Rigid Frigid

Rigid Frigid


Rigid Frigid is a fresh rock n roll band, who do not care about what majority wants. They just want to have fun and bring it to anyone who want it, too. Rather listen to the music of Rigid Frigid and consider to like it or not!


Very new very fresh. Band from SLovakia, which want to connect with all the listeners and fans all over the world not just in its region.
Band started in 2011 after big need to fill the rock ´n´ roll gap in the band member´s rock hearts.

Rigid Frigid members are: Laura Urban - lead vocal
Peter Horvath - guitar, vocal
Tomas Durkac- bass guitar, vocal
Pavol Koval . drums, vocal


Jail of Heart

Written By: Rigid Frigid


They cut my hair
Put me to the prison
I can´t breathe air
There where it isn´t

Can´t see the sky
Show me that blue
Lock up the night
it ´s dreaming of you (too)

Jail of Heart
Jail of Heart

For many days
I´m tranna make a key
To break out
Of this lottery

To catch the train
Burn down the mill
Again and again so
How do you feel?

Jail Of Heart
Jail Of Heart

Jail of Heart


no official releases
Rigid Frigid have released two songs as a free download on their Sound cloud and Myspace.