Right Stripped

Right Stripped


Right Stripped is a mix of progressive metal and commercial rock. Heavy, complex music, with catchy vocal melodies.


Right Stripped is a five-piece progressive metal outfit from Muskegon Michigan. Right Stripped was born in the summer of 2003 when high school friends Josh Carney and Joe Kiesgen decided to quit their current bands in order to shift their focus toward a more progressive approach to rock and metal. In the summer of 2004, Josh and Joe began recording Right Stripped's first CD, "Plaguing Words", which was released in January of 2005.

Soon after the release, they began to search for a drummer, a bass player, and a keyboardist to make Right Stripped a working live outfit. Drummer Tim Diephouse, a veteran of the California underground metal scene was the first to join the group followed by bassist Dave Ross. Right Stripped began to gig as a four-piece ensemble, but the quartet still needed keys to sound complete.

Undaunted, Right Stripped entered the studio to record it's current release, "A Doubtful Life's Anthology". Clocking in at just under 74 minutes, "ADLA" highlights the incredibly wide array of influences contained in the band. The release brought praise from fans as well as the rock press. Finally, after a seemingly revolving door of keyboard players, the band was fortunate enough to find Caitlin Williams. With Caitlin firmly entrenched behind the keys, Right Stripped is now free to perform its music as it was written.

The band is currently taking the summer (2007) to gig and write as much new material as possible for their third CD release. There is no set date or time frame for this next release; however, the future is looking mighty bright for the band.

The band's main collective influences are: Dream Theater, Symphony X, Nightwish, Metallica, Slayer, Sonata Arctica, Leave's Eyes, Genesis, Kamelot, and Yngwie Malmsteen.


"A Doubtful Life's Anthology" CD - Released July 2006
"Plaguing Words" Demo CD - Released Jan 2005

Set List

Our typical setlist only encompasses a portion of our music. Between our two CDs and new demos we have more than two hours of repertoire, so we try to mix things up enough so that the fans don't get the same show each time; however, here is and example set list from our show at the Muskegon Summer Celebration. (7/2/07)

Demon Eyes
Of Saints and Martyrs
Runaway Child
Remember - Disturbed Cover
Crawling Back
Soul Aflame
Blind Prophet
Panama - Van Halen Cover
Another Dying Fool
Inner Lies
Master of Puppets - Metallica Cover