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La Crosse, Wisconsin, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2014 | INDIE

La Crosse, Wisconsin, United States | INDIE
Established on Jan, 2014
Band Metal Hardcore




"RIG TIME! "War" Album Review: 9/10"

Rating 9/10

Making its label debut, Wisconsin's RIG TIME! throws down WAR, a battered, grimy gauntlet of hate. The trio's sound is an industrial strength mixture of sludge and powerviolence that is, in a single word, heavy. Drummer and vocalist Bryan W. Fleming offers relentless rhythms with industrial precision as well as a smart beat changing sensibility that's too often overlooked in such endeavors. The lyric are full of rancor - nothing too groundbreaking or controversial, but a good fit with the general mood of WAR. Rebecca Fleming's guitar is mean, saturated and dogmatically singular. Bassist and back up vocalist Mark Trueman could be a little louder in the mix - live videos show just how powerful his low end contributions can be - but that's a minor gripe. As effective as the rapid fire, syncopated attacks of songs like "Three Fools," "Restricted," and "Cleanse" are, RIG TIME! is at it's most dangerous when the band is lumbering a touch too slow and flirting with melodic melancholy - hear "War," "Deserve," and "Discomposure" for prime examples. WAR isn't going to change your mind about the genre, but if you have even a slight inclination toward the darker, heavier end of the metal spectrum and/or are a fan of earlier, angrier Godflesh, RIG TIME! has some beautiful sonic hate for you.

- Nick DeMarino - Outburn Magazine (Issue #92) (2018)

"Album Review: Rig Time! – War"

The big difference from their prior output, last year’s full-length, Sick of It and two EP’s, Awful and Devout, is low end. Whether they tuned (even) lower or just amped up the post production. The other material had the spirit, but War is delivered with bombastic terror. Rig Time’s sound on War is ugly, writhing in fetid disdain. Coming from La Crosse, WI, I am sure the scene is scant and pushing them to be heard. War will create waves towards both coasts, especially now as they debut on Innerstrength Records.

One interesting aspect of Rig Time! is the relationship of the members. The fluid communication of husband/wife Bryan W. and Rebecca Fleming (vocals/drums and guitar, respectively) drives the music, rounded out by Mark Trueman (bass/vocals). Again, calling out the production and of course the mastering, it is no surprise to find the sonic genius of Brad Boatright at Audiosiege. But first, War had the fortune to be recorded/mixed by Pete Grossman at Bricktop Recording in Chicago, IL (Weekend Nachos, Harms Way, Like Rats). The album was mastered by Brad Boatright at Audiosiege in Portland, OR. Whatever approach Grossman took, it was the correct channel. Songs are written drenched in vitriol and tension. The explosive breakdowns pay off. But songs that linger are ooze hit the mark as well.

Rig Time! nail it with tracks like “Garbage”, “Succumb”, “Blister” and “Cleanse”. Puncturing their blend of sludge and hardcore – with a tight embrace on powerviolence – the band kicks fast and dirgy tones, manifesting unbridled hatred. War is dripping with rage, vocals are strained and emphatic. The rhythmic pummeling of a more atmospheric “Discomposure” or “Deserve” show a propensity to manipulate mood and not just the strings of an instrument. The trio push many two-step parts spurring ill breakdowns with a groove. Noisy tones and ugly sentiment. While, going back to “Succumb”, Rig Time! have blastbeats charge with that double bass hammering away to the howls of “We bow to no one!”.

RIYL: Xibalba, Harms Way, Weekend Nachos, Balaclava, Lowered AD, Eyes of the Lord - New Noise Magazine


"I’m a prime example of why it’s a smart idea for good bands to make videos for album tracks after their albums have been released — provided the videos are a match for the power of the music, as this one is.
Rig Time!, from La Crosse, Wisconsin, released their second album War last fall but I missed it, as I did their first album Sick of It (2016) and their two previous EPs, 2014’s Awful and 2015’s Devout. I might have remained oblivious to War but for the video you’re about to see and hear, which in my case made an explosive impact, both visually and in its sound.
Its ferocity is undeniable; it’s the kind of brutal passion that’s tough to fake. Better late than never, Rig Time! has gone off like a grenade lobbed into my head, and no doubt, I’m not the only one who’s gotten wrecked by them.
Rig Time! draw upon elements of hardcore, sludge, and powerviolence as the tools for their vehemence. War was released on October 20, 2017, by Innerstrength Records. It consists of 10 tracks, of which “Deserve” is the fifth. The inspiration for the song, and its lyrical focus, seems even more relevant today than it was when it was written. Vocalist/Drummer Bryan W. Fleming, who also filmed and edited the video, explains:
“Lyrically, ‘Deserve‘ addresses reaching a point of being powerless as civilians under the government. We are represented to the world by an organization that has more interest in profit and control tactics, than its citizens basic needs.
“The song is spoken from an angle of tragedy and accepting consequence, declaring ‘We should have never let them speak for us’ and ‘We deserve the worst, and now it’s coming full force’. It’s meant to provoke thought and paint a dystopian landscape.”

There is indeed a dystopian quality to “Deserve“, as manifested in Fleming’s physically arresting but skull-clobbering drumwork and the heft of the near-atonal jackhammering and grinding riffs, and the destructiveness of the bass line (thanks to guitarist Rebecca Fleming and bassist Zach Michaels). Flickering guitar vibrations lend a feeling of lunacy to the mauling, and Fleming’s raw, braying vocals bring the rage and disgust. With a bleak and black-eyed tone to the song’s melodic currents, it’s music that’s part murderous and part deranged.
The black-and-white video is a fine match for the song, combining vivd strobing visions of the band performing the track in deep shadow with images of war and nuclear devastation.

War was recorded and mixed by Pete Grossman at Bricktop Recording in Chicago (Weekend Nachos, Harm’s Way, etc), and it was mastered by that emperor of the gravity wells, Brad Boatright at Audiosiege in Portland." - No Clean Singing

"RIG TIME! - War (Album Review)"

This is the second album from US hardcore band Rig Time!

Rig Time! are all about the heaviness. Their second album has 25 minutes of it, all punishing beats and grinding groove.

The songs are focused and concise bruisers that rage and slam the listener into the floor with no remorse and no mercy. This is kind of like gritty, heavy hardcore from the late 90s/early 00s, only with a decent sludge influence added in. Think, maybe, a mix of bands like Nora and Torn Apart, mixed with elements of bands like Crowbar and Fudge Tunnel.

The songs are simple affairs, but this is no bad thing; heavy riffs and shouted vocals, arranged in such a way that they have an enduring and enjoyable appeal, not in spite of their simplicity, but because of it. Quite simply, they’re well-written, and I imagine they’d go down a storm in the live environment too.

I find this a very easy album to listen to and enjoy. Almost every song is catchy and memorable; not in a radio-friendly commercial way, but in a get-crushed-by-an-elephant kind of way. I mean, you’d remember that, right?

War is a colossal slab of heavy riffs and shouted vocals. If that sounds good to you, then you must check this out as Rig Time! know how to bring the heavy with style.

Highly recommended. - Wonderbox Metal

"RIG TIME! is Ready for WAR With a New Album (Review)"

RIG TIME! is a 3 piece hardcore act from La Crosse, WI. Earlier this year, the band announced they had signed with Innerstrength Records. In addition to this, they also announced this new album, "War", which is a tremendous follow up to their self-released debut album, "Sick Of It". If you have listened to their first album, this one is just as energetic, as if they are picking up where they left off, but you can also see where they have improved and perfected what they do best.

The album begins with "WAR"; Just as its name suggests, it is a very in-your-face and aggressive start to this album. If you've fantasized about beating someone's face in, you probably hear this in the background. The madness continues with "GARBAGE", which I actually found to be the catchiest song from the whole album personally. The feeling of anger and hate is still not absent for even a moment, especially in the final portion of this song. Heed my warning when I say this will probably be one you circle back to a few times. "SUCCUMB" is a bit shorter and a tad deceiving, as the tempo slows down at about the halfway point, making this song that much more heavy and hard-hitting. "THREE FOOLS" provides an insanity-inducing barrage of heavy hits and pure rage that is sure to start a pit in any setting. "DESERVE", while a bit slower than a couple of its predecessors, is just as unapologetic, and only fuels a fire that leaves the listener only wanting more. Following that is "RESTRICTED", a song that clocks in at a little over a minute long that brings the tempo back up in an almost abrupt manner. Although very direct, it does a wonderful job with helping the album flow. "BLISTER" soon follows delivering an absolute storm of noise and emotion, and not to mention an almost Jaws-like intro that targets the listener and pulls them in. "DISCOMPOSURE" seamlessly transitions from the previous track, drops the tempo once more and provides more harmony between the instruments while it leaves you wondering when its going to pick back up again. Madness ensues with "CLEANSE". Much like "RESTRICTED", it's is a very short, yet unforgiving song. Closing out the album is "VENGEANCE", and after surviving the auditory assault that is "War", this track does a brilliant job at taking everything this band displays throughout the album and wraps it all up into one last chaotic masterpiece before fading into silence.

"War", in my opinion, does an amazing job at showcasing the raw talent, pure energy, and whole-hearted emotion that RIG TIME! truly has to offer. This will definitely be an album that, if you enjoy it, it will definitely be on repeat for a while. Whether they are in the studio, on the road, or just playing some local shows in the area, each member of this band is most confident behind their respective instruments, displaying their disdain, their fears, and their feelings for all to see.

Make sure you pick this album up when it drops on Friday, October 20th and support this talented trio!


RATING - 9/10 - Worldwide Underground

"Unsigned and Unholy: Mountaineer, Rig Time!, Absinthius (JUNE 2016)"

"......The name Rig Time! as a band moniker connotes one of two things: either a prog band whose drummer has like 12 toms and 17 cymbals, or a sludgy, nasty punk band, as in “It’s time to rig you up to the post to be lynched, you motherfucker.” Thankfully this Wisconsin outfit falls into the latter category — I loves me some prog, but I’m not sure I need any more of it at the moment — blending punk, powerviolence, sludge and even a dose of nu-metal (tastefully) into one supremely aggressive, powerful package. Stream new EP Sick of It below via Bandcamp." - MetalSucks.Net

"RIG TIME! - War (Album Review)"

Translated from FRENCH to ENGLISH:

Impossible to crash! Whether it's the group's logo, the album cover, the label or the imagery developed: you're in front of a violent hardcore group! From the "Modern" born of fathers such as Nails or Rotting Out. Uncompromising hardcore, "All ages or nothing" have written on their official page, as if to mark a strong position (in front of alcohol like straight edge bands).

It is in this modern Hardcore that finally we find the "Libertarian" side of that of the beginning, because without concessions as said above. Hardcore, the real one, which has always been linked to skateboarding and counterculture. Blackness and violence are clear, and it's not Rig Time who came to change the Game.

What about War that is not already widely understood in his only title? Yes the group is at war, but not to put flowers in the guns! NO! Not at all! Rig Time came to explode everything. In mid tempo as on most disc or at high speed as on "Restricted" and his minute that will not make prisoners!

So for those who wonder who is the boss of Hardcore in Wisconsin, personally I have an answer to bring them: RIG TIME! It's solid, clean in dirt, without concessions. Their music is militantly experienced and that feels, the riffs are hard-hitting. 10 titles, 25 minutes, not even a half of Marseille / Paris! It's effective and not original for a penny, but it's a good thing!

It's simple RIG TIME it's like ending up in the ring of an MMA match without knowing how to fight: We are farting at the first punch! And believe me, the group in place a package! - Pavillion 666 (France)

"An Interview with Bryan W. Fleming of RIG TIME!"

In many ways, the trio is the most timeless formation that a band may take. Stripped down, raw, dynamic. If you throw ‘heavier than a supermassive black hole’ onto that list of adjectives, the odds are you would be referring to RIG TIME! These La Crosse, Wisconsin natives have endured a busy year. As if being signed to Innerstrength Records and embarking on several small tours wasn’t already enough, the band is also preparing to drop their sophomore album WAR on October 20th, and trek across the eastern U.S. alongside Nihil for almost a month’s worth of insanity. Known for their intense live performances, hard work ethic, and uncompromising wall of sound, we’re glad the band was cool enough to sit down and answer a few questions.

Indy Metal Vault: Hey, man. Jared here – I play drums in Syneresis. I don’t know if you remember or not, but we played with you at Player’s Retreat in North Carolina a couple of months back. Thanks for agreeing to the interview.

Bryan W. Fleming: Absolutely! That was an awesome show. We’re actually trying to come back there soon. Thank you for interviewing us!

IMV: First of all, I’d like to say congratulations on completing your second album, WAR! I’ve done a lot of listening to the promo, and can say without a doubt that it obliterates your previous release (a statement that should speak for itself). Have there been any huge differences in working with Innerstrength Records this time, or has everything remained a relatively DIY affair?

BWF: Thank you very much. We’re incredibly proud of this album. It’s a reflection of how we felt during the writing process. We’re still a very DIY band, and working with Innerstrength Records has been an excellent experience because we are still able to be the band that we are, but with support and help to get our music to new places. We like to have our hands on everything we do, and working with Innerstrength allows us to still be the hard working band we like to be.

IMV: There is obviously just as much, if not more, of a punk influence involved in your music as there is metal. I’d say it’s basically the ideal combination of total heaviness and the hardcore/punk mentality. Did you all start the band with the same M.O. or did it take some time to figure out how to play around each other’s styles?

BWF: We knew when we started that we were going to be heavy, and that’s the only guideline we’ve put into our writing. RIG TIME! will always be a heavy band, but whether it’s hardcore, punk, doom, black metal, industrial, etc. is entirely up to how we feel when we write. We’re a very, very eclectic band when it comes to what we listen to, and we have no desire to be a straight “hardcore” band or a straight “metal” band, or in any other type of genre box. We’re heavy, and that’s a good enough label for us. I’ve said so many times that “we’re a punk band, that plays metal songs for hardcore fans” (laughs).

IMV: What’s your songwriting process like? Are you the kind of band that gets together and jams everything out in the rehearsal space, or does someone usually bring in a mostly completed song that you then refine together? Or is it a little of both?

BWF: It’s a little of both. We all contribute little bits here and there, and tweak it out in practices. I present song ideas and riffs to the band as well, usually in the form of short demo recordings and see how they feel about it. If they dig it, we jam it and make it fit for everyone’s playing style and feeling. One of the new songs on WAR called “Succumb” was a complete group effort. Rebecca wrote all of the riffs, Mark wrote the lyrics, and I arranged the vocal patterns and drums. We all made suggestions as we jammed until it was solid. It’s definitely a favorite of the band and it has been a favorite of others when we perform it live.

MV: After seeing you guys play live (and blow everyone that was there out of the water) I have to say I fell in love with your stage presence. Ominous red lighting and sonics out the ass – straight to the point. Did you ever try experimenting with any other set-ups for a while before going with that choice? And I also have to ask whether it inspired the new album cover, or vice versa?

BWF: We have been known for the red light since our very first show. It was an idea I had to take focus off of who was in the band, by using only backlighting and no front lights. The red light just seemed appealing to create an atmosphere that fit the sounds we were producing. It’s dark, angry and unsettling. We usually fog up the room, and create a disorienting atmosphere that helps us disassociate as we play, and we hope effects the crowd to feel more loose with less light and more raw, human instinct in the air. The red definitely played a role in the artwork for WAR. Once we started playing live, the red and black vibe felt synonymous with our sound and aura. It may change someday, but for now the red is something we relate to and feels fitting.

IMV: Speaking of your live sound, what do your setups look like? The guitar and bass tones on WAR are sharp enough to draw blood. Are your studio and live setups essentially the same?

BWF: For WAR we used some different studio setups than our live setup, for sake of time and experimentation. On WAR the guitar tone was just a Sunn O))) Model T head through a Mesa 4×12. We tried it out, and it just sounded perfect. When we recorded Sick Of It we had a blend of heads, pedal and cabs, but on the new album, we wanted to try something straight forward and strong. You can’t go wrong with a Sunn O))) head. The bass tone on the new album was similar to the last record. It was also Sunn O))) head through an Emperor Cab with a little dirt added. Our live tones are something we put a lot of thought into though. We try to balance everything really well. We are known for being really, really loud and it’s very important to cut certain frequencies or boost others to come through clean even when pushing a monstrously loud dirty signal. We’re always changing stuff out of our live rigs. We don’t use anything digital. That sound works really great for some bands and records, but for us, we like traditional amps and pedals. We embrace volume, noise and feedback as well. Our current live rig (no pun intended) for guitar is a Pro Co Rat distortion through a Crate GT3500H 350W Guitar Head into a full stack. The cabs are a Crate 4×12 and a Peavey 4×12, which compliment each other well. The Crate is warmer and the Peavey is brighter. Rebecca has a whole bunch of pedals, but that’s the basic dirty sound you’re hearing. Mark is running his bass through an overdrive into an MXR M-80 through a Hartke head and into a Carvin 2×15/2×8 cab. His tone is pretty huge right now. It cuts through really well and still shakes the venue with those 15’s.

IMV: You guys tour A LOT. You have an upcoming stint on the east coast providing support for Nihil (from MA) – which is a dangerous pairing if there ever was one! Are there any specific venues or cities you are excited for?

BWF: We definitely do tour a lot! (laughs) We’re so stoked to head out with Nihil. Their newest record Foundation is so damn good. Super fast, crushing and aggressive. I am really excited to see those songs night after night. I hope to lose a couple pounds circle pitting for three weeks. (laughs) I am excited for our first date with them in Falls Church, VA. We played there last March and it was an awesome show. We’re playing so many cool places on this tour, it’s hard to pick. We’ll have a few days in Florida, which is always nice to be in. We’re from Wisconsin, so hopefully Florida in November is nicer than at home. (laughs)

IMV: Is there any counsel you and Rebecca can provide as to maintaining a healthy relationship on the road? And does it have anything to do with blowing out people’s eardrums almost every night?

BWF: When we are on the road, we’re a band. When we are at home, we’re a married couple. Most of the time, no one even realizes we’re married until we tell them. Writing music, touring and all the things that come with it are something that we enjoy doing together, so it’s still easy. Our relationship is strong, so we don’t need to hang on each or let the world know we’re together. We know, and that’s all that matters. We’re in a band, and on the road, we know why we are there. To play heavy ass music, meet new friends and have a good time, so that’s what we do. To anyone looking for advice on being in a band with a significant other, just remember, no one wants to see you making out at the merch table with anyone. (laughs) Keep it professional, and enjoy what you’re doing together. It’s a special thing.

IMV: I saw that a venue in your hometown, The Warehouse, has recently been dealing the possibility of being shut down by the local government for what, I’m sure, are shitty reasons. Local venues like that are treasures, and to say that one of them closing its doors is a shame would be an understatement. Any way to shed some light on what happened, and how people can help?

BWF: The best way to keep up to date with the Warehouse is on their Go Fund Me Page. It is regularly updated with info and the current status. Thankfully, at this time, it’s still operating but it’s still not in the clear. You can read up on it here: https://www.gofundme.com/allages

IMV: Lastly: your name. I know the question pops up a lot, but the story of its origin makes me crack up to this very day. Would you mind sharing with the world, once and for all, how the mystic title of “RIG TIME!” was brought about?

BWF: The mystery makes it so much more intriguing though! We’ll just leave it at that for now. (laughs)

WAR was released on 10/20/17 and is available for purchase on digital and CD formats through Innerstrength Records’ Bandcamp. - Indy Metal Vault

"Wisconsin bruisers Rig Time! bringing ‘War’ in October on Innerstrength Records"

La Crosse, WI bruisers RIG TIME! will release sophomore album War on October 20 via Innerstrength Records. Album track “Vengeance” is now streaming at the following location: https://youtu.be/hy7B08G2Kgg

Pre-order: https://innerstrengthrecords.bandcamp.com/album/rig-time-war

Following full-length Sick of It (2016) and two EP’s (2014’s Awful and 2015’s Devout), all of which were self-released, the band’s forthcoming debut for Innerstrength is best described in the band’s own words: “HEAVY.”

Featuring a sound that is the audio equivalent of a tank column entering a besieged city, the crunch and clangor of War is a game-changer. Forged in the fires of hardcore, sludge, and powerviolence, War epitomizes RIG TIME!‘s scorched-earth tactics and demonstrates the natural chemistry of husband/wife team Bryan W. and Rebecca Fleming (vocals/drums and guitar, respectively), and Mark Trueman (bass/vocals).

War was recorded/mixed by Pete Grossman at Bricktop Recording in Chicago, IL (WEEKEND NACHOS, HARMS WAY, etc). The album was mastered by Brad Boatright at Audiosiege in Portland, OR.

Track Listing:
1. War
2. Garbage
3. Succumb
4. Three Fools
5. Deserve
6. Restricted
7. Blister
8. Discomposure
9. Cleanse
10. Vengeance - TheRockPit.net

"RIG TIME! - War (Album Review)"

After self releasing two EPs (‘Awful’ in 2014 and ‘Devout’ in 2015) and their debut full length album (‘Sick Of It’ in 2016), RIG TIME! will release their forthcoming album ‘War’ on Innerstrength, so what can we expect from this La Crosse, Wisconsin trio?

Well the husband and wife team of Bryan (vocals & drums) and Rebecca Fleming (guitar) along with Mark Trueman (bass & vocals) deliver a brutal heavy beat down of an album. If you are looking for complex guitar riffs, over the top pointless riff changes and deep thoughtful lyrics then you might as well walk away now! However if you want hardcore beat downs covered in a sludge dirge then you’ve come to the right place.

RIG TIME! are aggressive, brutal and to the point, no messing around as they go straight for the jugular. The sound is reminiscent of early EYEHATEGOD, CORROSION OF CONFORMITY with a smidge of SOILENT GREEN and WILL HAVEN thrown into the mix, as stated earlier this isn’t anything fancy or reinventing. It’s just a good old fashioned beatdown which will abuse and assault you for the whole 25 minute duration and have you asking for more.

Some people will be put off by it’s simple brutality, while others will bathe in the simplistic heavy aural assault.

Is it a classic album…of course not, is it a bad album? Definitely not!

RIG TIME! have released an album that is as heavy and thunderous as “The Red Army” charging headlong into war against the Germans at the “Battle of Kursk” during World War II. ‘War’ is a simple, relentless, brutal release and am sure most people will find something enjoyable in this release.

SCORE – 7 out of 10 - All About The Rock

"Randy Erickson: It's the big time for Rig Time!"

When I think of getting signed to a record label, I first flash on Tom Hanks’s smooth-talking character in “That Thing You Do” taking the boys in The Wonders (as in “I wonder whatever happened to The Oneders”) on a magical ride to the top of the charts.

That kind of thing really happened back in the day, but these days that scenario seems like a fantasy, one that Bryan Fleming, Rebecca Fleming and Mark Trueman of Rig Time had no illusions about when their signed their record contact. Innerstrength Records isn’t going to outfit Rig Time with matching suits and take them on a cross-country caravan of stars concert tour like Twin Tone did for The Wonders in “That Thing You Do.”

And the Philadelphia-based company isn’t going to ask them to compromise their artistic vision or integrity, either. Innerstrength Records is on board to help Rig Time get its music out there, which now includes a brand-new 10-song album called “War,” due for release on Oct. 20.

I got a chance to listen to the album and it more than lives up to its “heavy” billing. I also was lucky enough to catch up with Bryan, Rig Time’s drummer and vocalist, earlier this week as the trio made its way to a show in Fayetteville, Ark.

Photos I’ve seen of Bryan performing make him seem fierce and fearsome, but on the phone he was friendly and a good conversationalist. The band’s existence, he explained, has everything to do with The Warehouse, La Crosse’s venerable all-ages music venue, and that’s where the band will celebrate “War” with an album-release show on Oct. 20.

It was at The Warehouse that Bryan and Mark’s previous band (Lasting Impression) got a chance to perform and where Fleming met Rebecca. After Lasting Impression disbanded, the Flemings were jamming at home back in the summer of 2014 (Rebecca had taken up the guitar after meeting Bryan), and she shocked him with her guitar mastery. “She kind of surprised me,” he said. “‘Where did that come from? How did you learn that so quick.’”

Before long, the jamming turned into something serious, and they asked Mark to join up on bass guitar. Bryan played guitar in Lasting Impression, but he also could play drums and sing (shout) at the same time, so he took his place on the throne. Naturally, they played their first show at The Warehouse, and they credit the venue’s founder and guiding light, Stephen Harm, with helping to get them going, including giving them advice when signing the record contact.

Although they all have full-time day jobs, Rig Time’s members aim to play 100 shows a year, and all of them will be all-ages shows. That’s non-negotiable. Bryan explained that it’s great for the band because the people who come to Rig Time shows there for music, not to get hammered. And it’s great for the music community because it allows kids to get in the habit of supporting live music from a young age.

The record contract is helpful for ensuring the band’s music finds its way to consumers. They might not get fabulously rich because of it, but it’s a big boost for a young and ambitious band. “It’s a very flattering and inspiring thing to think that somebody heard our music and said, ‘I believe in your music and I want to help,” Bryan said.

I should note that Rig Time includes an exclamation point in the band’s title, and that’s all well and good on a T-shirt, but I kind of feel like it could make it harder for readers to have terminal punctuation in the middle of a sentence. Therefore, I’ll only give the band’s complete name when it comes at the end of a sentence, as in: “Go see Rig Time! They will rock you so hard!” - La Crosse Tribune

"La Crosse band signs record deal"

LA CROSSE, Wis. (WKBT) - A local 3-piece 'heavy' band signed a recording contract with Innerstrength Records in Philadelphia, PA.

RIG TIME!'s soon to be released 10-track album, 'War', will be produced by Innerstrength Records. Members Bryan and wife, Rebecca Fleming along with Bassist Mark Trueman are proud of this partnership.

The trio have been together since August of 2014. They first entered the Coulee Region's music scene by performing at the Warehouse in downtown La Crosse.

RIG TIME!'s first EP, 'Aweful' was released in December of 2014. They followed up with another 4-track EP called 'Devout' in March of 2015 and their most recent release is a 7-track EP titled 'Sick of It', released in June of 2016.

“We support music and art above all else, and all ages shows are vital to keeping a music scene alive and thriving,” Bryan Fleming explains.

“I wouldn't be here if I wasn't for the shows I attended as a young teenager, finding myself and who I am. We firmly believe someone needs to stand up for the future and growth in the music scene. By shutting out individuals due to age, it's shutting out new perspectives, new ideas and a revolving door of new musicians; who can fall in love with live music at an age of discovery. Age restricted shows may always exist, we will just not be playing any of them. We believe that the music is more important that any other aspect.”

Due for release on October 20, 'War', will be distributed by Sony Red Distribution through Innerstrength Records.

RIG TIME! Will roll out for a three-week tour on Friday morning. They will join fellow Innerstrength artists Nashville-based ‘Death Card,’ on a 15-stop tour through the Midwest, before heading out for a return to the East Coast; shows set for Pennsylvania, Virginia and North Carolina.

The last leg of the tour will be RIG TIME!’s first-ever venture into the deep south, with shows booked in Tennessee, Georgia and Florida; the week of August 29th. The Innerstrength train will then pass through Memphis, TN on their final stop, with a show at the RockHouse on September 2nd, before returning home. - News 8000 WKBT-TV La Crosse, WI


"War" (2017) (Innerstrength Records)
“Three Fools”

"Sick Of It" (2016) (Self released)
"Sick of It"
"Pay to Die"
"Friends and Family"
"Death Cycle"



Tour History: http://tourhistory.rig-time.com/ 

RIG TIME! is an angry, caustic and vehemently heavy force on Innerstrength Records. Based in La Crosse, WI, the band has performed in over 33 states, and counting, since 2015. Holding true to the idea of "All Ages Or Nothing" the band has relentlessly toured across the US performing at only all ages events and resonating their substantial live sound while stressing the message that live music is for all. Deeply rooted in the DIY attitude, RIG TIME! is a determined and passionate ensemble with strong work ethic and a vital purpose.

Their full length album "War" was released on October 20, 2017 via Innerstrength Records, following the self released full-length Sick of It (2016) and two EP’s (2014’s Awful and 2015’s Devout). Featuring a sound that is the audio equivalent of a tank column entering a besieged city, the crunch and clangor of “War” is a game-changer. Forged in the fires of hardcore, sludge, and powerviolence, “War” epitomizes RIG TIME!‘s scorched-earth tactics and demonstrates the natural chemistry of the band.

Vocalist/Drummer, Bryan W. Fleming provides intensity and indignant passion to a wave of sullen and unrelenting baritone guitar riffs, forcefully delivered by Rebecca Fleming with massive low end impact and ferocity.

“War” was recorded/mixed by Pete Grossman at Bricktop Recording in Chicago, IL (Weekend Nachos, Harm’s Way, etc). The album was mastered by Brad Boatright at Audiosiege in Portland, OR.

RIG TIME! continues to tour consistently throughout each year, seeking new opportunities to perform as often as possible, developing a growing connection in each market they reach.

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