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"Rigo Luna self titled CD Review"

On one of the hottest global warming nights in LA I decided to venture out to a CD Release party at the Latin spot Mama Juana’s. When I heard the pitch about this new singer Rigo Luna, that he was going to be the first Latin R&B artist, my mind was set to chop it up like a machete just like the name of the record label before the get go, cuz I thought, no way. Please (the hand) don’t try and sell me reggaton for R&B.
Carnivo sponsored the affair and started serving up the green fruitlin drink in little shot glasses and I thought, nope, not going to have a drink and think I’m hearing Dixie when I’m not. Luna is gonna have to be belting fire outta his mouth before I think he’s hot. You’ve got to generate a serious blast before I rocket to the moon. So, I just sat stiff and tight and resolved to give this a thumbs down and then I started loosening up a bit because the music on the speakers was really funky. I asked one of the club staffers what was the DJ playing and she said Rigo Luna and I gulped real hard with the question stuck in my throat cuz the music had me movin’ all over my chair. Still I said to myself I’ve got to see this guy because I could not confirm or deny that it was great by listening to some of the tracks. Studio sounds are always perfect because every problem can be fixed but not so in live performance.

The club was packin' as the press was checking in as were some of Rigo’s celebrity guest’s friends that included model Somaya Reece and Music Producer/R&B Singer William Hanford Lee Jr. and a whole lotta record label execs. It was loud and getting late everybody was talking you know ADR atmospheric sounds raising the Fahrenheit and then one of the Machete Records rep took the mike and literally had to tell everyone to keep quiet and that he was closing down the bar. Well needless to say that got their attention. Next I heard “…and show Luna some love.” First of all, you had to get up from your seat. If you’ve ever gone to a Latin/ Brazilian show, you know the peeps do NOT care if you’ve got a ringside seat that cost $100.00 or more, they get up and stand right in front of you at the stage. So, if it happens to you it’s not rude, it’s just a Latin thing. When in Rome do as the Romans do and I got up too. What I saw and heard was amazing this boy Rigo Luna was spittin fiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiire. Oh my Lord. The boy can sang. I glanced over to some of the brothas in the house and they were all diggin' it. I was critiquing every aspect from dress to stage presence. But the music, it was soulful and had a few old school sounds but the novelty was in the Latin twist, which was the lyrics…it was in Spanish homes. R&B Latin style, wow that is a new blend. I have to say he is on the way to becoming an honorary member of the Black community like Teena Marie. One song entitled “Nunca” really got to me, I mean that is a bad sho nuff killa joint. As I watched him, his movements, his dress urban not urbano, I thought Rigo Luna is the Marques Houston of the Latin world.

I wish I had a picture of the room, Black, White, Brown, just lovin the music and yes dressed in white T’s without fear. I had to give Luna his props str8 up when I got to talk with him. He credited his mother first of all for his success and secondly the fact that he was from the rap factory of Compton. He also mentioned that Jodeci was his mentor. I asked him about the bitter bitter blood, conflict and feuding between Latinos and Blacks, the out and out hatred and he looked me in the eye with a sincere countenance and said “...the music is undercover for me so I can promote peace and coming together. It’s not about the money and movin’ to the hills. I want to incorporate R&B and Spanish, the way it should be.” I thought hey if the music can echo creative compatibility why not in us. I was down with that spirit too. Rigo Luna’s music is proof that it can work and yes, he won a fan, a big fan…me!

Music Industry shout outs included:

Radio Personality Oscar Robbins aka Ofoesho - “ My boy is doing it big. Mellow and melodic”

R&B Singer, William Hanford Lee Jr. – “I’m very excited. I can’t wait for it to hit the streets so people can start eatin' it up.”

Music Mogul, Duane Arock Ramos - “Luna is off the chain. He’s a super star. The performance was great he was catching a lot of vibe from the audience.”

Machete Records Pres., Gus Lopez – “Support the music.” - Eugenia Wright, Kleopatragirl writer


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Mexican-American recording artist Rigo Luna grew up in Compton, CA, the infamous ghetto area of Los Angeles County that gave us well known gangsta rappers such as N.W.A, Ice Cube, DJ Quik, Dr. Dre, Compton's Most Wanted and the late Eric "Eazy-E" Wright (Snoop Dogg is from neighboring Long Beach just south of Compton). But even though Rigo Luna has been influenced by hip-hop rhythmically, he has never been a gangsta rapper. Luna is a singer, and one of his strong points has been his ability to perform R&B convincingly in Spanish; the bilingual Luna has not performed in Spanish exclusively, but he has performed in Spanish extensively and has attracted attention in the Latin pop market as well as in the urban contemporary market. Luna's R&B influences have included, among others, Bobby Brown, Michael Jackson, Prince, R. Kelly and Babyface.

After performing as a solo artist at musical functions during his junior high/middle school and high school years, Luna continued to sing as a young adult. In 1994, Luna joined the Latin-flavored urban contemporary/teen pop vocal group Nu Flavor, whose other members at the time were Frank Pangelinan, Jacob Ceniceros and Anthony DaCosta. Nu Flavor, which has performed in both English and Spanish, recorded a demo that included a cover of Journey's "Open Arms"; that demo found its way to Reprise Records exec Howie Klein, who signed Nu Flavor after they gave an a cappella performance in his office. In 1997, Reprise released Nu Flavor's self-titled debut album, which contained the hits "Heaven" and "Sweet Sexy Thing" (not to be confused with the Ohio Players' 1975 hit). Reprise put out Nu Flavor's second album, It's On, in 1999, and the album's singles included "Sprung," "Beautiful Girl" and "3 Little Words." It's On turned out to be Luna's final album with the group; in 2000, he left Nu Flavor and went back to performing as a solo artist. Luna was without a record deal for several years, but in 2006, he was signed by Universal Music's Latin-oriented label Machete Music--which released Luna's self-titled debut solo album that year and chose the Spanish-language slow jam "Nunca" ("Never") as the album's lead single. ~ Alex Henderson, All Music Guide