Right To Remain

Right To Remain


R2R is a hype driven band with the drive of a bulldozer. Melody driven leads and bone crunching rhythms topped with catchy lyrics with a driving story is what we do best. Members consist of Isaac Shields, Bruno Soares, Paul Hickey, and Owen Kish.


Right To Remain started October of 2005 and has heavy influenced from bands such as Brand New, Taking Back Sunday, Saosin, and Silverstein. when guitarist Isaac shields moved to Virginia from Baltimore , Maryland . With the urge to start a serious fan based Rock band, Bruno Soares was soon introduced by a new friend of Isaac's David Kerns. The connection and influences were instant. Bass player Owen Kish and Drummer Paul Hickey soon joined the R2R squad after a month or two. Lucky for us, Owens dad, Geoffery Schwartz, was a sound man who had bands like Rush, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, James Brown, and Dave Chapelle under his belt. Wow what a boost! After buiding a studio in bruno's basement we recorded our first demo by July 2007. Now were fighting the every day battle to get our name out as much as possible. Think you can help? email us at right_2_remain@yahoo.com and check out our line-up at myspace.com/righttoremain. Jump in on the action.


"Who killed the dinosaurs" , "The Climax", and Tribute to all the fallen" are our singles as of now. We also have a Self-released EP "Stick to your guns". We have about 6 tracks that have streaming airplay as of now. They are scattered through out our myspace, purevolume, garegeband, and sonicbids.

Set List

Set list is usually about 3 covers, taking back sunday; Brand New, then our songs: Don't Grow up, Screaming at a deaf girl, The Underdogs, Punk Song, Sticks and Stones, The Climax, Birth of a titan, Tribute to All the fallen, Take a Breather, and Who Killed the Dinosaurs to top it off. We also have some upcoming songs we are co-writting with other bands such as Sincerely Yours.