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Mexico City, Mexico | Established. Jan 01, 2013 | INDIE

Mexico City, Mexico | INDIE
Established on Jan, 2013
Solo Electronic Disco


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"Rigopolar - Cosmic Chaos (Spa In Disco)"

The Mexican artist based in Los Angeles Maenius Brown a.k.a. Rigopolar, returns to surprise us with another good dose of High NRG and disco from their own point of view minimalist and dancefloor. After a great Ep for the Swedish label Tom Tom Disco’s name “Lunar system” which has managed to sneak into the suitcase of great national and international names in the scene slow disk, it reappears in the arena with another great Ep under his arm.

The first cut of name “Need Space” is a track with the essence disk feature of producers in his homeland, where minimalist and forceful line stands out each beat advancing the track. A strong and thick bassline flows along of the almost 7 minutes of subject, while small fixes come in and out, creating a harmonious conversation between them. The second cut of “Chaos” name contains a arp bassline in italo way, combining small guitar riff in rhythmic and natural, in an ode to Moroder-style.

The third original cut that f rma the artist’s name “Cosmic Chaos” is a piece of character disco thanks to a very catchy guitar riff, without losing sight of its version more funk, adding organic nuances on a cosmic journey of nearly 10 minutes.!
Fourth cut of the album, “Love Chaos” name, follows the trend marked by the artist in a version where a bass line carries the entire weight of the track while a vocoder solatando phrases filled the Hollows of a rhythm box perfect for the dance floor

Remixes come in charge of Italo Brutalo, the German-based seals as Nein Rec or Mozarella Rec, takes care of your dose of dance floor, filled with neon and lights lasers the original track, an ode to the sound vintage is breathing in every pot, with a curradisima production launches this remix direct at our feet. The following managers to sign a remix are Victor Vallone & Pablo Garza aka Dark Punk Hippies, Mexican duo shows much more latin disk adding lots of percussion in a more rhythmic than the original hypnotic rhythm, building a perfect remix for a synthetic and cosmic trip.

Finally to close the Ep signed remix for one of the patriotic artists with more projection of the panorama appears more disk. Jaime Rodríguez a.k.a. James Rod, an artist with an orientation toward classical disco music and inspiration of the Nordic producers, which has walked his style on labels such as Rebels album, Disco Volante, Nang Records, Good Stuff Recordings, Rare Wiri Records, Tom Tom Disco or valiant among many others. This is responsible for signing a remix with small touches of acid, in an excellent cut much more fresh, cosmic and vibrant as the original, taking the cat to the water. - Como Las Grecas


There’s no stopping Rigopolar at the moment the boy’s on fire! We always play a lot of his stuff and this new new in, just fantastic. Guitars and synths in perfect harmony. - DMC World Magazine

"Cosmic Chaos EP"

Jump into your spaceships and buckle up because we’re off on one magical and mesmerizing journey into the world of Deep and Cosmic Disco and Nu-Disco. courtesy of Mexican producer, Rigopolar and three of his pals, James Rod, Italo Brutalo and Dark Punk Hippies who are in on the EP with three remixes.

What you’ll find on the EP is music that on it’s first listen, will almost paralyze your senses because of the vastness of the tracks, both in their sound and length. The shortest track on the EP is just under 7 minutes and the longest around 9 minutes which is perfect, because it gives you time the time to really lose yourself in them all, which will happen, believe me, I’ve been there, it was amazing and I’m going right back there as soon as my typing is finished.

‘Need Space’ posted above is a free track on the EP with another 3 tracks coming from, Rigopolar himself and as mentioned above they’re accompanied by 3 remixes from, James Rod, Italo Brutalo and Dark Punk Hippies, who also manage to capture the mind altering spaced out Disco vibe. Pretty unbelievable stuff going down here, go try it out… - Life Support Machine UK

"Sistema Lunar"

A huge release from the top charting Tom Tom Disco member Rigopolar. This is an long epic disco journey divided in to five parts. Deep cosmic grooves and massive synth layers transforming in to aggressive and punchy arpeggios and beautiful melodies that makes your mind wanders to places far far away. This is truly a huge release that will have a very very special place in the tom tom disco history! Get all the tracks and you'll give every dance floor to a massive trip to the realm of our universe and back. Truly epic! - Beatport


Hailing from Mexico but now residing in Los Angeles, Rigopolar is one of the main men over at Richard Rossa‘s label Tom Tom Disco responsible for producing tracks that repeatedly take the listener on a journey to a far off land. Now spring is in the air, good times are a coming and with that comes his latest release for the label. ‘Sistema Lunar’ is a sweet little five-track bundle of deep disco deliciousness with tracks that are sure to be heard on many a dancefloor over the next few months and beyond - Local Suicide

"Sistema Lunar"

Based in Los Angeles, Rigopolar is a space disco producer with a deep love of '80s synth sounds. There are five themed jams here; both "Sistema Lunar I" and "Sistema Lunar II" both go to town on moody arpeggiation, the former is deliciously fuzzed-out warm Italo (think Skatebard at his deepest), whilst the latter opts for an accelerated hiNRG route a la Alden Tyrell in his prime. Elsewhere "Sistema Lunar III" delves into eerie suspension like a housier Red Axes and "Sistema Lunar IV" combines movie samples with raw, looped early house grooves. Finally V wraps things up with some melancholic EDM balladry in the style of Kavinsky or M83. Classy stuff. - Junodownload

"Rigopolar gives Milo Greene a bass line makeover"

Have any of you ever listened to “Royal Blue” by Milo Greene and thought to yourself, “Damn, this song could be a lot more fun and interesting with the right bass line?” I’m pretty sure that’s what L.A.-based DJ/producer Rigopolar thought before giving the song a dance floor makeover.

Rigopolar, the turntable alter ego of Menio Brown and not Rigo Tovar, kept the vocals and a few guitar chords and tossed everything else out the window in favor of a liquid-ish space beat. I’m going to talk to my peers here at the office about getting this guy, Future Feelings, and Iñigo Vontier together for Remezcla’s next anniversary party. It would make for beautiful space-disco fun and you’re all invited!!! - REMEZCLA


2016 Arps & Dubs (Tom Tom Disco)

2016 Cosmic Chaos EP (Spa In Disco)

2016 Sistema Lunar EP (Tom Tom Disco)

2015 Golden Mask EP (Tom Tom Disco)


Feeling a bit camera shy


Rigopolar es el espacio donde el oscuro universo de la mente de Menio Brown, su gusto por el Future Disco y el post punk, crean historias contadas a través de sonidos que se concentran en un viaje cósmico. Ha sonado en pistas de baile alrededor del mundo que gustan de un future disco sólido y se ha colocado en la canasta de productores mas importantes de la escena underground en Europa.

2016 ha sido un año de gran actividad para el productor Mexicano originario de Ensenada B.C. publicando hasta el momento 3 EPs y algunos remixes con excelentes reseñas y apoyo de reconocidos sellos como Tom Tom Disco (Suecia), Nein Recors (UK), Spa In Disco (España), Logical Records (España), Magic Feet (UK) y productoresDJs como Sinchi Collective, Richard Rossa, Heretic, Tronik Youth, Los Bikini, Cannibal Ink, Los Fugazzi, Pin Up Club, Craig Bratley, Moo Moonster, entre otros. 

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