Right Side Up

Right Side Up


Our music is like the scary rollercoaster at the amusement parks......one time and your hooked!


We come from a little town in Virginia, where there is absolutely no original music scene. Started 3 years ago with a differnt guitarist. It didnt work out. Now we have 2 better guitarists who have been playing for with us for 6 months. The two newest members created a spark. With better songs, and a new name Right Side Up was born! Playing everyplace we can get, even playing while a parade was going on and getting the cops called, we have been mastering our songs everyday. Some of our influences range from death to broken hearts to broken homes. Music is our escape from the life we have lead so far. Without our music it wouldnt be a pretty sight. Our creativity, dedication and willingness to succeed is what is going to set us apart from the others!!


None to date.

Set List

1. Inside
2. Restrain
3. Shes Gone
4. Cops Cant Catch Me
5. Marty's Song
6. Part Of Me
7. Find Away
8. Falling
9. Stay Dreaming
10. 1-2 Punch