

Yahweh, Yahweh you are Ego Eimi

The album concludes with the track ‘The Psalmist.’ The track has the sound and feeling of coming straight out of the Psalms. There are a lot of similarities between this track and For Today’s ‘Talmudin.’ ‘The Psalmist’ brings the album to a fitting conclusion, and gives all glory back to God.

Within the ‘Christian music’ scene, there are a lot of fine lines that get walked. Too often it is portrayed that solid music and a solid message can’t go together. In a lot of cases artists pick one to focus on above the other. From beginning to end Righteous Vendetta makes no comprises on their album. Solid music and a solid message can be found on each track.

Overall, ‘Lawless’ is an incredibly uplifting and solid album. Music, vocals, lyrics all shine through on this album. The only thing that proves a challenge to Righteous Vendetta, is that this is a over populated genre. With this release though, they are right at the front of the pack with a good chance of taking the lead in the future. Do yourself a favor and pick up this album. You will get your blood flowing with solid music, and be uplifted all at the same time. - Christian Music Zine

"Righteous Vendetta: :Lawless"

Righteous Vendetta, a band boldly proclaiming the name of Christ throughout their music, is releasing their first full-length project, Lawless. It is a great style to pick for their first album, and I think it is very impressive for first-time albums, considering the fact that they have only been around for about 2 years. There are a few things that, I think, can be tweaked to improve the album. Besides that, though, they sound like a heavier version of For Today, and should ring in the ears of For Today fans worldwide.

I found it interesting that Jonathan and I received a review copy of this album because I have been looking for some new metal bands for a long while. In the past few weeks, though, I have been getting into Righteous Vendetta, Phinehas, and A Past Unknown; Righteous Vendetta is, without a doubt, one of my favorites out of these three. Their sound is very bold and, although I could give you a list of bands that sound somewhat identical to this, Righteous Vendetta executes this style with excellence and creativity in the voice of the band.

"From Zion" is a great way to start the album. Even though it does not have any vocals and it is only a minute long, which only slightly disappointed me, I love the instrumentals. It gives you a good picture of what the rest of the album will ring in your ears. "Inheritance" is a great way to get listeners to keep listening. It is definitely one of my favorites on the entire album, and is a great song with divinely inspired lyrics and a solid sound. I esteem these two songs above the others because they complement each other very well.

"John, The Relevator" is definitely another one of my favorite songs. It has a unique twist to it, unlike the other songs on the album. In the breakdown, the unclean vocalist raps before and during the breakdown. I have never heard this before in any other music from the rock & metal genres, and it sounds great. It is a bold move on the band's part to throw this into a song, and it adds a nice twist out of the norm for the band. Most of the songs on Lawless sound somewhat alike, but all of them have their own diversity, which would make this album a great addition to your collection.

"Lawless" establishes a good medium for the album. It is not my favorite song overall, but it is still a good song on Lawless. Another thing about the songs on this album is that they usually remind me of other popular metal bands. Take, for example, "Prelude To Destruction." I enjoy listening to this song, and it has good quality in the lyrics. The thing about this song, though, is the sound and vocals sound a lot like that of Phinehas. As I listened on, they developed their own sound again, but it distracts me form the songs and draws me away from the music.

I normally do note rate a band's first album very highly, but Righteous Vendetta's Lawless is deserving of a high rating. They have some work and growing to do in their style, but they have established a good start for their musical career as bold witnesses for Christ in the metal industry. The more I listen to each song, the more I like it. It is worth your money to try these guys out.

Favorite Song: John, The Relevator

Favorite Lyrics: "God, I need you now, You are mine, God I am dead." (From the song "For The Skeptic") - The Christian Music Review Blog

"Music Review-Righteous Vendetta: :Lawless"

Luckily, Red Cord has stepped back up from the Broken Mirrors release (MERCY SCREAMS) with Lawless, by RIGHTEOUS VENDETTA. The obvious difference between both albums is that Lawless actually has fun energy fueling it. The band keeps things interesting by switching vocal types frequently, and the instrumental work is furious. As a result, the album plays out quite entertainingly (despite having a fairly similar sound throughout). The occasional singing sounds pretty sharp, while the screaming variants feel passionate. This equals to good vocal work from all angles. The song structures themselves are mostly “straight forward” in the sense they don’t experiment much (though “Prelude to Destruction” does feature a nice mid-section), but it’s not really a concern since it all gets you moving. The main thing to keep in mind here is that Lawless reels you in and keeps you interested from start to finish. RIGHTEOUS VENDETTA have a metalcore formula that not only works well, it manages to do enough to keep their heads above the crowd of artists flooding the scene. They may not be the best at it, and Lawless may not be an excellent album, but this is a release worth picking up. – By Nathaniel Lay
>Recommended Tracks: “Prelude to Destruction”, “Signs”, “The Chosen Ones”
>Release Date: November 8, 2011
>Bottom Line: RIGHTEOUS VENDETTA have appeared from nowhere and impressed me with this release. Lawless has a lot of great energy to it that listeners will easily fall over. These guys could Red Cord’s next star band to push. - Lexington Music Press

"Righteous Vendetta Interview with Kimberly Brown"

Since RIGHTEOUS VENDETTA is only a few years old, do you have any advice for newer bands starting out?

YES, work your butts off and don’t stop. Be persistent and don’t be discouraged when 149 of the 150 emails you sent out don’t have responses. Also, take your time and write GOOD music, it pays off in the end.

What was it like working with producer, Dennis Frazier, on your latest album, The Dawning?

Working with Dennis was off the hook. He is such an awesome dude, not to mention he was the bass player for WITH BLOOD COMES CLEANSING! As far as production goes, he guided some ideas as well as introduced new ones to us. His music industry knowledge is undeniable and we would recommend him to any band wanting good recordings for an awesome price.

Why did RIGHTEOUS VENDETTA pick Red Cord Records to sign with?

Red Cord Records was a decision we made in the midst of two other label offers. It was the only label that we approached rather than being approached by. Red Cord stood out to us as a label that was about to burst into the scene and Joey (owner) was very personable and serious about what he was doing on both a business and ministry level. We liked his vision, and it fit well with ours.

Who or what are your biggest influences, besides your faith, when making music?

Obviously we draw influence from the bands we listen to, those being: AS I LAY DYING, FOR TODAY, A PLEA FOR PURGING, to name a few, but our biggest influences are people. People like Mattie Montgomery, Francis Chan, and Matt Pitt. They are people moving this generation and we are heavily influenced by their words and lives. We hope people see not only good music in RIGHTEOUS VENDETTA but also a group of guys that have truly been transformed by an almighty God!

Is it hard to practice your faith while being on tour?

I won’t lie to you; it does get difficult. Most people don’t see what the road is really like. It is tiring, stressful, and expensive and it becomes so easy to lose sight of your real goals because you’re so worried about yourself. Though we aren’t perfect we try and keep in the Word everyday and fellowship with those around us. Luckily life is not meant to be lived alone and all the band members keep each other in check with our walks with God.

How was growing up in Wyoming? Did you think it was an advantage or disadvantage getting started making music? How’s the music scene in Wyoming?

Growing up in Wyoming is literally amazing. We live in arguably the most beautiful area in the country in a small town. We didn’t worry about anything! The music scene is a whole different story. Though being from Wyoming is a great “marketing pitch” finding members here is the hardest thing. The fact that we are still together after four member changes still baffles me. Our town literally has no metal scene. If you want to play here, make sure you hit us up because it is near impossible otherwise.

Do you think that having the word “Christian” attached to your band has helped you or made it harder to get accepted into the music industry?

We don’t want to sound like we are using “Christian” like a marketing tool because we are not in any way, but being a Christian band does have a lot of advantages. Obviously Christian metal is becoming HUGE. Bands that have atheist members are calling themselves Christian bands now. It definitely helps in terms of venue possibilities, host homes, and overall loving attitudes. Touring as a Christian band is hard; I cannot imagine the challenge a secular band has.

What are your favorite bands to tour with? What was the best tour you’ve been on?

The tour we went on with SPOKEN was absolutely awesome; probably the coolest dudes to ever play music. We have not really toured with many bands, but we love playing shows with MIKE MAINS AND THE BRANCHES and ALL BECAME NEW. If there are any bands willing to take us on tour hit us up!

What does the near and distant future hold for RIGHTEOUS VENDETTA?

- AMP Magazine (American Music Press)

"Righteous Vendetta- Lawless"

Lawless is the greatest thing to come out of Wyoming since, well, uh maybe its the first thing! Righteous Vendetta release their follow-up to The Dawning through Red Cord Records and it’s going to take people by surprise. A solid metalcore feel with fast hardcore drumming, metal riffs, and lyrics that are bold and leave no doubt as to where the band put their faith.

On Lawless you get eight fully-intense tracks and a closer “The Psalmist” to tie things up. The first track “Inheritance” gets the party started with some blood-pumping drums. The lyrical style is much like For Today, a call-to-arms in the name of Christ “Don’t think I’ve come to bring to bring peace… I have come to bring you a sword!” This style of writing works especially well when the sing-along parts are actually meaningful like on “Reason” where the lines “We must rise above the world… We Are Victorious!” are sung in unison. There is a clear urgency about the entire record that can be summed up with a line from “Prelude to Destruction” – “Fear is not an option when the fight of our lives is the fight for our souls.”

Don’t be fooled into thinking Lawless is full of cliche Christian lyrics, Righteous Vendetta show their artistic creativity in their writing like on “Lawless” where the writer reveals “I hear a voice softly calling my name… From the fog I arise a new creation.” The second-to-last track “For The Skeptic” is a beautiful cry out to the Lord that will hopefully reach the ears of non-believers. Reading through the lyrics you might envision a scene of acoustic guitars around a campfire at your favorite summer-camp “I lay my life down at the foot of the cross, as humble as I know how to be. Take this life and make a new creation out of me.”

Lyrically it is obvious that Righteous Vendetta have a clear purpose and mission about their work. Musically they’ve built an impressive foundation to support their message. The tracks on Lawless tend to stick to the basic format of a repeating chorus featuring clean vocals, while the verses offer deep growls and some more sinister vocals that are reminiscent of Called To Arms. On “John, the Revelator” the vocal delivery is very quick, almost with a rap-like feel while “The Chosen Ones” offers a more metal approach, heavy and low growls. It all comes together on “Prelude to Destruction”, an epic breakdown makes this track one of the standout tracks on Lawless. Righteous Vendetta show off their technical abilities as well, with excellent guitar-work like the solo on “Inheritance” that would make Stryper proud, the time-changes on “Signs” and the creative riffing on “Reason” and “For The Skeptic”. The band never sticks to repetitive, open-chord strumming that some heavy bands rely on today, Righteous Vendetta bring interesting, driving music that keeps each song unique and heavy on it’s own.

OVERALL Righteous Vendetta have produced a relevant, impacting album in Lawless that will be a mainstay for fans of the modern metallic hardcore trend. Fans of The Ghost Inside, Altars, Gideon will love Lawless for it’s creative songwriting and driving foundation. After an impressive debut, Lawless sounds like a veteran album with quality clear production and a band that clearly knows their mission. - Indie Vision Music

"Death Metal Band Offers Life"

The lights go down and thunderous strains of dense, foreboding music blast from the speakers. Teenagers start to thrash in rhythmic, kinetic fury as the region’s top Christian death metal band begins to play.

“I think we’re probably the region’s only Christian death metal band,” joked Ryan Hayes, lead singer for Righteous Vendetta, before the band’s performance earlier this week at the Cody Cattle Co.

Hayes and his bandmates are quick to acknowledge the cognitive dissonance generated by their music, which combines a frenetic, heavy metal sound played with maximum intensity and savagely barked lyrics espousing Christian themes of grace and salvation.

“My 67-year-old grandpa said he never thought he’d live to see the day when there was Christian death metal,” said Steven Nichols, the band’s bass player.

On offshoot of the more familiar heavy-metal style, death metal features growling vocals, frenzied percussion, distorted guitars and abrupt changes in key and tempo.

While death metal may sound cacophonous to ears older than 30, to be played well the genre requires an ensemble of disciplined and accomplished musicians.

With one exception, Righteous Vendetta’s members, who have played together for about one year, are all music students at Northwest College, said drummer Zach Paris.

The exception is lead guitarist Tim Schoessler, a classical pianist and the school’s music program coordinator.

“I’m the lame old dude that tells them to shut up,” joked Schoessler, 27, describing his relationship with his college-age bandmates.

While Schoessler enjoys performing technically demanding classical piano works by Liszt or Prokofiev, he especially relishes playing live shows with Righteous Vendetta.

“They’re both fun, but there’s something about playing in a metal show when the crowd is getting into it that’s so exciting,” he said.

“There’s no better feeling than being on the road, touring and getting to see the country and play music in new places,” Hayes said, adding that the band will start an extensive regional tour in January.

In some small towns, appreciative kids take to the band’s music immediately, while other crowds aren’t sure what to make of their distinctive sound, he said.

“Sometimes the kids just start throwing down, and other times, they just stand there and have absolutely no reaction, which can be awkward at first. It totally depends on the kids,” Hayes said.

While the band’s lyrics focus on a Christian message, the group typically plays on bills with secular bands that draw a diverse crowd.

“We usually don’t tell people we’re a Christian band, because we’re trying to get that crowd that doesn’t know the word of God, so they will come to a show,” said Nichols, who moved from Spearfish, S.D., to join Righteous Vendetta.

“Our music is about the good things in life. This kind of heavy music can be happy. It can be life-changing,” he said.

Band members are hoping to change their own lives by breaking into the music business. They will soon release a new album, “Complexity of the Fallen.”

Lori Hayes said she supports her son Ryan’s efforts to pursue a career in rock music.

“It’s not the music I grew up with, that’s for sure. It’s totally different,” she said.

“He’s trying very hard. They’ve actually got some record labels looking at them. But if it doesn’t work out, it’s not for lack of trying. He has put his heart and soul into it,” she said. “He is a good Christian boy, so you can’t ask for anything more.” - The Billings Gazette

"Righteous Vendetta-- The Dawning"

Christian Metalcore has never sounded better than wyomings own Righteouus Vendetta and they just released thier debut full length album with red cord records.

the album starts out with a spacy intro that grabs the ears of the listener right away. this grips u til the album ends. the second track Intents (like camping) starts with amazing guitar and drums. the song has amazing melodies in the vocals and combines the elements of screaming and singing in a way that nears perfection. also the lyrics are beautiful. one of the best things about this band is thier way to make heavy music strong and powerful for a christian to hear. the third track Foretold begins with amazingly fast double bass. some cool riffs. and some heavy screams and once again the singing and screaming sounds amazing together. this is one of the heaviest songs on the album in my opinion. if not the most its def towards the top. next is the title track The Dawning. ussually the title track isnt the best song on the album but in this case it is. from the first words "OH MY GOD!" is grabs your attention throughout. lyrics are beautiful here also---> "its been so long, when can i find my rest? i'll take this weary heart and i will endure this to the end, this is the dawning of our lives." this song is very unique due to the fact that there is riffs within that dont sound metal but more hard rockish but it still sounds amazing and heavy with the clean screaming and other metal riffs. and again the double bass here is AMAZING!! Track five. RexTryon.. every album has that song you dont like. well this song i like but its def my least favorite of the album. i have the bands demo aswell and think that the demo version of this song sounds better. but the thing i love about this is the powerful christian lyrics it contains. its def a powerful tune. next is track 6 Essence. begins with amazing metalcore quality guitar. and contain some of my favorite lyrics from the album. "pulled down from the cross, covered red with blood. he dies for our sins now the battle is won, the battle is won!" this song has less singing than most of the other songs but Ryan Hayes is an amazing screamer as well as a singer so its perfectly fine. "The essence of life, the essence of God.....Flows through us" next is The New Normal. starts with a cool sounding guitar solo them the machine gun sounding double bass enters as the song gets into a nice groove. im a huge fan of the guitar of this song. it has my fav riffs from the album. the cool riffs and amazing drums continue throughout the song and the screams and vocals blew me away as Righteous Vendetta tends to do. Track 8 is Away From The Truth. this has prolly the best opening on the album. the guitar, drums and screaming is so direct and strong. i really dont have much to say about this song other than it has amazing lyrics and everything here sounds excellent. Next is the RV Classic "A Breath Beneath" prolly thier most poplar tune. i remember hearing it live and feeling my jaw hit the floor. its the song that got me hooked. like Rextryon its a song from thier EP entitled Complexity Of The Fallen. and was remade for thier debut full length. and boy was it every a succes. not saying that EP version wasnt good cause it was amazing. but this renewed version sounds soo much cleaner in about every catagory. but still has the same stuff goin on for it as the Complexity Of The Fallen recording. im a big fan of this song due to the fact it made me fall in love with this christian metalcore group from Cody, Wyoming. thats right WYOMING!!! lastly is the outro entitled Hallelujah. which is by far as christianity is concerned is the most powerful element of this album. it has lead singer/screamer Ryan Hayes doing some spoken word type stuff with some backround harmonies hearing it the first time made me smile and almost cry. its def a great way to end a great album. - Risen Skate Ministry

"Righteous Vendetta-- The Dawning"

Sometimes you hear a new band and are astonished at their maturity and talent level. Righteous Vendetta are one of those bands. Hailing from Cody, Wyoming on Red Cord Records, Righteous Vendetta have brought us their first full-length album entitled The Dawning. How good are they you ask? They are good enough to get myself and a fellow reviewer talking about how good The Dawning is and how we would have never believed it would be this polished.

Righteous Vendetta have a sound that would be best described as melodic metalcore. They meld the screaming vocals and clean singing that is so prevalent in today's scene, but the never approach the whiny sound that so many bands fall into. In fact, Righteous Vendetta have some of the best clean vocals in the scene. They also utilize a lot of shredding guitar riffs, blistering double bass drumming and crushing breakdowns. Righteous Vendetta remind me a lot of what might come out of a jam session with For Today and War of Ages. That alone should tell you all you need to know about Righteous Vendetta's songwriting and performing chops.

Some of the highlights on The Dawning are "Foretold," with its explosive, rapid fire double bass drumming and shredding riffs, the title track with its incredible guitar work and amazing vocal performance. A few others are "Rex Tryon," included with some unique guitar playing and a beautiful piano interlude, and "The New Normal," with incredible guitar work. Although only a few highlights were mentioned, every song is unique and well crafted.

Rating: 8/10 With The Dawning, Righteous Vendetta have crafted an album that shows skill well beyond their years. For Righteous Vendetta, this is only the beginning. It's only a matter of time before they move on to bigger and better things. - Christian Rock Rocks

"Righteous Vendetta-- The Dawning"

“…Or imagine being able to be magically whisked away to Delaware! Hi…I’m in Delaware.”- Wayne’s World

I had to quote this particular line because it was the first thing that came to my mind after finding out that metalcore band, Righteous Vendetta, is from Cody, Wyoming. While I can’t think of anything particular when I think of Wyoming, other than mountains and Yellowstone, I can add quality heavy music to the list. Righteous Vendetta plays a style of metal that’s comparable to bands like For Today and Called To Arms that is a mix of screams, clean vocals, and changes of tempo.

One of the more unique tracks, that could’ve worked as the closer, would have to be “RexTryon.” It’s the lengthier song of the bunch, but progresses well and ends with a nice recital of Psalms 95. If you want good metalcore without the backing of the big league labels (such as Solid State and Facedown), Righteous Vendetta can certainly satisfy you. To once again drop a more positive quote to the band, “Man, you guys wail!” - Christian Music Zine

"Righteous Vendetta-- The Dawning"

A review by Indie Vision Music on the new record "The Dawning" - Indie Vision Music


"Complexity of the Fallen" EP--December 2009
1) A Breath Beneath
2) It Lies Within
3) RexTryon
4) A Complexity of the Fallen

"The Dawning" LP(Red Cord Records)--August 17th 2010
1) In the Beginning
2) InTents (Like Camping)
3) Away from the Truth
4) The Dawning
5) RexTryon
6) Essence
7) The New Normal
8) Foretold
9) A Breath Beneath
10) Outro

"Lawless" LP(Red Cord Records)--November 8th 2011
1) From Zion
2) Inheritance
3) John, the Revelator
4) Reason
5) Lawless
6) Prelude to Destruction
7) Signs
8) The Chosen Ones
9) For the Skeptic
10) The Psalmist

"This Pain" Single (Red Cord Records)--July 10th 2012-*Airplay on all major christian rock stations in US. Serviced by Shamrock Media Group.



For many in the heavy music scene, Righteous Vendetta needs little introduction. With two full length records under their belt along with numerous tours with a show history just over 800 shows in the past 4 years, Righteous Vendetta has amassed fans in the US and abroad while honing their performance skills to a fine edge. The Wyoming-based group’s tight, technical brand of metalcore has earned them a great deal of respect as well as publicity, with features in publications such as HM, Amp, Hails and Horns, and AP. Most recently, they embarked on a European tour with veterans Spoken and Inhale Exhale, hitting half a dozen countries across central and eastern Europe. Meanwhile, Righteous Vendetta’s single ‘This Pain’ spent 15 weeks in the top 20 on Billboard’s Christian Rock chart, achieving commercial success rarely seen by bands who cut their teeth in the hardcore and metal scene, while also signaling a new creative direction for the band’s upcoming release. Look for new material from Righteous Vendetta in Spring 2013.